Rob Pattinson & Kristen Stewart — Symbolizing Current Psychological Trends

I am currently making a new observation. With my clients, I am observing 2 manifestations:

1) Some are in Crisis or embarking upon a totally new direction in their lives, going with intuition and following their hearts. This is the Pluto-Uranus influence.

2) There are those responding to Neptune in Pisces. These people feel lost, ambivalent, unsure of what to do next but no suggestion seems to appeal to them.

When I heard about Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, I knew that Rob was experiencing Pluto-Uranus while Kristen was under the influence of Neptune. Sure enough, Barbara Finch sent their birth dates and this was exactly the case. With Neptune, through experiencing the fog of delusion, we get ourselves out of a situation when we cannot give ourselves direct permission to leave. Kristen is too young for such a serious relationship and she subconsciously wanted to find a way out. This is often how Neptune works in relationship matters.

Rob Pattinson Birth Date: May 13 1986 in London
Kristen Stewart Birth Date: April 9 1990 in Los Angeles

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