Greatest Astrological and Metaphysical Picnic in the Known Universe


WHERE: 737 Easley Street, Silver Spring, 20910 (about 2 minutes from the heart of downtown Silver Spring)

TIME: Begins at 12:02pm

This is the major social event of the year! Great Food and Great People! This is a Potluck Affair and attendees are expected to bring a lot of great food.
We have a tradition to maintain…that this picnic serves up the best food and lots of it. High Standards Prevail! There will be a bulletin board for posting announcements.

Bring your friends, your family — everyone is welcome! Remember to bring a chair or blanket for sitting, if possible.

This is a family picnic and children are welcome but please bring toys or games that will entertain and satisfy a small child’s restless energies. Badminton is available for adults.


It is our tradition to have highly qualified readers at this picnic. Their fees generally range about $20-$35 per reading. We have added more readers this year with new types of readings.


There will be 2 body workers — back massages in massage chair and reflexology

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