T Pluto at 27-29 degrees is a GREAT ENDING CYCLE. Part of my forthcoming book on Beginning and Ending Planets is on my website.

This marks a cycle for letting go of the past, cutting the cord, shutting the door and moving on. If you start something NEW with Pluto at the Ending Degrees, the NEW will only be a stepping stone to something else. Sometimes we need transitions.

Personally, I have had so many losses — loss of friends, the passing of friends. ending the office of president after 16 years and being aware of everything that is gone in my life.

Pluto at 0 degrees is what I call the Inchoate Degree. You sense that something new is afoot but you are not sure what the new direction is going to be — until January 2025 when it never returns to Capricorn.

It does hit 1 degree Aquarius in the Spring 2024 but there is still some finishing up and letting go to be done. Again, the new may be transitional.

At 0-1 degree in 2024, it is time to make lists of the new changes that you want to make.

  • I want to start a new Edgar Cayce group in my home as I need to feel a spiritual connection, something lost with Pluto in Capricorn
  • Since Air signs rule communications, I want to finish at least 1 book. My B & E Planet material is the most likely.
  • I want to travel to new places and not the same ones that are comfortable for me
  • To get the “change” ball rolling, I have purchased tickets to events that I would never have considered in the past. I am going to NYC alone, attending a Billie Porter event in DC (I mistakingly thought it was KINKY BOOTS) and a ticket to DRUNK SHAKESPEARE….just to name a few.
  • And, when Mercury turns Direct, this FB page will no longer be called NCGR Annapolis — I am avoiding Mercury R because, so far, it has been HELL! What R is good for only looks good on paper but not in my reality.


In the natal chart, Pluto tends to operate even more Plutonian when it is retrograde. It is far more intense, it possesses a higher degree of concentration and it, therefore, gives greater insights into the subconscious. Because of this intensity, the individual can see much more than normally possible and it is easy to become suspicious of the motives of others.

The powers of regeneration are far greater when retrograde. People with a natal retrograde Pluto have a tremendous ability to overcome major illnesses that might otherwise cause permanent disability. Remember, retrograde motion is always directed toward inner activity such as the psyche or psychological patterns that affect the physical body. Direct motion, on the other hand, is directed towards external circumstances.

Under any Pluto transit, we feel pressured to eliminate and release the old, outworn, outdated and obsolete in our lives. When Pluto is transiting retrograde, we are urged to let go of attitudes, thinking or communication patterns, security drives, rigid emotions; a time to undergo an internal form of house cleaning.

It is a good time to research into our own Souls in order to determine exactly what we do or do not need. Because Pluto retrograde imparts an intense power for investigation, we should use this time to assess what reoccurring patterns in our lives make us feel out of control, where and why do we continually give our power away, and under what circumstances do we react so defensively that we elicit attacks from others. Pluto retrograde marks a time wherein we should seek to gain greater control over our personal life; Pluto direct is better for gaining control over professional and financial areas.

My most frequent observation of Pluto retrograde is that many people do seek some form of regenerative activity. I have seen people undertake a series of internal cleansings, detoxifying diets, Eastern disciplines that put them in touch with the inner self and even intense psychological reforms.

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