NEPTUNE IN PISCES – Spring Summer 2011 and beginning February 2012:

In the Spring of 2011 and in 2012, when Neptune entered Pisces, I observed many friends having breakdowns, calling me from what they termed, “the funny farm.” After 13 years in the rational sign of Aquarius, the shift into Pisces – a sign associated with multi-dimensional realities and heightened sensitivity – was too disruptive to many who were only clinging onto reality by a thread.
I noticed that many of these people — those who did not cope well with Neptune’s shift into Pisces — did not have the Water signs occupying or they were weakly influencing the in their natal horoscopes. This element would then prove to be a very alien “sensation.”

Since they were laughing while they were telling me their stoires, they were probably so funny due to all of the drugs they were being given. My relationship with a client of many years had to be terminated because, after his breakdown and stint in a mental institution, he became irrational.
In the news, people are actually going crazy, shooting and killing people. Mental illness is the real culprit, possibly due to problems within the Occipital Lobe of the brain. This lobe of the brain, situated in the back of the head, is ruled by the Water signs.

When the Occipital hormones are deficient, the individual becomes self-absorbed with little or no interest in others. There is an absence of feelings for all but self.

With an excess of Occipital hormones, the individual becomes overly-sensitive and there is an increase in nervous instability. The individual becomes hesitant, distracted, vulnerable to all manner of criticism, morbidly afraid of disapproval, painfully shy and feel inadequate. They desire social interaction but they are too afraid.
OCCIPITAL HORMONES: SEROTONIN is created by 5-HTP and TRYPTOPHAN. It is best absorbed taken 30 minutes before meals. It reduces carbohydrate cravings. Tryptophan is more stable than 5-HTP.

MEDICAL: Many of you know that I teach the Medical Curriculum for the International Academy of Astrology. In Mid-July 2013, the Sun-Mars-Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune were in Water signs. Now, it is only the major planets – Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune
This element rules the Occipital Lobe of the Brain, regulating intuitive and sensory input.
When functioning properly, we feel a sense of trust, faith in the future and we can, therefore, go with the flow.

When not functioning properly, there can be a deficiency in SEROTONIN (made from 5-HTP and Tryptophan) which can cause sleep disorders due to out-of-sync brain waves and extreme sensitivity to the environment. The brain simply cannot recharge its self. The individual may experience headaches, sleep apnea and a deficiency in oxygen going to the brain. Deficiency cravings include simple carbohydrates such as paste and rice, salty foods and alcohol.

Stimulating Empath Energy (see Empath on my website at, the water soluble vitamins will be flushed too quickly from the body (vitamins B & C) so that they are not assimilated.
This can ultimately cause high Homocysteine levels (CRProtein) and inflammation in the body. These vitamins should be taken as a time-release or several times a day. Coffee destroys many of the B vitamins so I always take these an hour after drinking my last cup of morning coffee. And, there is an MTHFR test showing a marker for an enzyme deficiency whereby the individual cannot absorb the B vitamins. The cure for this is Cerefolin, pre-metabolized B

When the Water element is functioning properly, people experience the joy of life — they thrive on change and trying new experiences. Trust allows them to tackle any obstacle and be undeterred by setbacks.

Careers that are creative and provide enjoyment (sports) are sought. Imagination can make them good intuitive problem solvers. There is a visceral passion for life.

The health issues of Water/Occipital are:
• stroke (high inflammation due to high homocysteine levels),
• learning disorders,
• depression since life has no joy or meaning, mood disorders,
• binging/eating disorders,
• loner behavior,
• osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis,
• allergies (deficiency can manifest as allergies),
• hypertension,
• hormonal imbalances, PMS,
• loss of enthusiasm for life — no longer enjoying life

Neptune and the Water signs have rulership over sensitivity to chemicals and pollutants. And, in Pisces, there is a connection with the lymphatic system.


1. Catarrh – Inflammation in the nasal and throat areas of the mucous membranes. They also exit in the stomach, intestines and in the head. This mucosity can cause irritation throughout the system.
2. Sinusitis – These conditions are due to poor lymph circulation.
3. Swellings – When an abnormally large amount o f fluid accumulates in the connective tissue or intercellular space, there is a condition known as EDEMA.
4. Skin – This manifests as eczema, psoriasis, boils, blemishes, erysipelas (often caused by strep) and dry skin. NOTE: An excellent book is ONE CAUSE, MANY AILMENTS by Dr. John Pagano.
5. Arthritis – Cayce stated that this was usually an attack upon the lymph system. There are 13 categories for arthritis, stemming from bacteria inflection to the aging process. (Reading 631-6)
6. Cracking Joints – This is due to too little circulation in the lymph
7. Knots – This is often seen as knots in the fingers and this was often attributed to the lymph but also too much acidity in the diet. Massaging with PEANUT OIL was the recommendation for this condition and arthritis.
8. Joint Pain – Cayce said that this was due to a lack of lymph flow and toxin build up due to faulty eliminations.
9. Constipation – Diet and Turkey Rhubarb are helpful here.
10. Fevers – While not harmful, they are “an attempt of the lymph in its circulation to adjust itself.”
11. Tumors, lumps, cysts and similar growths are related to the lymph and lymphatic congestion.

NOTE: Scientists have discovered that wearing a bra too long each day congests the lymph and leads to breast cancer!

1. Problems with the eyes, mouth, nose, ears and the head area in general
2. Throat – swelling of the glands in the neck is very common. A hot castor oil pack around the neck at night easily corrects this.
3. Lungs – This confirms my association with the lymph and Mutable signs
4. Stomach and Intestines – This can cause nausea, gas, inflammation and pain
5. Kidneys and Bladder – This is the HEPATIC system, working with the heart and lungs.


During this 13 year cycle, there may be earth disasters due to imbalances on the planet – accompanied by a dramatic, natural disaster followed by outpouring of compassion. Compassionate Causes will get a tremendous boost, especially for children, animals, and other voiceless people will gain a voice.

The compassion is due to Neptune in Pisces and many people, now more in tune with multi-dimensional realities, will predict this. Yet, there will be many others who make outrageous predictions to feed on the fear of the masses – this is how they make money and stay on television and radio.
This is the result of Neptune in Capricorn as well – as a result of this transit, news programs no longer had to be balanced, giving both points of view…giving rise to Hysteria Radio/TV, stimulating rage and fear in the unconscious masses.

Neptune first entered the sign of Pisces during the summer of 2011. It is now in Pisces through January 2026! Mass consciousness is ruled by Neptune – the Neptunian hardware penetrated everywhere with its transit through Aquarius. At that time, everyone was on the internet!
This transit will bring radically new ways that we can solve problems of everyday life. Reality is broken, as Neptune leaves the Rational Air sign of Aquarius and enters a Water sign, a sign with no sense of boundaries!

The veil between the Seen and Unseen will become more tenuous – trust your inner voice and take care of your self! It is essential that we develop an internal check about this new reality. Do not look outside self of a guru to guide you – find that guru within! I am reminded of the Bon Jovi song, We Were Not Born to Follow. Do seek the Principle of Order and the Principle of Enlightenment on a higher level – rise above the fray.

Since Neptune’s discovery, there has been an accumulation of a tremendous wealth of knowledge via psychology about our selves, how human beings work – and we did nothing with the knowledge!
The ability for people to think in the abstract came with Neptune’s discovery. Neptune was last in Pisces from 1848 through1862. We find that 1848 was a transformational year of revolution sweeping Europe by the common man.

Amazing, we have observed the legalization of marijuana in several States.
Utopian philosophies began in the last cycle and they will re-emerge in this new cycle. At that time, with Neptune in the sign of universal compassion, Karl Marx writings showed a great concern for the poor, the working class and working small children in sweat shops. The political regimes and dictatorships that developed from this were not what Marx had in mind.

In the current cycle, Utopian philosophies will unfold from a great hunger for something to believe in, something that explains the new Neptunian energies pouring onto the planet. These are the New Seekers. While this is not a problem for those of us with a long history of metaphysical studies, this new energy may prove deeply problematic for the religious Fundamentalist.

It is our job, not to proselytize, but to demonstrate through example and right-living ourselves. Like the alcoholic who attends an AA meeting and says: “I want what you have.”

It is my theory that we are godlings who have descended into a material world. The Greek and Roman gods showed us how to be human; the new spiritual philosophies will awaken the “Goo-Aspect” of ourselves and teach us what we need to do in order to return Home – home to our original God-State.
I recently began attending an Edgar Cayce Meet Up group in my area – a group that is totally outside the ARE loop. It has about 20 members who meet in person or on the computer.

I realize that this is a group of Seekers, seeking kinship with others on The Path to learn how to cope with life as it now exists and to cultivate some faith in the future. Some of these people are in recovery from seeking Spirit from alcohol or drugs.

Some have gone through recent losses of loved ones. I remember being in this place back in the 1970s when I first joined an ARE study group.
Seekers are looking for spiritual answers in their lives.
New Souls born around 1988-1991 are now adults and bringing in the new energies. I remember this period when I sensed the speeding up of the vibration of the Earth’s etheric body – and this is happening again with Neptune in Pisces.

This was most unsettling for many people who experienced “vision flux,” a condition actually described by an eye doctor who had many patients coming in asking about seeing colors, pink and violet – but there was nothing wrong with their eyes!

These new Souls came in with and are imbued with this energy. Life is not easy for these young Souls who come in with New Energy but they are living in the Old Energy. With the Pluto in Capricorn/Uranus in Aries transits, many are experiencing health issues, possibly associated with hyper-/hypo-adrenia – too much or too little Cortisol. Both issues can cause chronic fatigue, depression, feeling overwhelmed by any demands, heart palpatations, panic attacks – for which they are often given psychotic drugs that just do not work for them.

The 1988-1991 period was a time of dissolving structures and these Souls will be called to reform and bring in the newer structures. How do we fit into the global economy? The New Souls can create this.
Neptune in Pisces will also manifest great Spiritual Delusions. People who do not believe in psychic energy are in for a shock, especially when they start having visions.

Avoid gurus and leaders who say that they have these answers to our problems.
Watch out for those who manipulate the masses through fear, “excitement” and agitation – agitating and manipulating the minds of others who choose not to think for themselves. You hear these types on radio and television all the time. They are just looking for ratings!

Learning how to tune out this incoming Neptunian flow will be important, since we do not want this to impact or interfere with our daily routines.

If it is too much, more people will look for escapes – chemicals, virtual reality experiences, living in fantasy worlds with “increasing levels of detail,” and some others will get “drunk on God” – something even worse than alcoholism!

When our world seems to be blowing apart at the seams and collapsing around us, many will want to just tune out.

Find ways to protect yourself, to tune out or block the negative energies. These can be all too readily absorbed during the transit of Neptune in Pisces.

Find your “Safe Place.” Working in a garden, with plants in your home and walking in nature will prove very grounding. If you are experiencing strong Neptune transits, the Bach Flower Remedy, Clematis, will be extremely helpful in making you feel more grounded and connected to your body. Service work is advocated by Theosophists for the individual to ground the spiritual energies.

Transpersonal experiences can transform your life but only if you know how to use the incoming energy. New forms are not ready yet but they are incubating now — not all solutions will be workable in the beginning of this cycle.

The new forms will not manifest until after 2015. This is because the Uranus-Pluto square will be over. Also, the new energy of a sign usually becomes obvious when it is around 10-15 degrees in that new sign. This will occur after 2015.

There will be great studies in ESP, Near Death Experiences and the science of metaphysical philosophy will become a proven fact. Recently, on several daytime talk shows, like Dr. Oz, there have been discussions of Past Life Regression and Near Death experiences.

The “mystics” in the world can threaten the established forms. Metaphysically, this will be a conflict between the intuitive Lemurians and the high tech Atlanteans. According to theosophical teachings, in a very ancient past, there was a great war between these two cultures. The technologically advanced Atlanteans thought that this would be an easy battle to win over the intuitive-thinking Lemurians – but they were wrong! This time the Old Lemurian Souls are prepared to win again.

Neptune in Pisces will herald new types of medicine – alternative medicine. Dr. Oz is educating the public about alternative healing techniques and medicines.

What I have noticed is the New Medicine, doctors working with neurotransmitter testing, the hormones in the brain and the endocrine system to correct many health issues.

NEW: My own doctor told me that the current trend in medicine is for big companies, like MedStar, to buy up private practices. Medicine will be centered around hospitals and new Integrative Medicine Institutes. Many of these Institutes are being funded by private investors.

Integrative Medicine is the new direction. Some will have an insurance model. Others are going the way of Concierge Medicine. There is a famous doctor in Columbia MD. His practice is being taken over by a big investor and patients will have a membership to their clinic, paying a monthly fee.
Neptune in Pisces will affect our sensitivity as well as receptiveness to alternative medicine, our ability to see into the etheric plane (lavender/violet) and doctors may work more closely with medical intuitives/observers (these are observers and not psychic).

I have had doctors write to me about my work with medical astrology because I observe the psychological patterns of disease plus I record testimonials from people who have found cures.
Transpluto moving into its ruling sign of Virgo will also herald new medical techniques that work with mind-body-spirit, since Transpluto rules wholeness and integration. I have always said that the new medicine would manifest through the awareness of Light, judged in terms of brilliance and intensity in healing.

WORLD EVENTS: The refugee situation will worsen with Neptune in Pisces. Haitians are now going into the Brazilian Amazon. Africa’s draughts and terrorist regimes create mass migrations.
Population shifts will be triggered by natural disasters and rising water levels have occurred in the past. The Maldives in the Indian Ocean is an island country that is rapidly disappearing from the globe due to global warning and the rise of the ocean levels. Only 4 feet above sea level at this time, land is being purchased in India where the population can move when the ocean finally takes over that country.

Recently read a book by John Van Auken on the year 2038 and Pyramid Prophecies. He feels that the period from 2012 to 2038 is a transitional period. The new energies will fully manifest around 2038.
Let’s look at what Neptune is doing at that time…

First, in 2037-38, there will be the Great Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Cancer. This alignment occurred in Cancer in 1954-55. There is often a great breakthrough around these alignments. The cure for Polio was discovered by Jonas Salk. Uranus in Cancer is the hallmark of the Soul Group who comes in to make a break with traditions and blame a new path for society.

Neptune enters the sign of Taurus, a signature of a Shift in Consciousness. This occurred in 1710-1724 (a time of relative peace in Europe) and 1874-1888 (the Gilded Age). Peace encouraged trade and commerce.

We will be in the early stages of the next recession which always follows the Saturn-Pluto opposition but Neptune in Taurus is a time when people can make money in new ways. In the previous cycle, the “already rich” were busy making a lot of money – Carnegie, Rockefeller…you might say that there was a preoccupation with making money. New men with great wealth replaced the aristocracy.
In the 1700s, Neptune in Taurus brought a love of luxury and comfortable surroundings; in the 1800s, Neptune in Taurus brought the desire for “conspicuous consumption.”

It can also be a time of greed and materialism – or so it has been in the past. This does not have to be this way in the future cycle.

With a positive theme, there can be (and has been in the past) an obsession with Nature, creativity, the arts and ornate architecture. In the past, a great effort was made to save our rural lands and develop the great National Parks.

At this time, there may be a greater effort to save our planet on an international level – in actuality, not just in theory. New model communities will embrace Nature.

This could possibly be the new era spoken of by Edgar Cayce and Alice A. Bailey – a time of the new creative and artistic Renaissance.

Alice A. Bailey talked about Ray IV Souls incarnating around 2000. These are sensitive Souls who cannot tolerate energies being out of balance – they are sensitive to pollution, strife and war. They work in artistic and healing areas; they come to resolve conflicts rather than create them.
Is it possible that “out of Russia will come the hope of the world?” The exact words were given by both Cayce and Bailey…that a new world philosophy will flood the planet like a great wave.
In the PISCES AGE – God came to walk among men; in the AQUARIUS AGE, we re-acquire our Godly skills. We will know that we can communicate directly with God.

According to Van Auken, just as the constellations of Aquarius and Pisces overlap in the heavens, these ages will overlap. Just as people living through the previous Renaissance were unaware that they were living through a transformational period in history, Van Auken says that there will be those communicating directly with God and others who have no clue that a new transformation has occurred.

NOTE: I could not paste the charts into this article. If you need them, write to me privately.

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