MURDOCH EMPLOYEES – Rebekah Brooke & Less Hinton

Rebekah Brooks (nee Wade)
27 May 1968
Warrington, Cheshire, UK

Commentators for the BBC have noted the close personal relationship of Brooks and Murdoch.

Making this resignation another blow to Murdoch who has just closed one of the largest newspapers in the world, and withdrawn from the largest business deal of his career in abandoning the bid to take
full control of BSkyB.

Les Hinton
has resigned after 52 years with Murdoch.
Feb 19, 1944
and from the Guardian newspaper about this latest resignation and its implications for Murdoch

definitely worth a read – and then for Murdoch – the question arises for an empire whose growth began with a Chiron transit of his natal Neptune – is it the same transit – 50 years later that dissolves it – because it certainly looks like he could end up with only his inheritance from his father as all that remains of huis Empire.

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