I have been observing a market projection graph for many years now. I put the graph aside and then discover that it was more accurate that the astrological predictions – remember the gloom and doom for the summer of 2010 and the horrors of the stock market for the Uranus-Pluto square?

First, never predict a crash at the time of the Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction. This is a powerful, expansive alignment that caused the spike in the market.

Using this graph, the spike of this alignment showed up perfectly. Now, there will be a decline in the market until a Bottom in early 2014. At this Bottom, while recovery will not occur for several years, this is a good time to get your stock bargains – but you must hold on to these for several years. In 2019, an upward spike will occur with the big spike in the early 2020s, after the Great Saturn-Pluto alignment, always turning the course for the stock market.

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