Christeen Skinner:  Between 2023-26, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto change signs, triggering major global changes, especially in 2026 when the Saturn-Neptune conjunction occurs at 0 Aries, a World Point.   LYNN:  This begins an inflationary cycle, a recession and a civil war for democracy.

Nothing should go back to Normal

Normal wasn’t Working

If we go back to the way things were, we will have lost the Lesson

May We Rise Up and Do Better


PLUTO IN CAPRICORN:  2009 through 2024 (here it goes back and forth from Capricorn into Aquarius)

The Sign in which Pluto transits denotes the world crises focus, the “terrorism of the moment” and what needs to be transformed in the current social order.  In entering Capricorn, Pluto crossed a World Crisis Point (World Points are 0° Cardinal signs).  Changes and transformations occur that have a global impact.

When Pluto transited Scorpio, the crisis was AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases.  When it entered Sagittarius, AIDS did not go away but it was put on the back burner of our concerns as new, effective medications replaced the cocktail of drugs that did not always work.

In Sagittarius, the new terrorism was fueled by religious fanaticism – not just by Moslem extremists but Christian fundamentalism as well.  In 1984, I predicted that the Sagittarius cycle would “knock the hat off the Pope.”  I have observed that any outer planet transiting Sagittarius will produce scandals and the Catholic Church was the first to take the hit.  The only way to successfully survive a Sagittarius transit is to tell the truth.  President Eisenhower did this in 1960 with Jupiter is Sagittarius and the Gary Powers U2 incident.  His presidency was in crisis until he just told the truth – “Yes, we are spying on the communists!”

The new source of terrorism will be observed in governments that are controlled by big corporations.  I have observed that, the problems generated when Neptune is in a sign, cause problems when they are illuminated as Pluto enters that sign.  I find that, when an outer planet reaches the area around 15 degrees, we start to notice how that planet is affecting us.  It becomes obvious at that point.

According to a lecture at the National Endowment for Democracy (established under Reagan), the speaker said that, when big corporations own the government, the politics and the working class move towards the Conservative Right.  However, in doing so, the corporate policies work against its workers.

Going back in time when Neptune was in Capricorn, President Reagan was very naïve about big business.  He felt that what was good for the big corporations will be good for America and Americans.  His sweeping deregulations and, later, a Supreme Court decision to allow corporations to donate to political parties with impunity caused campaigning to be only for the rich.  Corporations can more easily control elections with their financial donations.  Then, Reagan overturned the fairness act by which a radio or television program must give equal time to each party or candidate – if 10 minutes was given to one politician, then equal time had to be given to his opponent.  Fairness and Honesty were no longer requirements in publicity.  This has given rise to Rage Radio – inflaming listeners with much false information or exaggerated information.

Fiscal irresponsibility led to the U.S. to become a Debtor Nation for the first time since 1914!  While Nixon drastically reduced taxes for the very wealthy, Reagan’s Tax Reform states that the more money you make the less taxes you pay – not favoring the poor or middle class.

Under the Bush administration, the president was given unprecedented power.  Congress rolled back our Constitution with Checks and Balances, established by our Founding Fathers so that Fascism could not occur in this country.  This Institutional Terrorism has been occurring all along but it is finally be in our face during the Capricorn Cycle.  In this latter part of the cycle, terrorism is internal…portending a Civil War once again when Uranus in in Gemini and Neptune is in Aries, in the 2020s and 2030s.

I remember anti-monopoly/Trust laws that prevented a single company from taking over its competition.  Where are these laws now?  Only very rarely are the anti-trust laws invoked.  Our communication networks are in the hands of a very few people so that our news is filtered through their personal, biased perspective.  Stockholders do not challenge the big corporations when they lay-off thousands of employees in order to keep their expenses down and stock prices up.  This Institutional Crisis occurred early in the Capricorn Cycle, more noticeably from 2012-2014 with the Uranus-Pluto square that creates a massive fiscal crisis.  In 2012, there was a plunge in the world markets.  We always recover but it marked a recessive period.

Looking back in time, during the last Pluto in Capricorn Cycle, the reign of Catherine the Great brought Russia into political dominance in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.  While she initially wanted to initiate progressive reforms, she lapsed into rigid conservatism and control over the people as a result of her fears regarding the Peasant Uprising and the French Revolution.  The rigidity and oppression of Capricorn led to a revolution – something that sounds familiar today.  However, because Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus formed a 120° aspect, the true revolutions did not come until Uranus entered Gemini.  Historically, Uranus in Gemini portends a great battle for the principles of democracy – the American and French Revolutions, the American Civil War and WWII.  Uranus will begin its next 7-year transit of Gemini in 2026.   In this current cycle, the change in the order of government and big business will be experienced first with the Uranus-Pluto square from 2012-2014.

In Dell HOROSCOPE many years ago, Bill Meridian (my favorite financial and mundane astrologer) quoted Charles Jayne who, in the 1940s, stated that the transits of Pluto always represent shifts in power.  In 2012, Putin bargained his way into the Russian presidency – eventually for life, a dictatorship.  He sees Americans having to fight for independence once again as a result of Pluto transiting Capricorn.  In the 1700s, we had to battle the tyrant in England.  Now we must battle another type of tyrant – big corporations.

A comment by the late Al Morrison:  I remember hearing him lecture at a conference in the 70s and he was talking about the coming big conjunctions in the sign Capricorn at the end of the century. He predicted that they would herald a new and very conservative era.

Richard Tarnas said that Pluto intensifies the sign it is in.  Usually, there is a strong attempt to suppress the individuality.  Nationalism, as we have now, manifested in the 1930s with Pluto in Cancer and the rise of Fascism.  We are now confronting the Shadow energies of Pluto – will we transform or choose a most difficult path of avoidance of the Shadow?  It is ours to choose.

 In 2017, I wrote to an astrologer in Berlin and this was her comment about the New Trump-Influenced Era:   it is not only him (Trump) but the collective mind/soul is regressing to old patterns of behavior, born out of old, collective fears.

The U.S.A. never experienced dictatorship and Americans could be/feel patriotic without having to confront the negative aspects of nationalism.  In Germany, it had always been a threat but the only reference the younger generation has are the teachings of its Elders. People are simply looking for identity, feeling overwhelmed by massive changes, by influences they cannot understand or cope.  So, they look for a ‘Savior’ or an ideology which gives back to them some kind of feeling of self-worth and support (such as groups like the Proud Boys who previously felt alienated.

May it be Trump, or Putin, or Kim Yong Oon, or Hitler: They all had this kind of link to the ‘group soul’ of the masses, articulating its fears, and seemingly having a ‘remedy’ to cure it.  As long people are unwilling to think, decide or take responsibility by themselves and for themselves, this will still work for a while but no for long.

This Pluto transit makes me believe that the collective isn’t ripe for democracy at all.  The so-called ‘swarm intelligence’ is still wanting to follow the most talented Pied Piper.  It is easy to influence the masses, as long as there is a (seemingly) realistic promise for better living.



Since its discovery, Pluto in Capricorn portends Earth Changes – great fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, environmental catastrophes and a shift in the water levels.  The Maldives (Islands east of India) are only 3 feet above water.   There was a president of this country to recognized the impact that global warming would have.  He started buying land in India to shift the population when the end was near.  The population did not want to hear this and voted him out.  This ended the relocation goals.  China now owns most of the Maldives.  The French vineyards are dying due to the heat and, now that England’s climate has shifted, the French vineyards are moving to England!  The exceptionally cold winters are due to polar ice breaking off causing a flow of frigid air to flow towards the northern hemisphere countries.

We are embarking upon a cycle in which the Earth is rebelling against how humans have treated it.  Solar Max has just begun, peaking in 2025-26.  When a Coronal Mass Ejection hits the Earth, major earthquakes occur.  The worst earthquake for this country will involved the New Madras fault that, if triggered, will portend the Edgar Cayce predictions that the Great Lakes will eventually flow into the Mississippi and divide the U.S. with a great waterway.  John Van Auken said that the Pyramid Prophecies will end in 2038.

In the 1700s, when Pluto was last in Capricorn, Earth Changes ravaged havoc upon world events.  We were in a mini-Ice Age, due to the Maunder Minimum (almost no sunspots).  In the Netherlands, the waterways were frozen all during the summer.  Crops in Europe, especially France, failed which fueled revolutions.

With the Earth Changes, we will see a mass migration to warmer areas.  During the Mini-Ice Age, there was a mass migration to the United States to escape the weather and its subsequent famines.

When Pluto enters Aquarius (back and forth in 2024; fully in 2025-2043), the technology and informational and financial manipulation that started with Neptune in Aquarius entering this sign in 2001 will become highly problematic.  Pollution into the atmosphere may worsen as the permafrost melts and methane into our atmosphere. Earth Wobble is caused by the oceans.  As melting worsens, the Arctic ice melts and more water will cause instability in the earth’s rotation.  Another aspect to Pluto in Aquarius, the Washington Post says: “the U.S. is considering a radical rethinking of the dollar for today’s digital world.  The U.S. is gingerly considering whether to adopt a digital version of its currency, one better suited for today’s increasingly cashless world, ushering in what could be one of the dollar’s most fundamental transformations.”

An interesting addendum, Bill Meridian’s (pen name) wife, Surya, told me years ago that she felt that Pluto in Capricorn would bring a crisis with rare minerals.  What is interesting is that there has been a nationwide phenomenon with CATALYTIC CONVERTER thefts!  Why?  These contain rare minerals that bring a hefty summon the black market.

Looking ahead, Neptune in Aquarius dissolved boundaries of communication with a new type of subversive activity occurring, ignoring the laws, via the internet.  When Pluto enters Aquarius, the new terrorism will occur through the internet – which has already started.  Pluto in Aquarius brings a revolution against technology and the controls of technology.  When Neptune was in Aquarius, the world voted for the Board of Directors of the World Wide Web – only 3% of Americans voted or even knew about this election.  When Pluto entered Capricorn, an astrologer in Berlin informed me about Hacker Sites.

In order to access these sites, you must solve a hacker problem.  To advance to the higher-level sites, you must solve more complicated hacker problems.  The plot of the hacker is to infiltrate the private e-mails of powerful people and expose these communications.  This form of terrorism is here now with hackers in Russia blackmailing corporations by locking down their computer systems.

WHAT DID JEANNE MOZIER SAY:   Our beloved speaker, Jeanne Mozier, died at the end of 2020.  I have notes from her lectures and I wrote many articles based upon her thoughts.

Jeanne described the period from 2008 through 2015, with Uranus-Pluto, as a Cycle of Chaos.  It should be noted that astrology does not run on a calendar year – cycles begin with an outer planet enters a new sign.  As the last outer planet, Neptune, changed signs, many things that we know now will disappear, never to be seen again.  In Theosophy, Iris White once said: “Appreciate everything on your planet now because it will never be this way again.”  LYNN:  In 2008 and 2012, we had economic crises and a plummeting stock market.

There are two major forces active:  Pluto in Capricorn’s continued revolution and disruption of established forms and Neptune entering Pisces, causing the dissolution of boundaries and the awareness of Leaderless Mobs, devoid of logic and reason.  January 6 2021 is a good example of this.

Jeanne added that, as a Trends Analyst in Political Science and Political Relations (for the CIA, no less), she observed that Astrology is the best system for making these analyses because one can readily see the patterns.

Pluto will be in Capricorn until 2024:  This is a cycle for breaking down our structures and institutions to molecular level so that the new can manifest.  The Forces of the Establishment, Institutions, the Corporate World that are conservative and, therefore, inflexible, will crumble when the cycle ends.   The Rights of the Individual will be at variance with the World Force.  Globalization must eventually be shaped to respect the individual.

As Jeanne stated in 2011, Pluto in Capricorn will make life very difficult everyone.  The obstacles are still the old, crystallized forms – governments, institutions and corporations – but these will crumble down to their molecular level.   There are those who fear the sweeping changes occurring in society now.  Even old people in Russian who could not change with modern times long to return to the days of the cruel dictator, Stalin.  Revolutions will occur to restructure these.  These obstacles will arise through the fears associated with transformations.  As Alice Howell states in THE HEAVENS DECLARE, when humanity becomes so polarized, a New Era is about to occur.  These New Eras do not come easily but as a result of a revolution.  Lynn feels that this timing will be when Uranus is in Gemini and Neptune in Aries.

In 2015, Jeanne made these predictions:

Uranus-Neptune-Pluto Predictions: 

  • Physical Epidemics – Started with Pluto-Saturn and peaks with Saturn square Uranus
  • Secrets created and exposed
  • Great technological developments and inventions (cars that can drive themselves – inventions are a monthly occurrence)
  • Unification of the Islamic World (becoming a threat to the western world)
  • Focus upon Mental Health — resulting from the madness of the shootings globally and the fears around political and societal revolutions
  • Institutions crumble quickly
  • Reactionary forces to tighten controls – controls that were eliminated when Neptune was in Capricorn
  • Green Revolution to GMO crops, poisoning the land and the people – Many people are becoming Vegan. Local farmers markets and sustainable gardening are very popular.  Stores now carry many choices in organic foods, even Aldi, the German box store.
  • Emotionally fueled movements, swept by mobs – radicalization by Islam followed my Internal Terrorism from White Supremist groups.  NOTE:  According to Oleg Kalugin, Putin has Plants on both sides of an issue to keep democratic countries in conflict with their citizens.

Just before Jeanne passed away, she discussed Neptune in Pisces and Mass Madness and the addiction to Fake News.  She said that our country needs leaders who are in tune with the energies at the time.  During an astrological cycle of Chaos, Trump fit with the chaotic energies.

She said that CoVid would transform our economy.  Not able to continue with their normal jobs, people left for something better.  People working in underpaid jobs are making sweeping career changes.

Our current job market is expanding while less desirable jobs go wanting.  It is a cycle that favors Labor and now workers can demand better pay.  You do not have to have any flying experience as the airlines will train you with the 1800 flying hours.  This is the greatest shift in labor since the two World Wars.

In conclusion, Pluto is now in the Ending Degrees of Capricorn.  These are what Gilbert Navarro termed the “End of One’s Rope” Degrees.  Being at the end of a sign, it is like a boil that is about to break.  It is very painful.  People act out of desperation.  Acts of violence are prominent in the news, especially with Pluto.  If you have a planet being aspected at an Ending Degree, it is time to shut the door and move on.  When anything get complicated, let go.

NEPTUNE IN PISCES:  Summer 2011 through January 2026

From my notes from Jeanne Mozier –

There may be earth disasters due to imbalances on the planet – a dramatic, natural disaster followed by outpouring of compassion.[1]

The compassion is due to Neptune in Pisces and many people, now more in tune with multi-dimensional realities, will manifest this.  Yet, there will be many others who make outrageous predictions to feed on the fear of the masses – this is how they make money (feeding on fear) and stay on television and radio.  This is the result of Neptune in Capricorn as well – as a result of this transit, news programs no longer had to be balanced, giving both points of view…giving rise to Hysteria Radio/TV. ☺ I am personally hoping that Neptune in Pisces will make them so crazy that they will be locked up permanently.

Neptune entering Pisces brings the dissolution of boundaries and the awareness of Leaderless Mobs, devoid of logic and reason (no Air signs).  We can see this with our Congress, a group of antiquated old men who think only of their own personal power, not the needs of the citizens.  There is no logic behind their refusal to pass bills, only the greed for power.

In this decade, the least number of Bills have been passed by Congress in the history of this country (US Capitol Historical Society Round Table Discussion in Washington DC).  “With the lack of the Air Element, we will see the end of the Age of Reason and the beginning of the Irrational Age, albeit, it will also be observed as Creative, Poetic and Intuitive.”  Jeanne was saying this BEFORE Saturn entered Aquarius but this transit has shown little logic, possibly being flooded by the Water influence of Neptune in Pisces.  This comes from the Neptune in Capricorn Cycle with “Greed is Good.”

Neptune first entered the sign of Pisces during the summer of 2011.  It will transit Pisces through January 2026!  Mass consciousness is ruled by Neptune – the Neptunian hardware penetrated everywhere with its transit through Aquarius.  This transit will bring radically new ways that we can solve problems of everyday life.

Reality was broken, as Neptune left the Rational Air sign of Aquarius and entered a Water sign, a sign with no sense of boundaries!  The veil between the Seen and Unseen will become more tenuous.  When people say that they have the answer, they really have no clue – trust your inner voice and take care of yourself!


NOTE FROM LYNN:  A few years ago, I attended the showing of a Nazi propaganda film about the Jewish population.  It seemed so deceptively logical.  The film can only be shown to groups with a discussion afterwards.  I realized that, if you do not have a core of integrity, you can become deluded into this false thinking and you all too easily buy into the lies.  I try every day to think about a Core of Integrity in doing the right thing.  It is something I really have to think about – it is not always easy.  This is why I am addicted to Holocaust Rescuer films and books.  If these people can do the right thing when they could lose their lives, I can do it too.  I can “have the back” of my friends and I can do the right thing.  Actually, I can think of 5 friends who did not have my back when they heard another criticize me.  So, I now know to voice truth when people are falsely critical of others.

We are now in the final phase of a cycle that began in 1862.  As with all final phases, you harvest what you have sown in the past.  You will not miss this shift – you will FEEL IT!  With this transit, those who have a very tenuous grip upon reality may very well lose it.  Most obvious, we have observed this madness in the tragic school shootings.  There is an abundance of delusional thinking and, with Uranus in Taurus, this thinking cannot be budged!

Since Neptune’s discovery, Jeanne has observed that there has been an accumulation of a tremendous wealth of knowledge via psychology about ourselves, how human beings work – and we did little with the knowledge!  Only the advertisers and political consultants use it for their selfish ends.

The ability for people to think in the abstract came with Neptune’s discovery.   Neptune was last in Pisces from 1848 through 1862.

We find that 1848 was a transformational year of revolution sweeping Europe by the common man.  In this current cycle, the youth will start the revolution because there is no place for them in the working world with older ones working longer and retiring later.  We saw this with the spontaneous conversions into radical Islam in the poor communities in the world.

Amazingly, we have observed the legalization of marijuana in several States.  Pot will seem tame when compared to other pharmaceutical soups made available illegally. Escape, withdrawal and the loss of boundaries will occur due to the speed that people are able to connect instantly.

Utopian philosophies began in the last cycle (1800s) and they will re-emerge in this new cycle.  At that time, with Neptune in the sign of universal compassion, Karl Marx writings showed a great concern for the poor, the working class and small children working in sweat shops.  The political regimes and dictatorships that developed from this were not what Marx had in mind.

In the current cycle, Utopian philosophies will unfold from a great hunger for something to believe in, something that explains the new Neptunian energies pouring onto the planet.  These are what I term the New Seekers.  While this is not a problem for those of us with a long history of metaphysical studies, this new energy may prove deeply problematic for the religious Fundamentalist.

It is our job, not to proselytize, but to demonstrate through example and right-living ourselves.  Like the alcoholic who attends an AA meeting and says: “I want what you have.”

LYNN:  It is my theory that we are godlings who have descended into a material world. The Greek and Roman gods showed us how to be human; the new spiritual philosophies will awaken the “God-Aspect” of ourselves and teach us what we need to do in order to return Home – home to our original God-State.  But, like the alcoholic, many will have to hit bottom before they embark upon the upward Path.

I recently began to observe new groups forming that are made up of Seekers, seeking kinship with others on The Path, to learn how to cope with life as it now exists and to cultivate some faith in the future.  Some of these people are in recovery from seeking Spirit through alcohol or drugs.  Some have gone through recent losses of loved ones.  I remember being in this place back in the 1970s when I first joined an ARE study groupSeekers are looking for spiritual answers in their lives, especially when the world around us is in chaos. 

NOTE:  This is what Theosophists call the First Initiation but the warning is to stay away from gurus!!   There is an organization that guarantees that they have a technique that allows you to erase all of your past karma.  Edgar Cayce said – God is not mocked.  You will have to meet every jot and tittle of your actions.

In this 13-year cycle, the veil between the conscious and unconscious will be very tenuous.  The danger thus being that it will also be too easy to absorb negative matter, especially when the transiting Neptune is making a hard aspect to your personal planets.  Fact checking may be non-existent.  Even now, e-mail posts occur daily that have no basis in fact.  Anyone can say anything and many will believe it without question, even when I urge them to check it out on Verification sites. Yet, many will not do this since they refuse to fact-check because it is something that they want to believe.  Truth becomes irrelevant, in their thinking.  It is essential that we develop an internal check about this new reality.  After it is over, only then will people become aware of the delusions they held.  Yet, a great Renaissance in art and technology will occur. 

LYNN:  New Souls born around 1988-1991 (The Great Capricorn Climax) are now adults and bringing in the new energies.  I remember this period when I sensed the speeding up of the vibration of the Earth’s etheric body – and this is happening again with Neptune in Pisces.  This was most unsettling for many people who experienced “vision flux,” a condition actually described by an eye doctor who had many patients coming in asking about seeing colors, pink and violet – but there was nothing wrong with their eyes!  These new Souls came in with and are imbued with this energy.   It was a time of dissolving structures and these Souls will be called to reform and bring in the newer structures.  How do we fit into the global economy?  The New Souls can create this.  The 2019-2022 pandemic is causing a great career migration that these Souls are initiating.

Currently, I have observed some born at the time move into a selfless, humanitarian direction.  However, where they feel ungrounded, disconnected and not belonging, they unfortunately find an accepting “family” in radical beliefs.  Why should you be an under-paid clerk in a store when you can die for God or your Cause.

Neptune in Pisces will also manifest great Spiritual Delusions.  Many will feel seized by the power of God due to Neptune in Pisces.  People who do not believe in psychic energy are in for a shock, especially when they start having visions.

Delusions are not just spiritual.  Watch where your money is going!  If someone tells you that they have the answer, they too are delusional.  Avoid gurus and leaders who say that they have these answers to our problems.

Watch out for those who manipulate the masses through fear, “excitement” and agitation – agitating and manipulating the minds of others who choose not to think for themselves.  You hear these types on radio and television all the time.  They are just looking for ratings!  And they are psychological vampires (see article on

Learning how to tune out from this incoming Neptunian flow will be important, since we do not want this to impact or interfere with our daily routines.  If it is too much, more people will look for escapes – chemicals, virtual reality experiences, internet fantasy relationships, living in fantasy worlds with “increasing levels of detail,” and some others will get “drunk on God” – something even worse than alcoholism!  When our world seems to be blowing apart at the seams, many will want to just tune out.  And, our world will be shrinking due to the speed of connectivity.

Neptune rules states of mind – the dream world, the meditative, inspired and even confused states of mind.  Even those with clear purposes will become confused at times – what is real and what is not!

Find ways to protect yourself, to tune out or block the negative energies.  These can be all too readily absorbed during the transit of Neptune in Pisces.  Find your “Safe Place” where you feel grounded. Working in a garden, with plants in your home and walking in nature will prove to be very grounding.  If you are experiencing strong Neptune transits, the Bach Flower Remedy, Clematis, will be extremely helpful in making you feel more grounded and connected to your body.

Yet, in the midst of the chaos, there will be unlimited creative energy available, albeit, chaotic.  Remember, creative people are not always rational so irrational is not always a bad thing.  Transpersonal experiences can transform your life but only if you know how to use the incoming energy.  New forms are not ready yet but rather they are incubating now — not all solutions will be workable in the beginning of this cycle.  The new forms will not manifest until after 2015 – especially in 2019-20, the midpoint of the Neptune transit.

Neptune in Pisces will herald new types of medicine – alternative medicine is more popular than ever.  Along with this is the movement towards organic and sustainable gardening.  A Maryland farmer is cultivating manure that normally pollutes the ground water and going into our Chesapeake Bay.  With this new type of cultivation, the manure is used to produce gases that provide power for 3 working farms.  Even our land-fills can be a source of energy from the gases produced.

There will be great studies in ESP, Near Death Experiences and the science of metaphysical philosophy will become a proven fact.  The “mystics” in the world can threaten the established forms.  Recently, on several daytime talk shows, there have been discussions of Past Life Regression and Near-Death experiences.  About 10 years ago, I learned that nurses in Baltimore’s Shock-Trauma Unit could spot when someone was having a near-death experience.  When the patient would become conscious, they would offer counseling on this subject.

Neptune in Pisces will affect our sensitivity as well as receptiveness to alternative medicine, our ability to see into the etheric plane (lavender/violet) and doctors may work more closely with medical intuitives/observers (these are observers and not psychic).  Transpluto having moved into its ruling sign of Virgo will eventually herald new medical techniques that work with mind-body-spirit, since Transpluto rules wholeness and integration. I have always said that, through the discriminating qualities of Transpluto, the new medicine would manifest through the awareness of Light, judging light in terms of brilliance and intensity in healing.  Amazingly, many medical doctors are taking my medical astrology courses.

Jeanne predicted that the refugee situation would worsen with Neptune in Pisces.  Haitians are now going into the Brazilian Amazon.  Africa’s draughts and terrorist regimes create mass migrations.  Terrorist groups are creating refugees in the Middle East.  Population shifts, massive shifts, triggered by natural disasters and rising water levels have occurred in the past.  Our Afghanistan allies need to find new homes in the U.S. and other countries because they will be killed by the Taliban.  This is part of the Earth Changes that trigger mass migrations globally.

Lastly, hoaxes and deceptions create chaos.  With collective media participation, Jeanne Mozier reminds us that, just because you have a mouth, it does not mean that you have something worthwhile to say.   There is a hunger to believe anything, creating an addiction to delusion/disillusion.  Do not allow yourself to be possessed by opinion – seek the facts and facts from legitimate sources, not sources fueled by the Dis-information Program operating out of St. Petersburg Russia (according to Oleg Kalugin, former KGB, living in my area).  All of this began with the Neptune in Capricorn Cycle.

EXAMPLES:  Marjorie Taylor Green saying that the Jewish Bankers have a satellite that is sending laser beams to start the fires in California and people believe this.  Q-Anon!  In the news, My Gentle, Intelligent Brother Is Now A Conspiracy Theorist And His Beliefs Are Shocking — “While other family members refuse to engage, I’m triggered into a primordial rage by the videos he texts me ‘because he loves me and wants to help me wake up before it’s too late.'”  These are examples of Neptune in Pisces at its delusional worse.

Do seek the Principle of Order and the Principle of Enlightenment on a higher level – rise above the fray.  Compassionate Causes will get a tremendous boost, especially for children, animals, and other voiceless people will gain a voice.

In April 2022, Jupiter in Pisces will conjoin Neptune in Pisces.  Some astrologers are saying that this will portend a great spiritual awakening and a push towards humanitarian goals.  Personally, I feel that many people caught in the trap of the Neptune will just be more delusional.  There might even be a Bubble in the stock market.

► Andre Barbault, the French astrologer, wrote in PLANETARY CYCLES that the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces portends a swing to the Left politically.  He has observed the past 18 cycles of Jupiter-Neptune with a movement to the Left “with international aims of an associative, peaceful or humanitarian nature.”  For example, the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius in 2009 herald the election of a liberal Democrat for president.  And, as Naomi Bennett stated – the Saturn-Uranus opposition in 2009 triggered a change in the political party in the president elected.

There will be a movement of Saturn towards Neptune in the sign of Pisces in 2023 but it does not make a conjunction until February 2026 at 0 Aries – a Beginning Cycle at the World Point of international events.  Barbault states that it portends “the most benefic conjunction of the (21st) century and its interplanetary partnership will work for the best in a splendid relaunch of civilization.”  He goes on to say that there is a positive relationship between Uranus in Gemini and Pluto in Aquarius.  This alignment is strongly connected to the U.S. chart.  Financial astrologers feel that the Saturn-Neptune in Aries will trigger a recession.

Mike Kirk states:  Planetary testament to instability and crises – Peak planetary action for crisis in March 2 to May 18 2022 and then August 2-27 2022; finally, turbulence in the markets in October 2022.


URANUS IN TAURUS:  From 2020 through 2026

I am first going to approach this from an esoteric perspective.  The Great Depression occurred with Uranus in Aries with Pluto in Cancer and Saturn in Capricorn.  By 1934, Uranus started to enter Taurus.  I felt that this was a time when new Souls and a Soul Group began incarnating to bring a stabilizing energy to a planet already in crises (Cardinal signs).  Now, I feel that this same Soul Group is incarnating again (not the same Souls but from the same group) again at a time of crises and as a vanguard to bring stabilizing energies in future crises, especially as Uranus enters Gemini with Neptune in Aries.  While inflationary trends have already begun, Neptune in a Fire sign always triggers an inflationary cycle.  Since Saturn-Neptune can trigger a recession, this may be fueled by a civil war in this country, triggered by Uranus in Gemini and Neptune in Aries (aligned with our last civil war).

Remember, however, that stabilizing energies are usually very resistant to change – and change is definitely afoot.  When changes are blocked, Uranus will explode unexpectedly so that the change can ultimately flow through, like breaking up a dam.

There will be shifts in our economic theories with the great career migrations resulting from the long period of isolation during the pandemic.  All things financial will be turned upside down.  There may be changes in labor relations, in our banking and financial institutions and, for the biggest Resistors, the super rich will have to assume responsibility for the economic crises and pay more taxes.  This happened in the 1930s when Roosevelt pressured the wealthy to be a part of our country’s recovery.  He also implemented the Social Security Act and programs to stimulate opportunities for the unemployed to become employed.  In this cycle, we may find changes that impact the student loan debt and stronger health programs.

In an excellent paper by Karon Meakin, she states: “Uranus and Pluto do have one thing in common, they are enemies to those things that are entrenched. Uranus ultimately objects to anything unfair to large portions of society and Pluto will not allow stagnation of any sort, which includes those things most tenaciously preserved by vested interests.”

In 1934, heads of the major U.S. corporations made an attempt to overthrow President Roosevelt and establish Fascism in this country.  Too many politicians are in the pockets of corporations.  See post at the end of this lecture.

Currently, we have just had our last Saturn-Uranus square, triggering a peak in the pandemic health crises.  Hopefully, this will be the last peak for infections.  Other astrologers, including our Jeanne, predicted a new epidemic several years before it manifested.  This was an interpretation of the alignment and transits in Earth signs, Earth sign impacting the physical – with our bodies, with our economy and with the planet.  The pandemic commenced with the Pluto-Saturn conjunction in Earth (Capricorn).

There is an interesting pattern when Uranus enters the sign of Gemini in 2026.  Since its discovery, there is a great battle for Democracy.  First, the American Revolution; Second, the American Civil War; Third, World War II.  I realized after attending lectures and concerts that saluted the “Greatest Generation” of the Age.  I realized that this Greatest Generation were largely born with Uranus in Pisces and were called to service when the Battle for Democracy began with Uranus in Gemini (their first Uranus Square).  The Pattern at the American Civil War is repeating again – in 2027, Uranus in Gemini and Neptune in Aries repeat their alignment from the 1800s.  This was a battle to save our Democracy and our Constitution, specifically the Declaration of Independence.  Many respected economic and mundane astrologers have predicted a great civil war.  We can see the seeds of this with the Trucker Strikes and the Vaccination Rebellion with Saturn in Aquarius. 

In my studies in Theosophy, I observed that Esoteric Gemini rules the concept and Principles of Democracy – that all people have the education, the freedom and the accurate information by which they can make accurate decisions for themselves.  Dis-information is a step in the direction of dismantling Democracies around the world.  Bill Sarubbi (Meridian) states that, in May 2031, humanity will be forced to make a choice between the Higher Self and the lower self. 


METAPHYSICAL NEWS — The New Humanity Coming:  It is here already because it started in 1988-1993 with the Mutation in Consciousness.  These souls are already here, capable of vibrating to the new energies, and incoming souls will be imprinted with new consciousness.  These children are very different.  They are now turning 18-24 and going out into the world.  These Souls are drawn into humanitarian enterprises or they are attracted to radicalization by extremists.

The Neptune in Libra folks (born in the 1940s) can prepare the way for these new souls.  Yet, these souls are being condemned to exist in the old forms, medicated or medicated with technology.

With 150 million souls coming in each year, we are getting close to critical mass – developing new forms.  Globalization is inevitable – if not, find yourself a nice museum society that lives in the past.  Jeanne feels that we will need a global regulating body to handle this.

                                                                                                                                                  ☼  ☼  ☼

SATURN IN AQUARIUS – 2021 through early March 2023

 In my 50+ years as a professional astrologer, I have observed the many generations.  Early in my career, I observed that people born with Saturn in Aquarius were very rebellious of authority.  The generation in the 1930s had Saturn in Aquarius sextile Uranus in Aries.  It was not as rebellious because they were born into a conservative time in history.  Yet, they saw authority figures as rigid, chauvinistic and excessively authoritarian.

The next time Saturn was in Aquarius was in the early 1960s and it was quincunx Uranus in Virgo — minor aspects do work with outer planet transits.  This generation is overtly rebellious of authority. The times were changing.  The war in Vietnam was starting and, by the time Saturn entered Pisces, it opposed Uranus in Virgo and young people rebelled en masse, as this was an illegal war.  The authorities, aka the government, did not listen and so this is a generation very rebellious and angry over authority figures.

When Saturn entered Aquarius in the early 1990s, there was no connection with Uranus.  Globally, everything was changing – no time for individual rebellion.

The Berlin War fell after a Saturn Cycle and communism lost its grip upon its satellite nations.  There was no need for rebellion – the Wall fell upon its own weight and oppressed people felt liberated as they walked through the opened Wall.

Now that Saturn is in Aquarius for the first time in the 21st century and it is square the rigid, unyielding Uranus in Taurus.  The anti-government theme is prevalent with the rebellion against being told to get the vaccinations.  Uranus is more RAGE than anger as it goes to extremes in what it feels.  Pushing a vaccine sets some people up to resist and resist at all costs.  Psychologically, they do not want an authority figure to tell them what to do.  Resistance is powerful with Uranus in Taurus.


A NEW CYCLE:  Jupiter conjunct Saturn at 0 Aquarius


  • A new social, cultural and spiritual cycle
  • The Times are A-Changing
  • Shift in Ideals and Values
  • DECEMBER 21, 2020 – Jupiter-Saturn at 0 Aquarius is a new beginning but the beginning is not immediately clear until Saturn enters 1 degree onward. At 15 degrees, it is the most clear
  • The Pandemic we are experiencing with the Capricorn Stellium will create a shift in our consciousness and our behavior. This new Shift will be in tune with Aquarius

Historically, the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction portends a great shift in the affected governments.

  • In the cycle of 1961, the election of a very young president, John Kennedy, brought a great cultural shift – a Catholic president was very controversial and he aroused the enthusiasm of young people all over the world.
  • In the cycle of 1981, the marriage of Charles to Diana brought a major, far-reaching shift in the monarchy of Great Britain. This conjunction occurred in Libra so there was a theme of changing relationships – personal and global.  We got a Polish Pope, an actor President, and a very modern Russian president in Gorbachov who set the stage for the changes that culminated in 1989.
  • In the cycle 2000, this conjunction returned to an Earth sign, forming a Grand Earth Cross that impacted the presidency. Within a year, 9/11 changed everything, especially regarding travel, security and even the airline industry.  In an Earth sign, there are physical manifestations – a destructive earthquake in Turkey and the increase of terrorism, leading us into an unending war in the Middle East.  There was even a Dengue Fever that plagued Central America.
  • In the cycle of 2020, the alignment occurs at 0 Aquarius – a new beginning in new social consciousness. The Zero Degree is inchoate – not yet developed. The awareness of the new consciousness commences at 1 degree, but becomes obvious at 15 degrees.

At, I have an article of this conjunction through the Houses.  Where it fell in your chart portends a 20 years cycle for change.

Caroline Myss once said that, when there is an epidemic that impacts the health of humanity, there is a sickness in society:

  • WWI brought the Spanish Flu that killed millions.
  • During the Great Depression and WWII, we had polio. In the 1950s, when the post-war economy was optimistic, a cure was discovered.
  • In the 1980s, with the delusions about the economy, small farms were going out of business and the sweeping deregulations generated problems that we are confronting with Pluto in Capricorn. At this time, AIDS manifested, affecting first the gay community but then moving into the straight community.
  • In 2020, with the rise of Global Ultra Conservatism that punishes everyone but the rich and augments the rise of White Supremacy, the KKK and the global Neo-Nazi movement — now we have a pandemic. Until we heal what is ailing in our societies, the epidemic will continue.

This current Jupiter-Saturn conjunction had an impact upon the election and the inauguration charts.

NOTE:  Charts are not shown here

Bill Meridian once told me that Jupiter in Aquarius portends a Democratic president.  He was saying this just before Barack Obama was elected.  For the Biden inauguration, Jupiter is once again in Aquarius.  Naomi Bennet has excellent astrology posts on Facebook (I repost them on my NCGRAnnapolis page).  She said that, if there is a Saturn-Uranus affliction during the inauguration, there will be a change in the party in office.  Both interpretations were correct.

There is an alignment for future inaugurations that concerns me – for many years, the Sun will conjunct Pluto in Aquarius starting with the 2025 inauguration.

NOTE:  Charts are not shown here

In our constitution, the new administration always begins at 12pm ET on January 20 (or 21st if the 20th falls on a Sunday), regardless of the time of the swearing in.  Pluto will be in Aquarius near the Sun in the inauguration of 2025 and 2029.  It moves farther away from the Sun at 0-1 degrees of Aquarius in those charts but it will still be in the 10th House of the President.


SATURN IN PISCES 2023 – 2025:

When Saturn last transited Pisces, even though it was well aspected to the outer planets, it was not an easy time.

  • The Balkan War in which NATO had to intervene – later these countries joined NATO
  • Eastern Europe was added to NATO  – This is significant since the Ukraine has wanted to join NATO for protection from Russia. They may be accepted in 2023-25

Other events –

  • Massacre in Rwanda
  • Rabin assassinated
  • OJ Simpson trial
  • Oklahoma City bombing



The famous political astrologer in Washington DC, Barbara Watters, used the first official ballot cast for the 2nd Tuesday in November.  That place was at 12am/midnight in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire.  There are only about 12 people in the village so determining the outcome is very fast.

Another famous astrologer, Silver DeLong, used 7am (the opening of the poles) in Washington DC.

I realize that many people mail in their ballots but this is not the official timing.

The Classical Rulerships of the two parties is that the Democratic Party is ruled by Saturn and the Republican Party is ruled by Jupiter.

The rules for interpretation are that, whichever planet is elevated the highest in the election chart, this will determine that party that wins the election.



I have always used the Gemini ASC chart for the United States because it perfectly described the American people and out national life.  Barbara Watters said that the American people are very Gemini – the country was divided, we are divided by Red and Blue, developments do not last – in Rockville MD, in the 1970s, they torn down the historic section, built a Mall and then within 20 years, they tore down the Mall!

As a Gemini people, we give a vocabulary to issues and feelings that are picked up by other nations.  American English words are strongly integrated into the European languages.

In the Summer of 2001, the famous mundane astrologer, Nick Campion, said that he had been researching the Gemini and Sagittarius charts and he has observed that the Gemini chart works best.  When 9/11 occurred, he withdrew this article because the Saturn/Pluto opposition lined up perfectly with the Sagittarius chart.  It was off by a couple of degrees in the Gemini chart.

I conducted research many years ago and I observed that both charts work – actually, all of the charts used for this country work but they work best for different events.  For internal events, the Gemini chart works best and, for events that have an international effect and how other countries see us, the Sagittarius chart works best.  The Gemini chart most accurately describes the American people.  I cannot find the article with the events portrayed in both charts but I saw how each worked for different events.

Not long after the International Spy Museum in Washington DC opened, they had an exhibition called “Insurgency Within.”  I immediately saw that Uranus-Mars was in the 1st House, describing the American people who are insurgent by nature.  Yet, other countries see us as very Sagittarian in terms of our influence over other nations and the vast knowledge that we develop.

In the Gemini chart, Mercury in Cancer is in the 3rd House of Near Neighbors.  Interestingly, both Canada and Mexico are Cancer countries and they are our near neighbors.

NOTE:  Charts are not shown here

Nick Campion, in his THE BOOK OF WORLD HOROSCOPES, quotes a discussion with the pilot whose ancestor was one of the original signers of the Declaration of Independence.  Through the generations, it was stated that it was finalized at 2:15am.  Washington astrologer, Warren Kinsman, justified the timing was saying that the probably worked into the late hours to get the job done.  Finally, at 2:15am, they said, OK, it’s a Wrap, and that was the birth of our Declaration.

The Sibley chart, by Ebenezer Sibley, was the first chart published for the U.S. in 1787.  It was researched by an astrologer in England. So you see the difference in perspective – the Sagittarius and International perspective came from a British source but the personal perspective was developed by an American.

Both charts work so, whichever you use, it will work – but it will work best with specific events.  Michael Munkasey uses a Virgo ASC and he swears by this.  Jeanne Mozier used a different date with a Libra ASC.  These excellent research astrologers cannot be wrong – and I believe that they are all correct!

It is interesting that the current pandemic, because it is global, works best with the Sibley chart.  The global economies have been dramatically affected as T Pluto activates the 2nd/8th Houses in the Sibley chart.

If you are researching the Mundane interpretation of the Houses, I recommend a book by Nicholas DeVore.  I believe it has been added to the Solar Fire program for interpretations.



In 2010, I conducted research by using the transit of Uranus in Aries over natal Eris.  I believe in empirical research and personal observation rather than relying totally upon the myth connected with the planet.

Richard Tarnas (Psyche & Cosmos) states that the myths for the planets stop working effectively after Saturn (and Chiron).  I totally agree with his statement.

After I make my observations and determine a theme, only then do I look at the myth to see what parts of the myth can apply to the Object.  Yes, some work very well, such as Chiron.  But, as an astrologer and not a philosopher or mythologist, I prefer empirical observation.

Our Consciousness needs to resonate to the energies of the new Object.  When an Object is discovered, it is because enough of people on the planet are now and have been resonating to the new energies that the Object brings in.



Planets or Objects that take 4+ years to complete an aspect to a natal planet are Objects of Transformation.

The Classifications are:

1)  Lights – Sun & Moon

2)  Personal – Mercury-Venus-Mars

3)  Social – Jupiter & Saturn

4)  Transpersonal – Uranus-Neptune-Pluto (Transpersonal can only be the higher octave of Personal Planets)

5)  Transformational Objects – Transpluto & Eris & many of the newly discovered slow-moving Centaurs.  We can have many objects of transformation but one three Transpersonal Planets.


In 2010, my research was based upon the transit of Uranus over Eris in the natal chart.  This is what I observed at that time –

My observation is that all of these Objects, regardless of size, represent a Process of Change in our lives. It is the long-term transits of these remote objects that trigger the process of change.

Even with the 4th Harmonic aspects (conjunction-square-opposition), Eris acts as a benefic only if you are willing to grow and learn and integrate the lessons acquired.   If you cannot go with the new flow, it is not very friendly in our lives.

Where I have observed health issues under Eris, it is because the individual fears the needed changes, becomes blocked and cannot integrate the New into the life or respond constructively to external crises.

It may be, because Eris entered the challenging and pioneering sign of Aries in February 1926, that this planet works in a manner by which we are confronted with that which is totally new.  These new experiences eventually become integrated into our consciousness and we are no longer the same — some component of our personality (and even society in general) becomes morphed over a period of time.

The transits involve a process of adapting to challenges in our lives.  Eris only has negative ramifications when we cannot compromise or adapt to the new. 

On October 1, 2010, I read a post from Mark Holmes regarding Eris.  While his wording is different from my own, it fits extremely well with my interpretation of Eris.

Mark stated: “Eris requires understanding, adaptation and compromise to avoid clashes of ego.”

I responded:  I have observed this planet is fundamentally positive but only recently I have seen its involvement with health issues.  In 2012, the passing of a fellow astrologer who could no longer see a light at the end of her tunnel – Solar Arc Eris crossed her Ascendant, triggering her death.  This is rare.

When people are too afraid to adapt, when they are too rigid to understand or they are unwilling to make a compromise in their life, they can become ill.

► Another example of a friend whose Eris opposes his Mercury: “I get upset when confronted with very new ideas and I am forced to change or re-examine my opinions.”

I have also observed that interests begun in one cycle will return and become integrated into your consciousness in a future cycle.  It facilitates new qualities and attributes that flower into a manifestation of our true inner nature.

In conclusion, as I have stated previously, the well-known Jungian astrologer, Alice Howell, said that, whenever society becomes irreconcilably polarized, this means that a New Era is about to begin.  Paradigm Shifts and New Eras do not happen easily or often.  Usually, humanity coming together takes a global crisis.

On April 6, 2020, Ray Merriman wrote a long article for ISAR and this is a part of his article that rings in accord with Alice Howell:

The concept of a “new era for humanity” is now being realized by those outside of our discipline. In Saturday’s Wall Street Journal, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger wrote a column titled “The Coronavirus Pandemic Will Forever Alter the World Order.” In it, he writes: “The U.S. must protect its citizens while starting the urgent work of planning for a new epoch.” But of course, it’s not just the United States that must prepare for a new epoch. Still, Mr. Kissinger gets it. He gets what astrologers knew long before 2020 arrived.




NOTE:  Chart now shown here

In 1934, Big Business, resentful of Roosevelt’s financial demands, made an intense effort to overthrow FDR and establish a Fascist State in America.

Astrologically, using the Sibley chart, there were major events occurring in this chart –

  • Progressed Mars conjunct Progressed Neptune
  • Transiting Pluto conjunct Venus in 7th House and Mercury R in the 8th House
  • SA Neptune conjunct Moon in 3rd House
  • In 2006, the progressed Mars turned Retrograde; in August 2016, Mercury turned Direct by Progression. Some astrologers predicted that the U.S. would fall from being a major power.
  • Using Solar Arc, Pluto squared Mars in 2011 and, in 2012, Pluto crosses Neptune in the 9th House and Saturn crosses Uranus in the 6th

I use this chart to see what aspects were occurring when Fascism tried to take a foothold on this country.  Facsism failed in 1934.  What I see is for the 2nd half of this decade are similar patterns.  T Pluto/Uranus are afflicting Mercury and the T Neptune afflicts Mars.

Fascism is not about a political party at this time. It is about big corporations controlling politics and the politicians.   Their deep-pockets money goes to politicians who will do their bidding.  This is happening globally, not just here.  Smaller European countries are very dependent upon corporations setting up factories in their countries, providing jobs for the populations.  If the politicians do not adhere to the demands of the companies, they will pack up and move to a country who will adhere to their demands.  Always, these demands actually work against the workers – but the workers never realize this.

The Czech Republic is the only country that is not dependent upon big corporations to support their economy.

Changes and transformations occur that have a global impact at this time.  Therefore, I am currently working with the Sibley chart.



PISCES AGE – God came among men; in AQUARIUS, we re-acquire our Godly skills.  The Great Masters will walk among us.

The next clean-up on Earth will be by Fire – radiation from Pole Shift – magnetic storm and Van Allen Belt will break down.  This could be the fire.  Small animals can mutate to handle the radiation.  The body will change and more 4th dimensional.  Body may be more florescent.  Furthermore, there is the military’s High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program and the G5 frequencies.

Souls who are in tune will be elevated.  There will be safe and unsafe areas.   The ones who are not in tune will go to Saturn where all uncleaned flesh goes to be remolded.

Others, like these terrorists, will go to Saturn.   They will not be the same.

Transition to 4th dimension: Ouspensky’s book – each dimension is perpendicular to the next.  You need to conceive of something beyond the 3rd in order to go to the 4th.   Thought form is the 4th dimensional.  This is where we can have an out of body experience.

Edgar Cayce said that the Shift would begin gradually in 2000-2001.  The Shift has actually begun in the South Atlantic Ocean region between Africa and South America.  The north-south polarity has been fluctuating back and forth, weakening the shield against solar radiation.  The Northern and Southern Lights (aurora) are the result of radiation moving to the Poles.

We will know that the Shift has begun when these Lights are seen around the world, even at the equator.  Scientists do not see this as a cataclysmic event but something that happens gradually

Cayce said that the Pole Star of the New Age would be Vega in late 14 degrees of Capricorn.  It is called the “Falling Eagle” or the star of the “Queen of Life.”  Because of its connection with Venus and Neptune, this can portend a cycle of great beauty and creativity with the higher aspects of mysticism.

Cayce said that we are in the END TIMES as prophesized in the Book of Daniel.  Those who work on the dark side will be brought to light.  Hence, we see the conflict occurring in the 21st Century.  With the Dark coming to the surface, strike and turmoil will manifest in the world.  If it does not come to light, we cannot eradicate it.   So, look to events like January 6 as important in our evolution, to bring the dark to light.  Neo-Nazis and White Supremists, previously ignored by the mainstream population, have been empowered to show themselves.

Some of the advanced Souls may waver by these events but we all must maintain that Core of Integrity in these times.



Does the East Coast have fault lines?

Another well-known fault line is located in New York City. It crosses Manhattan from the Hudson River to the East River, running approximately along 125th Street. The Ramapo Fault, another New York Metro-area fault line, runs 70 miles through New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

Cayce said that New York in the main would be lost in time.  NYC is constantly being “uplifted” so that it will not go into the Hudson River.  This cannot go on forever, especially if there is an earthquake.

Be at ease, Cayce said that Los Angeles and San Francisco would be gone long before New York City, especially Manhattan Island.  NOTE:  In a dream, Cayce having reincarnated visited New York City in 2100 so it will still be here in 2100.

What part of the United States is most at risk for earthquakes?

The 16 states with the highest earthquake hazard from natural earthquakes are Alaska, Arkansas, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

Where are tsunami risks on the east coast?

The greater risks are in the north from Newfound down to just below New Jersey. A relatively minor offshore earthquake of magnitude 4.5 or above could cause submarine avalanches that then generate tsunami events with waves higher than 26 feet (8 meters).  So not the big danger on the East Coast.



In her lectures, Jeanne Mozier used to make a prediction for each of the signs.  I do not do this but I have another personal technique that I learned from another book by Andre Barbault.  He discussed the conjunctions to the personal planets and how they impact individuals.

The one that I worked with the most was the Sun-Jupiter conjunction, as a time of great personal expansion.  In world events, it can portend a time of peace and resolution.  You would think that this occurred often as a conjunction to a personal planet but it does not!

I only use the Sun-Jupiter conjunction within 1 degree of a natal planet.   The March 5 2022 conjunction occurs near the New Moon at 14 Pisces.  This is a new cycle of expansion and the resolution of conflict in one’s life.

  • The first conjunction was on my 12th House Mercury. While I had been giving professional readings since June 1969, I did not have the courage to give a lecture.  At this time, I gave my first talk to a metaphysical group.  No one would ever have known this was my first lecture and I gave mini-readings to everyone who attended (just looking at the ephemeris for the birth date)
  • In 1989, the next conjunction occurred on my 10th House Uranus and this was a most expansive time when the Berlin Wall came down and I just had to see it. Later, it allowed me to connect with astrologers in the former eastern bloc countries.
  • In 2001, the conjunction was on the next planet in my 10th, Mars, and at this time I impulsively signed up for a conference in Serbia. There I met many astrologers with whom I am still friends and it ultimately gave a great boost to my career and recognition.  Mars rules my 9th
  • In 2015, the conjunction was within 1 degree of my Asc, starting around my birthday – and it was a great birthday. In my journal I wrote: The Sun-Jupiter conjunction at 3 Virgo on August 26 was conjunct my ASC/Sun and I really felt it – like someone turned a switch on and I have energy and optimism again.
  • In 2016, the conjunction was on my 2nd House planets. At that time, I gave a talk to the County Council to give me an 80% discount in property taxes – which came to pass.

For others, the next Sun-Jupiter will occur on March 5 2022 at 14 Pisces; April 11 2023 at 21 Aries; and May 18 2024 at 28 Taurus (conjunct my MC)


Each year, there are conjunctions with other planet combinations.  Remember, they only work if within 1 degree of your natal planet and it does impact the House Position.  In many ways, it is like a Planet Return for the personal planets – the House position of the Mercury Return shows your mental interests for the year; Venus Return points to strong areas for relating; Mars (see my website about this) is where a lot of activity will manifest.   I only have one this year – Sun conjunct Mercury R at 0 Libra.

The most significant alignment will occur on March 3 when Venus-Mars-Pluto are alignment at 27 Capricorn.  If conjunct a planet in the natal chart, this is a powerful Ending Cycle when the individual is commended to end what has been outgrown, grown complicated, then shut the door and move on.

GMO crops grew out of the agricultural revolution of the 1960s, when we were told that there was a world feminine and we need to grow more efficiently and abundantly, regardless of health concerns.  Many people in the U.S. are developing intolerance to these GMO grains.  Banned in Europe, grained-based foods do not have the same detrimental effect.

We all became aware of the compassion and charity that manifested around the holidays when strangers paid for “Lay-Away” gifts – and it soon burst into a wave of charity.  Typically, people are less charitable during the hard times but this changed as Neptune in Pisces peeked into our consciousness.


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  1. have one question, how do I determine an upcoming conjunction in the Ephemeris? Her quote from the article.

    Each year, there are conjunctions with other planet combinations. Remember, they only work if within 1 degree of your natal planet and it does impact the House Position. In many ways, it is like a Planet Return for the personal planets – the House position of the Mercury Return shows your mental interests for the year; Venus Return points to strong areas for relating; Mars (see my website about this) is where a lot of activity will manifest. I only have one this year – Sun conjunct Mercury R at 0 Libra.

    1. Jan, that is a super good question. I had the calculations ade on Solar Fire, asking only for the conjunctions (or 1st Harmonic).
      It takes a long time to look through the ephemeris so see when the personal planets are in the same sign and then degree with outers.
      I cannot cut and paste the calculations into a file since the calculation on Solar Fire does not copy correctly.
      Sometimes you can look through the aspectarians on astrological calendars but I never use these. I print out everything myself.
      Sorry I cannot help
      The most important one is the Sun-Jupiter at 14 Pisces (?). It sure did nothing for the Ukraine War but I know, when it conjuncts my natal planets, it has a major effect.

  2. “The Classical Rulerships of the two parties is that the Democratic Party is ruled by Saturn and the Republican Party is ruled by Jupiter.”

    Hello Lynn, can you elaborate on this? I would have thought it the other way round, but I defer to your astrological expertise and would appreciate if you could explain.

    Many thanks.

    1. Cher, I know that I answered you privately. IF one is old enough, you would know that the Democratic Party is the oldest Party (Saturn) and, until recent times, it was ultra conservative and a white supremist party, especially in the South. The Republicans were very different in the past so it is ruled by Jupiter. It was Reagan aligning with the religious far right that things began to change with Republicans. Then, with Trump, fascism, white supremacy and ruling by the super rich is the new Republican philosophy.

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