Mars in Virgo 2019


From JULY 10 until AUGUST 27, 2023, Mars transits the sign of Virgo. Mars describes what makes us angry and how we respond to aggravating situations. In Virgo, when angered or in response to anger, people will tend to be critical. If criticized, it is easy at this time to respond with an attack of criticism. In dealing with people, it is best to use diplomacy rather than anything that could be construed as recrimination. It is important to exercise “tongue control” in order to prevent matters from getting out of hand. I have found a pattern of organizational stress to which people easily respond with impatience and critical dissatisfaction with anything that does not work properly.

I have observed that irritation, frustration and aggravation occur when little things go wrong, when hurried and when over-worked. These all contribute to an imbalance in Virgo’s homeopathic cell salt, KALI SULPHATE. The function of this Cell Salt is to manufacture and distribute oil. Deficiencies can cause the body’s oil to thicken and clog, turning heat and secretions back upon the inner organs. I have observed that such an imbalance will frequently cause dandruff, skin irritations and allergy symptoms (sinus congestion). This Cell Salt also serves to alkalize blood acidity, a condition that can cause a skin condition associated with Arthritis.

I have found in my medical research that Virgo is associated with sugars in the body and sugar metabolism. When Mars transits Virgo, I have recorded many times having great difficulty when I eat sugary foods. Especially in Virgo, sugar causes inflammations and this, in turn, affects my moods – becoming more irritable and agitated.

In examining my journals of past Mars in Virgo periods, I did find that many people were both critical and angry and these feelings were often projected onto others. Blaming and criticizing others is the easy explanation for one’s personal ills. I did feel that I was providing more services to others and I needed to establish boundaries. Often, I had company visiting and staying in the lower level. These people are always a joy but, when the visit occurs during Mars in Virgo (and this often occurs), I feel that I have to be overly responsible and helpful – it is ME and never them. It is most helpful when the visitor is a Scorpio or a Capricorn — they just tell me what to do and I do it, something very liberating as I do not have to make any decisions.

UPDATE 2008: During this period, I noticed that I was unusually agitated, easily annoyed and impatient, especially with little things (yes, I sweated the little things a lot) and people who were an aggravating waste of my time. I had no patience with people who went on and on without making a point and unnecessarily obsequious types who I saw as wasting my time by saying, I am so sorry. I do not want to bother you. I hope I am not disturbing you…over and over again. I am normally not this way. I surmised that high blood acidity during this transit increased my agitation. My future suggestion to myself would be to eat a more alkalizing diet when Mars is in Virgo.
During the 2008 transit, I have mechanical breakdowns…and, now in 2010, I need to have my copier repaired again. I was actively researching Leaky Gut syndrome, an ailment ruled by Virgo. I was exercising faithfully at the Senior Fit center and this always makes me feel better with an endorphin rush.


KALI SULPH (Virgo)-potassium sulphate – a constituent of the infrastructure of the body. Deficiency impairs muscle and nerve fibers, causing cramps, spasms and neuralgia pain, usually accompanied by prostration and profuse sweat. NOTE: Sweetens the blood.

Kali Sulphate corrects the functioning of oils in the body. Deficiency symptoms show up as dryness and in the later stages of inflammation including acne and intestinal disorders. Mental symptoms include worry and lack of judgment.

MEDICAL UPDATE: With Mars in Virgo, this transit is in my 1st House and it afflicted all of my Mutable signs. In 2008, I suffered with bronchitis, a disease associated with the Lymphatic System (see article on this website) and the Lymphatic System is ruled by Mutable signs.


JULY 20-22 2023 when Mars in Virgo opposes Saturn and Neptune

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