NICK DAVIES – Whistle Blower – Venus Retrograde & Eris

Nick Davies is the famous whistle-blower who has worked diligently to expose the scandals surrounding
Rupert Murdoch’s news operation. He is a reporter for the Guardian.

There is very little birth information on Davies available on the internet. I have only found a birth date — March 28 1953. There is no place or time. To see the layout of the planets, I simply calculated a chart for 12 pm in London England.

I have not observed the charts of Whistle Blowers. However, I have collected birth data for individuals who are historic rescuers, specifically during the Holocaust. All have one thing — Venus Retrograde!

In these heroic individuals, Venus R bestows an ability to under-value one’s self and dedicate one’s life to an ideal or rescuing other people.

Being a Whistle Blower puts the individual in a very dangerous position. The Whistle Blower can lose everything.

Nick’s Sun is conjunct Eris at 7 degrees Aries. I have an article on Eris or UB313 on my website.
Currently, Uranus in Aries is crossing or about to cross the natal Eris for most of adults alive today. Eris is one of the Objects of Transformation in our solar system.

As Pluto squares and Uranus crosses natal Eris, many will be challenged to embrace something very new, a new situation. Eris-types are called to action to challenge and transform. Nick seek to transform journalism or what he called Churnalism — news corporations churning out lies and influencing the news through falsehoods.

I always use Hugh Hefner as an archetype of the Eris personality with Mercury conjunct Eris in early Aries. As a man who married the first woman he slept with, he was eventually challenged to transform his very traditional sexual beliefs of the 1950s and, subsequently, transform the values of others.

ADDENDUM FROM JOYCE LEVINE: Davies & Bob Woodward share Sun in Aries, Venus in Taurus, Mercury in Pisces, Neptune in Libra & Pluto in Leo.
For those youngsters, Bob Woodward exposed the Watergate Scandal, bringing down President Richard Nixon.

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