News of the World Ends

TOM HUDSON: A rare about-face for one of the towards biggest media moguls, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp (NASDAQ: NWS). will shut down its British tabloid News of the World. That paper may not be on your news stand, but it is a best-seller in the U.K., with almost 3 million subscribers. It has courted scandal in the past.

However, the decision to close it (on Sunday, July 19) comes after revelations the paper hacked into cell phone voicemails of celebrities, royalty, and a teen-age murder victim. Now pressure has been building with big advertisers like Ford and Virgin pulling their business. And even the British prime minister calling for an investigation.

Thanks to THE OXFORD ASTROLOGY blog site, we have a chart for this paper…
Oct 1 1843; 7am (distribution time); London England

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