Introduction THE 12th HOUSE by Lynn Koiner
The 12th House represents issues, qualities and traits that have become repressed in the personality.
I do feel that there is a karmic connection with this House. I will use myself as an example throughout this lecture. I have Mercury in Leo in the 12th near Pluto.
I knew this from my own past life experience. I have Mercury in Leo (GWB has his in the 1st House) and I have always known that I made an error in judgment and listening to others rather than going with my own knowledge.
I have lived with a fear of making a mistake B like thousands of men could die on the battle field if I made an error. In the past, whenever I thought that I was the greatest, when any touch of arrogance colored my thinking, I do make a terrible error that everyone knows about!
I feel some sadness for George because I feel that I was in a similar situation in a past life B in a position of power and being given bad advice by those who appealed to my Leo.
EXAMPLE using my own chart:
I feel that I attracted this lifetime of power because I always judged people in power. Why don=t they do this or that…as if it is so easy. Now, I know it is not.
I will never sit in judgment of another. I am never on a jury. I know that I will never be selected.
In the past, I reserved spiritual education to the more affluent, not the truly poor. My clients and students are just ordinary people. I am never a favorite with people in power – but I am a favorite with the ordinary people. I strongly felt this during a trip to Glastonbury.
The planets represent traits and qualities that were deemed intolerable to be expressed by a parent – they were intimidating to a parent and the individual learned to repress these qualities and feelings rather than get into trouble.
These issues are related to events that occurred before you were born. By counting backwards from the Ascendant, you will find the timing for when the repression first impacted the family.
NOTE: At my Chicago workshop, a well-known astrologer there said that she had observed Mars-Saturn afflictions involving the 12th House to indicate a recent life in which the individual died violently.
E.D. has Mars-Saturn in Virgo in the 12th and she feels that she died in the Holocaust. A lot of people feel this, often from empathy or maybe working with such souls on the other side.
I often find errors in the history of what they say. But, I believe ED. She has a lot of anger issues and fear of men and authority. She feels that her weight issues are connected to starving to death.
She saw herself as a small, young boy in that lifetime.
The 12th House is a super-powerful House, even demonstrated by Michel Gauquelin in his research. Planets that fall into this House are highly dynamic.
It is essential that you learn to release their energies by finding an outlet – in the career, in the avocation or some other external activity.
These planets cannot easily express themselves at the personality level. You must find another way to express their energies — because they are powerful instincts that have been repressed!
The 12th House planets describe what you need to be expressing in your career or avocation. It should be a strong factor in considering the qualities and traits needed in a career choice.
Karmically, I feel that energies that express themselves improperly in the First House will slip into either the 12th House or it will become intercepted in your next lifetime. See my website for the article on Interceptions.
12th House people have a personality profile:
• They cannot be ON 24/7
• They need ALONE TIME
• They shut down around outgoing and assertive types
• People, who do not know me, often think that I am angry or upset when I shut down
• 12th House people have learned to be INVISIBLE!
• The Past Life is associated with a Monastery Experience B with vows of poverty, chastity, obedience and silence. These vows were taken very seriously so these traits are difficult to overcome in the current lifetime
• All Water signs obsess or become preoccupied. With the 12th House, they can appear spacey or forgetful.
• All planets in the Water Houses – 4/8/12 – are introspective and obsessive. These traits tend to distort reality at times so they need to talk with others about how they are feeling or perceiving to get a “reality check.”
• Health issues connected to this House are Karmic
If you have the Sun in Leo in the 12th House, you cannot be a LEO 24/7. You need to select an occupation where in you be sunny and outgoing for a short period of time and then you can crawl back into a private place and recuperate your energies.
One client with the Sun in Leo in the 12th had a part-time job as a CLOWN.
A 12th House planet can indicate what you do not like in others B because you feel that it is something difficult to express within yourself.
For example, someone with the SUN in the 12th House may dislike people who get attention easily, showy and outgoing types. Until you learn how to get attention for yourself through your work or avocation, you may resent people who get attention easily.
Since this is one of the natural HEALING HOUSES, these people can find themselves as Guinea Pigs, learning from an experience which they eventually share with others.
My Health Crisis from 2004 through 2006 was a great learning experience for my lectures on medical astrology. Even with some personal issue, when I solve it, people start calling with that same issue B and I know how to solve it from my personal experience!”
~~~Lynn Koiner

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  1. I have Saturn in Pisces in my 12th house as well as Venus in intercepted Aries (I’m a Taurus rising). Saturn aspects every planet in my chart except Mercury and Uranus. I do need time alone to recharge. Saturn aspects every planet in my chart except Mercury and Uranus. It is sextile Neptune in Capricorn in my 10th house. My grandmother used to (not so nicely) call me a space cadet.
    Saturn and Neptune create a Yod in my chart with the apex being my Moon and Mars in Leo in my 5th house. Saturn also squares Jupiter in my 8th house in Sagittarius.
    I sometimes wonder about how past lives have affected me, but I also believe that I am being used to heal a lot of generational trauma in my family.

    1. First, ASK — Astrological Society of Kentucky — has a recent recording of my lecture on this subject and I scroll through all of my materials on the 12th House. I hope to write a book sometime with this material.
      I sometimes wonder about how past lives have affected me, but I also believe that I am being used to heal a lot of generational trauma in my family. — this is an excellent statement. I also do a lecture called Regressing Your Chart into Your Parents’ Past. The International Academy of Astrology sells my lecture on this topic and you see the screen with my notes.
      While the 12th is strongly connected with past lives, there is also a connection with what happened to your parents and grandparents and even great grandparents before you were born. Saturn in Pisces intercepted indicates a lot of fears associated with authority that gets passed on to you. To find when this happened, count backwards from the ASC to Saturn. Take the degrees that you count and subtract that number from your birth year. If your birth time is correct (and you can rectify your chart if it is slightly off), then that year is when the Family Fears began.
      Yods and Quincunx aspects are very powerful and they are often used for the career direction. The best book is my Alan Epstein but it is out of print. If I can find him in Florida, I may ask him if he will donate the copyright to the Alexandria Project where it will be available to astrologers permanently.

  2. Eye opening. I have Sun, Mercury, Venus, & Jupiter in my Leo 12th house. I shamefully admit I didn’t like Leo’s for a long time-my own sign. I would obsessively research every placement in my chart EXCEPT for my Leo placements. I’ve tried all my life to suppress those qualities in myself, although they pop out from time to time unconsciously and I don’t realize until later.
    The hardest thing about 12th house placements for me is the isolation and guilt. Family & friends feel neglected. They take it personally but I need my alone time and it makes me feel incredibly guilty. It’s addicting really & so peaceful. The deeper I get into my spirituality, the more I isolate. I always wonder if I’m destined to lose relationships over my need to isolate. I wonder is it trues 12th house placements are better off moving away from their birthplace?
    Makes perfect sense to express 12th house planets at the career level, rather than in our personalities. I’ve tried and it feels unnatural to express the energies of those planets in myself.
    This article really helped me understand myself better. Thank You Lynn.

    1. Suppressing is not good but finding a career or avocational outlet will help. Yes, a relocation that would put those planets in the 1st House and near the ASC would work. You will always be a 12th House person but it will be easier to manifest the planets in another location. It is beset to put them on the ASC … then the MC for career outlets. One woman with the Sun in Leo in the 12th House did clowning. She could hide behind a costume yet interact with children. I have attended larping events (Life Action Role Playing) where you dressed in costume (provided by organization) and played in character for an entire weekend. Mine was at a Hogwarts Wizarding event in Poland.

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