Survival Tips for the Pluto Transit

  • When you are feeling out of control, it is too easy to hide and to allow your life to become unmanageable. And, the only thing that you can control is yourself and your immediate environment. Pluto manifests through the physical so that being physically active and doing something is essential to regulating and releasing its energies. I find myself sitting up late at night working on correspondence and projects that my Neptune transit left in a disorganized pile.
  • In taking control, clean up your environment, throw out what you do not need and take care of tasks that you have long procrastinated over. If I lay in bed, I feel the over-stimulation of Pluto and I cannot sleep. Just going out does not solve the problem or release the energy. While walking to the Mall and shopping were easy and satisfying solutions under Neptune, Pluto only triggers meaningless and compulsive spending…another step in being out of control. Having meaningful discussions, mental activity and purposeful actions seem to work the best.
  • Pluto transits occur when one is about to make a great new leap forward, to leave the past behind and embrace a new beginning. This is what Pluto wants us to do— empower ourselves by letting go of the past and taking a transformative leap forward in our lives.
  • Physical Activity— Exercise is a great release for Plutonian energy, although the winter weather does not provide much of an opportunity for me to get out and walk. I joined a local gym and this always makes me feel better. With Pluto, there is a lot of intense energy and intense physical activity (very long walks) worked very well for me.
  • In this “out-of-control” mode, my work makes me feel out of control. Sagittarius likes hierarchies so I must organize my priorities and I cannot over-load myself. I can easily feel over-whelmed. I organize my calendar and make a list of ”What to do.” I must stick to the schedule so that I do not feel out of control. I have also discovered another key to working with Pluto— KEEP YOUR LIFE SIMPLE. Avoid all complications. Learn to say NO to everything that is not absolutely essential. Your psychological survival depends upon it!
  • I have observed that the transits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto affect us through hormonal imbalances. For younger woman, there are 2 herbs that restore the hormones to a normal balance. If you are having menstrual problems, it is hormonal. I take Wild Yam and Chaste Tree, one capsule of each once or twice a day. For helpful Amino Acids, read THE DIET CURE by Julia Ross.
  • Anxiety, especially at night, can cause night binging and insomnia. Around 7 PM, I make a big cup of a “Extra Strength Sleepy Time” tea. There are supplements at any good vitamin store that can help with sleep, such as Melatonin.
  • The adrenals are severely stressed under the Pluto transit. I experienced acute lower back pain which is always adrenal exhaustion. My suggestion now is to take ADRENALCAPS by Solaray or Natural Sources Adrenal Caps which can be obtained at most health food stores. Take 2 capsules upon arising and 2 more at 11am. This prescription was recommended by a medical doctor. Do this in waves— 3 weeks on and 1 week off.
  • Having to deal with the surfacing long-repressed emotions, the fears and especially the anger, can be very difficult! Give yourself permission to feel angry!
  • Some Pluto transits can compromise our immune system, leaving us vulnerable to viruses and infections. A good protection is Wild Oregano and Olive Leaf (Nature’s Way is the strongest). These anti-viral and anti-bacterial need to be taken daily and they build up in the system.

NOTE: If you are taking other medications, please talk with your pharmacist about how these herbs and supplements interact with your medications.

  • Pluto can make you feel like the situation will last forever but it does not. You can easily lose your vision and hope for the future. It is essential to expand your consciousness in order to rise above the darkness. I found reading spiritual and consciousness expanding books and meditation to provide incredible relief! “The higher you go (in consciousness) the smaller things look below!”
  • EMPOWERMENT— this is the most important lesson that you will learn under the Pluto transit but it does not come immediately or easily. When Pluto made its retrograde square to my Sun, I realized that I had given my power away to a powerless person who could only criticize and find fault with everything that I did; I had given my power away to negative thinking, to absorbing the criticisms of others and to the tyranny of self-recrimination!

A friend gave me the “life saving” definition of empowerment— “Empowerment is recognizing what you need to do for yourself and doing it even when others say that you are being selfish. Your first priority is to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! When a situation is bad, your first responsibility is to get yourself OUT, to remove yourself from any negative, hostile or contentious situation, whether this is a job, a relationship or an environment. You empower yourself by protecting yourself! I finally felt empowered when I developed an attitude— that I would not put up with any crap from anyone… no ifs, ands or buts! The journey from feeling over-whelmed to “not taking crap” seemed like an eternity.

Astrologer, Mary Shea, in a lecture for the Baltimore NCGR, listed some POTHOLES that we may encounter while under the influence of a Pluto transit:

1) Power struggles, control issues, complications and the rubber-band booby traps. Often, people who are out of control are the most controlling and manipulative people that we encounter. The rubber band effect was my favorite: Two people spot a rubber band. They both want it and they crab it at the same time. The theory behind “possession is 9/10ths of the law” is that whoever holds on the longest will win.

With Pluto, they are holding a rubber band and whoever releases first, zaps the other! Whoever holds on the longest, gets zapped by Pluto…and the rubber band. The guideline here is to let go before you get zapped!! Let go before something complicates your life!

2) Escalation and getting caught blind-sided. I had a friend who was experiencing Pluto squaring her Ascendant. She started to play a game, a subconscious game, to learn how much power and control she had in a relationship. Once the game got started, she soon realized that she could not win the game. She was going to lose and she was going to lose the relationship. However, a Plutonian friend in Berlin assured me that, when a Plutonian person starts to play that game, they cannot let go, they cannot stop, even if it blows up in their face. KNOW when you are about to lose through persistent hard-headedness and LET GO!

3) Black or White polarized situations. Everything under Pluto seems black or white…but there are no black or white situations. Disengage your perspective, de-personalize the situation and work on the win-win compromise.

4) Reactionary responses, emotional overload, fear and anger and can all lead to the situation becoming stuck, frozen, mentally unbalanced and unconscious. Pluto applies pressure upon our astral body via the solar plexus and this forces long repressed emotional issues and feelings to the surface. The more unaware and disconnected we are from the feelings the more they take on a life of their own, blind-siding us and catching us unaware. Rage can explode uncontrollably, we can obsess or we can become emotionally paralyzed by what we are feeling. It is essential that we talk about it with someone and to honor the feelings that we do have. They are not facts; they are feelings.

A good example was a young woman who experienced Pluto opposing her 1st House Sun. Pluto is natally found in her 5th House of creative self-expression. Indeed, during the final phase of the Pluto transit, a pregnancy was her form of personal empowerment.

Pluto does not respect age. This woman is young, beautiful and extremely sweet and thoughtful. At the time that the transit started, she dropped out of my astrology classes because she felt that she just could not cope with the emotions that were surfacing in her life. She felt vulnerable, over-whelmed and she was extremely sensitive to criticism, by everyone. The opinion of others became too important. She felt that others could see right through her, that she could not say what she wanted and she felt great uncertainty in all of her communications and personal thoughts. Her fears became a block to the truth and these fears were over-whelming.

She saw a therapist for a few months, thinking that the therapist would solve her problems, give her the answers and figure her life out for her. Soon, she realized that she was the only one who would solve her problems, not the therapist.

Self-worth was non-existent. She felt incompetent and she could no longer do her job. She was not ready to deal with new people, make job changes, and anything new was too much to handle. She vowed not to allow her fears to dominate. She threw herself in the face of her fears and this was just too much. She searched inside for something strong but she could not find it.

The healing process began when she withdrew from life in order to regain her strength and RECONSTRUCT HERSELF INTERNALLY. Pushing too hard to face everything was the worse thing that she ever did. At this time, she became pregnant, becoming confined to the bed, and this experience allowed her to withdraw, giving her time to reconstruct her inner self. Her advice was to be gentle with yourself and slowly allow your strength to return — only then do you attempt to face your fears.

NOTE for 2008 & 2009-10: In 2008, Pluto was transiting late degrees of Sagittarius. Planets transiting the late degrees of a sign always indicates an ending cycle. It is a time in our lives wherein we must draw some life situation to a conclusion.
In 2009-10, Pluto will be in the early degrees of Capricorn. This always brings something new into our lives when Pluto aspects an early degree planet. With a conjunction, square or opposition, the stress does not mean that the situation is bad but it is the stress of doing something that we have never done before. It is a totally new cycle for us!

When Pluto makes a hard aspect to your natal planet, it is attempting to redefine how you use the sign energy in which that natal planet is placed:

In my own chart, Pluto is squaring my Jupiter-Neptune in the 2nd House of Finances in the early degrees of Libra. As this aspect approached, I began teaching a Medical Curriculum for the Online Astrology College. Indeed, with the square from Pluto, this has been very stressful but I knew that this is a great opportunity for me professionally to actually learn more about medical astrology through teaching it and organizing my years of research.
I was also voted as Director for the National Council for Geocosmic Research. Working at the National level is something very new for me but something that I feel I can handle. It has always been easier for me to be the Big Fish in the Little Pond. Being in the Big Pond is very stressful.
When Pluto is at early degrees of Capricorn, even if it is making a difficult transit, the opportunity will not be doomed to failure because of the nature of the aspect (Conjunction-Square-Opposition). It notes the stress that one feels in starting something totally new. In new degrees, that which is totally new is favored.

PLUTO to ARIES: In the early degrees, Pluto will eventually be aspecting Eris in Aries. This is a signature that the individual is bringing forth something totally new and something that may initially shock or disrupt the thinking of others. If expressed effectively, the new ideas and concepts will be assimilated and life will completely change.
Pluto in Capricorn wants us to be organized, efficient and effective. It wants us to build a supportive foundation for our plans. Aries wants action without thought to consequences. When these two perspectives collide, the individual can feel overwhelmed and out of control with the changes that are occurring. When starting something new, a good foundation and structure must be established.

PLUTO to CANCER: Cancer is often very fearful of new changes, especially if these could impact security. Great caution must be exercised in making decisions and changes that would affect one’s material, emotional and financial security. Do not take on responsibilities that would overwhelm or dis-empower. Even if an enterprise could be successful, fear and worrying about the outcome can sabotage one’s efforts. If you establish a solid, ordered “Capricornian” structure, you will be successful.
Since this is an opposition transit, the individual may be reacting to events totally beyond one’s control. Always prepare with some type of safety net for one’s self if you observe this aspect looming on the horizon. If you see this opposition coming up, make sure that your investments are secure and that you have the resources on hand that can protect you during a time of transition.
In President Obama’s horoscope, Pluto is opposing his Venus at 1 degree of Cancer. He is struggling to appease the fears of a nation, a nation that has lived in fear, a nation that has been manipulated by fear, since 9/11.
In the US chart, Pluto will be opposing our Cancer planets. It makes a cycle wherein the government must reorganize and restructure our political and corporate structures so that they will be supportive rather than disempowering.

PLUTO to LIBRA: Libra seeks to coordinate its efforts with others. It seeks balance and cooperation with others. It works with the Big Picture, Gestalts and coordinating the parts into a successful whole. I wrote about my experience with Pluto squaring my Libra planets. With the election to the National Board of an astrological organization, I must learn to work cooperatively with others. I am accustomed to being in charge and doing everything my way. I am also coordinating the research materials for teaching. This must be done in a very professional manner as these courses are for a diploma. Stress can come when we find ourselves having to coordinate a balancing act, getting all of the parts to work as an effective whole and to see the Big Picture, even when others do not.

PLUTO to CAPRICORN: Pluto will be crossing any planets in Capricorn. This marks a cycle for a total transformation and restructuring of the House area affected and ruled by Capricorn. When structures become outmoded, they must be changed. The Corporate World will be affected by this transit and, if CEO and government ways are not changed, there will be a global rebellion in 2012-14.
In the 1980s, Neptune in Capricorn dissolved old corporate structures such as Bell Atlantic telephone services. Reagan, trusting too much the integrity of corporate management, thought somehow that the rich would not hold onto their money but allow it to “trickle down.” And, trickle it did. The gulf between the rich and the poor widened and it continues to do so. Blatant deregulation allows corporations to act without any limitation. Pluto in Capricorn must clean up the mess generated by Neptune in Capricorn. Pluto in Capricorn is now affecting the rich, people who have lost millions. Pluto in Capricorn is indiscriminate. Pluto is the great leveler.

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  1. Hi Lynn,

    I am experiencing a Pluto transit to my midheaven which is quite harsh. I have been under harassment and bullying. I feel exhausted. I am also experiencing lot of obstacles professionally. Pluto will square once again my midheaven on 4 Oct 2020 when it will switch from retrograde to direct motion. The square will almost be exact as my midheaven is at 22.12 Aries. I am strongly concerned because transiting Mars will also square transiting Pluto. Would this mean that Pluto will destroy my career? or could it mean for once that there can be a big positive step forward on my career?

    1. Melissa, it is very difficult to analyze one transit. It seems October 8-10 could be pivotal. This is when Mars R squares Pluto. I only know that, with Mars R, do not say anything or initiate any action as this will work against you. I presume that Pluto is in your 6th House, a Cadent House. This generally means that the stress is mental. The problems are very real but causing mental stress. I do not know anything about your chart so I cannot say anything more.

      1. Thank you Lynn for your prompt response.

        You are right I am having an overload of mental stress! I am dreaming with the end of this transit. You are also right with Pluto: it is transiting on my 6th House and Mars by then would be on my 10th house, where I am also having the transit of Uranus (which is the ruler of my 7th and 8th houses). Saturn and Jupiter are also transiting my 6th house. Pluto rules my 5th house (29 degrees Scorpio). Not sure what Jupiter rules as I have all Saggitarius within the 5th house. In fat my 5th House starts at 29 degree in Scorpio and ends around 6 degrees Capricorn.

        Transiting Pluto is currently making a sextile with natal Uranus on my Libra 4th House (21.51 degrees). The ruler of my Libra house (Venus) is natally on my 12th house at 19.12 (it’s currently receiving the opposition of Jupiter in transit but I think this will not be the case on 8-10 October). My natal Jupiter is in Virgo at 17.14 so, if I am not wrong, it will make a very loose trine with transiting Pluto in October. I guess Mars transiting in October will be too far to make a square to it.

        My biggest concern is that this could cause serious problems to my career. I have been working so hard to overcome obstacles and I fear I may loose my career with this transit despite efforts. Any other suggestion will be so much appreciated.

  2. Melissa, telling me “this planet is here and that planet is there” is no help at all. So, I will just tell you about the aspects. First, T Pluto to Uranus is not a personal aspect. It is probably describing changes going in your locality and changes that will occur in your workplace (the 4th House in also the environment in which we work). Jupiter aspects, even good ones, are disappointing. Expectations run high and we are disappointed. Even the good aspects from Jupiter are disappointing unless we push hard to manifest something. I do not discuss T Jupiter in readings as they are short lived — like a Mars transit…unless it is T Mars in the opposite sign. See my Mars Cycle article.

  3. Once again thank you Lynn. You are right with Jupiter aspects I always feel disappointed.

    I work from home so I just hope that the changes that will occur in my workplace will be positive. I need it so badly. So far it has been challenging not by the work in itself but the people living with me and landlord. Could this aspect bring a positive change of work environment? like someone disappearing or stopping adding mental stress?

    I read your Mars Cycle article and it’s very insightful. I am currently having Mars in the opposite sign to natal Mars and I feel that my energy has gone. I need to sleep more and I also had some kind of gastrointeritis for the past 2 days. I completely agree with “I led the life of slug” although I have been experiencing this feeling for a much longer time but now with T Mars in its opposite sign I feel it even more (which is very frustrating as I need to so much things before it turns retrograde).

    I had a look at the dates that you said will be more pivotal for me and on 10 October T Sun will be at 2 degrees from my natal Pluto in Libra (19.56) so it will make a conjunction, T Moon will also be at almost 2.20 degrees from my natal Venus in my 12th Cancer house (19.12) so I will also have a conjunction there, T Venus will be just less than 2 degrees past my natal Mercury in Virgo (6.34) which I guess counts as another conjunction, T Uranus will make a loose trine to natal Mercury as it will be at 9.33 Taurus and my natal Mercury is in my 2nd Virgo house at 6.34. T Neptune will make an opposition to natal Jupiter in my 2nd house (17.12) and retrograde True North Node at 22.14 Gemini will also make an opposition to natal Neptune (19.54) and vertex (22.22) and T Chiron will make a 1 degree conjunction with natal Pallas at 5.34 Taurus while T Pallas will make a 2 degree orb trine to natal Jupiter. It looks frightening! Will all of this increase the negative aspect of T Mars square T Pluto? This aspect squares me because is close to MC.

  4. First, I never look at transits from the Sun-Moon-Mercury-Venus and rarely Mars and Jupiter. I only look at Saturn through Pluto. You are telling me about all of these aspects that are not relevant. If these aspects frighten you, then you do not know enough about astrology.
    Neptune to Jupiter warns of allowing others to take advantage of your time or energy.
    T Uranus trine Mercury will last until early 2021 and it is a great aspect. Positive opportunities for change can manifest but yo need to be open to those changes as favorable aspects need a bit of a push.

    1. You are right Lynn, I am still learning about astrology. These aspects frighten me because I had a previous experience where my chart was having many conjunctions and an opposition from T Uranus in Aries to my natal Pluto in Libra and T Uranus was also making a conjunction to my MC. My whole life was put up and down and I am still rebuilding it. So taking into account that T Mars will make a square with T Pluto and T Mars will be at less than 3 degrees from MC I can avoid having a flashback due to my amateur knowledge of astrology. Having said this, I am happy to learn that these aspects are not relevant and that my previous experience should not make me feel frighten. Thank you.

      It’s really interesting to know that Neptune to Jupiter warns me of allowing others to take advantage of my time and energy because I have been having the feeling of not having time for me. I have been experiencing the feeling of always doing things for others and others expecting that their things should be a priority for me instead of my things and needs. So my Virgo side is happy to understand why I was feeling that way. Having sad this, I have been doing my best to put boundaries to others as I need time and energy for my goals and needs. Sometimes, family matters and members make it difficult but I am improving.

      As for T Saturn on my 6th house: on the 10 October it will make a loose square with MC (22.12 Aries) as it will be at 25.26 Capricorn but it will also make a loose trine to natal Saturn at 27.02 Virgo and I am not sure if it will still make a square with natal Mars at 29.16 in Libra as it will be a 4 degree orb.

      So happy also to hear that I have a great aspect until early 2021 and that it could help me to bring opportunities for change! Thank you so much for your time and responses. It is really a pleasure to read your articles.

  5. My ascendant is at 26 degrees of capricorn so maybe pluto will help me to rebuild my life as the situation that I am in is a result of a long list of bad choices that I have made so I have put myself in a very bad situation that I don’t know how to get out of.

    1. During the transit through the 12th House, I have observed that this is a time of observing people in power — what they do right and what they do wrong — preparing yourself for the empowerment phase. You need to look at Pluto’s natal House position — this shows from WHERE the changes are coming. When Pluto crosses the ASC, it is a time to empower yourself. I had a friend whose Pluto was in her 8th House. 8th House people can generate their own reality — seeing things they way the want to see them. When Pluto crossed her ASC, while there were career benefits, she finally pulled her head out of the sand about a relationship. In denial, you did not have to DO ANYTHING; she could maintain the status quo. Pluto empowered her to see reality. One started to feel a planets energies about 5 degrees from the ASC. With Pluto moving so slow, 2020 should be the preparation stage for the changes to come.

      1. Thanks for that lynn. I feel terribly powerless and aimless and if there is one thing that I have learnt over the last 5 years is how nasty people become to get their power back after you take it away from them by ignoring their attempts to manipulate you to control you. It has been very tiring to deal with the way people punish you and attack you because how dare you not be under their control. My pluto is natally in the 10th house in libra so I am assuming that would have to do with capricorn type of areas of life where I need to empower myself.

  6. Hi Lynn, Thank you so much for this article!! I just love that someone actually wrote ‘How to survive a Pluto transit ‘ lol!
    Im just realizing that I have been in Pluto square Sun transit since Jan 2012. My sun is Libra 13° in 9th house. Starting at that time I been on a very difficult health journey. But now Pluto at 22° – moving away from my sun (finally!!) but squaring my Mercury at 23°. Since part of my condition has effected my mental health, Im trying to dig deep to confront inner sadness, loneliness etc. Looks like this may transit for approximately 4 years. Im not thrilled. Especially after all Ive gone through so far & things are still far from stable.
    Can you offer advice on how to handle Pluto square mercury transit? Thank so much! xox Babs

    1. Pluto transits only last 2 years — 2014 and 2015; Pluto square Mercury is 2019-20. T Pluto can last longer if it is afflicting a Progressed planet. For example, T Pluto opposed my Saturn at 20 degrees in 2018-19 and, during that period, my dad died — the only family that I have left. Mental health, you say? I would be shocked if this did not happen. The Cardinal signs and, when afflicted (Uranus was in Aries-Saturn was in Capricorn), the stress that it generates causes elevated cortisol levels. After awhile, it is difficult to stop the Cortisol reactions (anxiety, aloneness, heart racing…to name a few). You can Google High Cortisol. It is lasting so long (because I have so many legal, tax and financial issues to contend with since my dad passed) because, from Saturn, it is opposing my Progressed Saturn at 24 Cancer and later it will oppose my natal Venus at ending degree.
      I do not mean to tell you my woes but to let you know that what you are experiencing is “normal” for Pluto in a Cardinal sign. I am on Blood Pressure meds and 2 anti-anxiety medications. I never thought that this would happen to me but, with the medication, I feel happy for the first time since before my dad died. Yes, Pluto can leave a residue from the Chaos that it causes but, after December, it will have left the degree of your Mercury.

  7. Hi Lynn!

    Thank You for the article! I’m a sadgy little capricorn (big stellium in sadge in the 5th house) and I have transiting pluto ON my natal capricorn sun/combust mercury (23/24° respectively) in my 6th house squaring my 24° Aries MC. When pluto entered my 6th house in late 2008, I discovered I had thyroid cancer, and it took my ability to sing away for 2 years (I am a professional singer!) . I am fine now! The issue forced a slow spiritual awakening and invited me down an amazing rabbit hole of health and all good 6th house things like daily yoga and healthy habits!

    But this year… wow. I went from NYC jazz singer (past 11 years) to living back at home with my parents in the midwest. The ‘life’ (and by life I mean career, ahem… I am a capricorn! Haha) I built for myself in NYC was not sustainable, and for the past few years -since 2017, I kept feeling like I wanted to escape the existence I created for myself -but didnt know how! Enter the pandemic and very quickly I knew, no gigs for me, meant no joy at all left in nyc (not to mention the non-existent income). I pivoted and am teaching adjunct voice at a local university. I am so grateful to have this time and space of inward reflection. I feel stressed all of the time. BUT am finding the newfound space is finally allowing me to create my OWN music, something that reaches far outside the ‘jazz hat’ I’ve trained to excel within! I’ve always been afraid of speaking my own truth, for fear of failure. But now, I just cant keep it inside me anymore!

    I’m excited that pluto just hit my sun for the 3rd and final time, and now will hit my mercury the end of this month (and for the last time bc of retrograde next dec 2021…). I can feel the light approaching! But Pluto ON your SUN is no joke!!! I literally feel like if I spend my time or energy doing any single thing outside of what is necessary to the core of my being, I might perish! It literally feels like life or death! I’m choosing life!

    Just wanted to share my extremely plutonic experience and wanted to Thank You for your article!

    1. I am sharing this to readers at this is a wonderful story, a story that gives hope to others, and I shows Cara’s own spiritual growth. Pluto is not your enemy but it forces us to let go of the past, which we have outgrown, even though we really do not want to change. On a Pluto transit at the time the Berlin Wall came down, I decided to change my life, lose weight and end an emotionally abusive relationship. It was not easy but I love my transformed life. Thank you, Cara, for sharing and I hope it gives hope to others in this difficult economic time. I have posted an article on the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of December 21 2020.

    1. Roxanna, this is a good question. Some allow wide orbs, with a transit starting 2 years ahead of time. This becomes complicated with so many transits overlapping. I keep it simple.
      A Pluto transit over a natal planet takes 2 year from the time it enters the degree of your natal planet until it leaves. For example, suppose your natal planet is a 24 degrees Cardinal. The Pluto transit would start January 20 2020 through November 2021. That is, the transit is the most powerful when it first enters 24:00 until it leave 24:59 for the last time. I hope this is clear.

      1. Thanks very much, Lynn. Yes, it’s clear. But you’re right, sometimes another Pl connection comes into play. (Sorry if I wasn’t clear, it was my Mars that was being transited 3x by t Mars, but yes, at 24 cardinal, so the Pl sq was on top of it).

  8. Hy Lynn. Thanks for your article. My T Pluto in 7th house capricorn opposites my N Sun (26° cancer) in 1st house. What to expect? Can it actually be a political battle or will it be tied to a relationship?

    1. I do not know your chart but I can give a general answer. First, when a planet (slow moving especially) transits the 7th House, the changes will come from another. For example, when T Uranus was in my 7th and opposed my 1st House Sun, the City Fathers dumped the local farmers for an out-of-town farmers market organization. This meant that my dad, around 86 at the time, would have no place to sell his vegetables (google Koiner Farm). My friends and I were galvanized into action, going to every town hall meeting and telling the people in the community what the city had done to the local farmers. Well, life was hell for the city fathers and the County Executive (who resigned). My father was allowed to sell at the new market and the city would pay all of his expenses…but they did not know that he would live to 98+ years! Eventually, the market organizers waved all expenses for my dad and they really treated him well. I did not end any relationships as I initially thought. BUT, your Sun is at 26 degrees, an Ending Cycle, so that something will end during the 2 year period of the transit. BUT, it is something or someone that you have outgrown and you need to let go and morph your individuality into something more empowered.

  9. Hello,

    I find this topic of Pluto transits very interesting. Personally, I’ve had Pluto by transit conjunct or oppose every natal planet (yes, every planet except Pluto). I was born with Pluto in early Libra (3rd). Maybe I should add that I have Venus and Mars in Scorpio… a 29d Venus at that… So, I get Pluto on some level.

    With that being said, I now face my final Pluto conjunction as it prepares to cross my Descendant at 25d Capricorn. I’m really not sure how I feel about changes coming from others, but I know I’ll survive.

    Pluto transits are not easy, but you will discover strengths you didn’t know you had. For example, when Pluto conjunct my Sag Sun (6th), I reported the professor at my University who would make disparaging comments to us in class. My other classmates were just as horrified, but did not want to say anything… so I stood alone. My favorite line for Pluto is.. You are stronger than you think you are.

    It’s true letting go is a big factor in a Pluto transit. The more you try to hold on to what’s outdated, the harder the transit is… You will be transformed or else…
    Pluto really does want us to be the better version of ourselves. So I guess I should prepare for these 7th house changes coming from others…the time has arrived. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Tanya, you gave an excellent description of Pluto transits. It takes a lot of personal growth to make these observations. Unless or until Pluto in the 7th aspects a planet, you may not notice anything right away. Crossing the 7th can set the stage for future changes. These are not always difficult. I will never live long enough for Pluto to cross the 7th cusp but, when it crossed my 4th House cusp, there were changes in my neighborhood with new development and new neighbors — great neighbors. My aunt’s husband died and she sought out a closer connection with me. We bonded and she was like a mother that I did not have. Always look from where Pluto is coming — from what House. From the 3rd House, there can be changes in relationships in your immediate environment and even in your work environment. People move away and new people take their place. Relationships can be more intense, especially sharing interests. If there is a problem, under bad aspects, you can attract controlling or manipulative people so you need to be on the alert.

      1. Thanks Lynn,

        It wasn’t until my mid-twenties that I started learning astrology. Now when I look back on certain time periods, I realize I was having a Pluto transit.

        Interesting, I also had Pluto cross my IC at 16d Libra. I was just a young girl, so I can’t remember specifics. If I had to guess, it happened around the time we relocated to an area I still call home.

        Yes, I think once Pluto settles into my 7th I’ll have a better idea of its effects. I don’t have planets in my 7th, but I will enjoy a “nice” sextile from Pluto to my natal Venus eventually.

        Luckily, I won’t live to have Pluto conjunct my MC. 🙂

        Thanks for your reply.

    2. I can relate! In my life Pluto has conjoined every planet except my Uranus in Leo. At 63, that’s a lifetime of Pluto. Today it conjoined my midheaven exactly, at 25 Cap, and that will continue until October 2022. When Pluto transited my descendant, the love of my life ended our engagement. It shattered me but forced me to surface a lot of trauma from my early years and start to work it out. I’m curious, and somewhat apprehensive, about this MC transit.

  10. HI Lynn,

    I have pluto natally in my 8th house. I am preparing for the pluto transit to my ascendent at 16 degrees Aquarius in the next coming years. I have my sun, mercury, venus, jupiter conjuct with a 4 degree orb in leo in the 7th house. To my understanding this means pluto will be cossing my asc, while opposing all of these planets. I am wondering how to best prepare for and support this transit. Thank you!

    1. Amanda, Pluto will not cross your ASC until the mid-2030s!! That is too far off to think about now. Obviously, Pluto must be transiting your 12th whereby you are an observer of people in power If you observe wisely, you will be prepared when Pluto crosses your ASC to be empowered yourself. I had a friend with 8th House planets (heavy denial issues) who finally dumped her cheating husband and empowered herself. She actually did this earlier when she bought a house but put it in HER NAME only. She sold the house when Pluto crossed her ASC and moved away. You start this process when Pluto is around 11 degrees Aquarius. The changes in about 12 years will impact finances or joint finances.

      1. Oops I meant 6 degrees Aquarius! Will that be sooner than 2030? Whenever I see a big Pluto transit to the angles my first thought is always so negative! Will the flower essences help with this transit? My husband and I own a restaurant together. Pluto has been dancing back and fourth over his midheaven at 25 degrees cap. Our restaurant has literally closed and opened and closed and opened because of the lockdowns for a total of 4 times!

  11. Hi Lynne,

    I have aquarius 14 degree sun in the 7th, with mercury cazimi and with a mutual reception to saturn virgo.
    With the pluto transit to this, should i be preparing for death/ I’m now 72.

    1. People rarely die under a Pluto transit — these we must live through. Usually, we die under favorable aspects, especially from Jupiter. Our death is seen in the charts of our loved ones.

  12. Hi Lynn,

    Thanks for this! I am a newbie in astrology and I have just found out that T Pluto in Capricorn will be conjunct with my Sun (28°) & my Venus (29°). It will also be sextile my Mars (29°) and T Pluto in Aquarius will be conjunct my ascendant at 1°. I can’t help but feel a bit nervous due to so many strong aspects taking place at the same time. Is there any advice you have for dealing with this?


    1. The key here is that Pluto will be aspecting planets in the ENDING DEGREES (I am writing a book on Beginning and Ending Planets). These aspects indicate an Ending Cycle in your life whereby you shut the door to the past and move into a new cycle. It is a cycle to disengage with former relationships, the old sense of self and letting go of what makes you anger — disengage and let go and move on.
      I have Venus at 29 Cancer so Pluto will be opposing my Venus. At 29 degrees, I hang onto relationships (this includes groups and social interactions) until there is nothing left to work on.
      When Uranus squared my Venus an a lunar eclipse was conjunct Venus, my father died at 98+ years. This was a big ending cycle for me. We lived together and now I am totally renovating the house (grandfather built in 1935). I want a fresh start with a new beginning — not a lot of reminders of my beloved father (we were like peanut butter and jelly).
      Pluto will start aspects your Sun at 28 in the spring of 2022. It is best to end situations, the old self that you have outgrown. Planets badly aspected at 1 degrees are not bad. It just describes a new situation and you have to learn new skills. Find a mentor and someone to help you but you will know that, if you learn the new skills, your life will be much better. I need to post the introduction to my book on this website but it may be on my desktop that is now in storage for renovations. When Pluto squared my Jupiter at 1 Libra, I was asked to teach medical astrology at IAA. I had to get a new computer, install their software and learn to use it to teach. I hired a friend to set everything up for me. I knew that, if I learned to do this, it would change my life for the better.
      When Pluto finally leaves 29 Capricorn, you should have shut the door to the past completely.

  13. T Pluto will be squaring my natal Neptune at 26 in Libra, my first house, starting around February or March 2022. I have had and have upcoming so many bad transits (Uranus squaring Sun, then Pluto, then Jupiter; Saturn opposing Sun, then Pluto, then Jupiter – there’s more) so that at times I feel like I won’t make it through. Can you give me any insight on T Pluto square natal Neptune? What to expect, how to get through it. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible knowledge, as well as your personal experiences – that gives me hope and makes me feel less alone. Kind regards, Leslie

    1. Leslie, on its own, Pluto squaring Neptune is not a significant transit because it is a generational aspect. Changes occur in your life because of changes that are going on in the world or in your environment. Unless Pluto aspects a personal planet (through Saturn), it is not a personal hit — such as the impact that CVid has had on our society.
      Neptune is in an Ending Degree so it marks a cycle for letting go — and letting go of your dreams and illusions that do not work anymore. Neptune, as an ending planet, tends to tune out and disappear rather than engage in a confrontation. It reminds me of an old Mark Twain saying: If you take 3 years to answer a letter, you will find that you do not have to answer it after all.
      Pluto in Capricorn has been difficult for all of us. In a Cardinal sign, its events produce anxiety and panic-attacks for many.

  14. Hi Lynn – I cannot thank you enough for your prompt reply. I have many questions/concerns about upcoming transits that are repeats from the early 90s that were horrendous. As soon as I’m able, I will schedule a phone consultation. Wishing you all the best for the holidays. Kindly, Leslie

  15. Hi Lynn, I have transiting Pluto conjuct Saturn 28 Cap in the 1st house square Venus in the 4th, oppose the moon 29 Cancer for the next 2 years. I’m terrified! I’m not in a relationship but would love to be. I put off any major remodeling for two years and I’m seeking advice of a financial astrologer for investing. Do you have any advice for me? I love how you look at this is the ending a chapter in my life which is true, my habits from my past are not working for. I met a guy when Pluto was at 26 in the spring but we actually never went out. do to my insecurities . But it motivated me to get in shape, lose weight, declutter my home and I decided the groups of people I was hanging out with we’re not fulfilling anymore. Doing some inner child work why my past relationships did not work out and new ways of communicating.

    1. It is impossible to really analyze an stand-alone transit without considering the entire chart. If you stay “terrified” without making changes, Pluto will hit you hard. Pluto wants you to empower yourself and change those patterns that hold you back. In the late 1980s, I told “Spirit” that I was willing to change anything and everything in my life but I was tired of being clobbered. And I did change. I remember reading in the OEA brown book a story about an astrologer who saw a bad Pluto transit coming up. Remembering how Pluto had clobbered her in the past, she took charge and make a total life style change which helped her to lose weight.

  16. Dear Lynn
    It is good to see you active again.

    I currently have a t square involving transiting Pluto, Aquarius, 2nd house in opposition to progressed Uranus, Cancer, 9th house all squaring with progressed Neptune, Libra, 11th house. A t square is about being forced to take action to overcome obstacles in one’s life, the fact that it falls in cardinal signs only amplifies this. Neptune in the 11th house speaks of destiny, in other words my hopes and dreams. T squares involving Neptune has been a major theme in my life. Does it mean that I now have the motivation to take action to change my life, and to achieve my hopes and dreams. Aquarius rules my 4th house, so as a consequence I will be moving to a place that is a far way away from I live, The 9th house does represent long distances.

    1. I have not found any transit that gives me energy. Cardinal hard aspects deplete the adrenals if you are not doing what you really want to do. Regardless to the transits, I have energy when I travel to Europe because I love what I am doing. I have energy when I give lectures to groups because I love what I am doing.
      Pluto and Neptune are not making strong aspects to your natal planets in 2022 but only to the progressed planets. Uranus is the big aspector by transit to you Fixed sign planets. Uranus works best if you are willing to make big changes in your life, despite any Fixed sign resistance. You should be reading my article on Uranus transits at this time.
      When there are aspects to planets in late degrees, it marks an ending cycle. It is a time to shut the door on a “past” that you have outgrown and move onto a new cycle in your life.
      The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on December 21 2020 occurred in your 3rd House (movement in your immediate environment) opposed your 9th House Uranus at 0 degrees. This was a big indicator of the changes you are experiencing as it is part of a 20 year cycle. This article is also on my website.

  17. Hi Lynn,
    Thank you so much for your wisdom and support. During the Pluto transit(s) one really needs to know there’s a point to all the suffering.

    And aren’t you right when you say that the hard cardinal aspects take away one’s energy! I’ve been smashed by Pluto during the last 10 years. It’s transit in my 2nd house has literally destroyed the structures of my life:
    – When Pluto squared my Aries Venus (which is conjunct my husband’s Venus) 10 years ago my marriage of 16 years ended.
    – When it squared my Aries Nadir I moved to the other side of the world.
    – When Pluto reached my Capricorn Mars at 25 degrees in January 2021 I couldn’t get out of bed in two days. My energy levels have been down since.
    – At the same time it also squared my Aries Mercury at 25 degrees. This has felt like a monster living inside my head telling non-stop scary stories. My nervous system is on the edge. I feel anxious and have a negative outlook on life. As an optimistic Jupiter and Neptune rising it has been a huge change. But I must admit that it has enabled me to see the reality around me. Now I see how naive I’ve been and won’t let others take advantage of me anymore.

    Pluto will be squaring my Aries Moon at 29 degrees and Taurus Sun at 4 degrees in the future. It’s a tough ride but maybe won’t feel as terrible as Pluto hitting two planets (my Mars sq. my Mercury) at the same time. Taurus also rules my 5th house so there might be a lighter feel than with the sensitive 4th house and the anarectic degree of the Moon.

    1. I have been experiencing T P for as long as you have and I am exhausted, gaining stomach weight (which I never had) due to anxiety in solar plexus, and T Pluto is about to oppose my Venus at 29 Cancer. This marks an ending sign whereby you need to let go of what you no longer need, simplify your life (which means getting rid of or finishing up on the complications in your life. Hopefully, I will be able to end my 16 year reign as president of NCGR Annapolis. And, I hope to finish up legal issues around the passing of my dad. But it takes 2 years for T Pluto to cross a natal planet.

      1. That’s exactly where my tension is. Solar plexus! I had an acupuncture treatment last week and it didn’t energize me like it used to. But I could feel some of the anxiety dissolving from the solar plexus and shoulder regions. I guess the energy levels are meant to be low at this time for introspection.

        I was expecting a different experience when Pluto approached my natal Mars for the first time. I had read from many sources how ‘invigorating, motivating and energizing’ it will be. I was exited, looking forward to it! But the night before the exact conjunction I felt so tired and reactive that I knew something was wrong. That’s when I found your writing of the transit and it really matched with mine. Thank you for sharing your own struggles with us. It has been a huge help and a relief (for an ambitious and normally quite active Capricorn Mars) to realize that this is a time to stop or at least go very slow.

    2. Hello!

      I noticed you are a Neptune rising too! I have moon conjunct Neptune in the 12th in 24 degrees Sag…basically conjunct my ascendent.

      I’m going to begin a Pluto transit in 2 years in the 2nd house and it’s going to conjunct my south node in the 2nd eventually.

      I’m so happy to hear you survived T Pluto in 2nd.

      Do you have any tips or suggestions to begin preparing for it? I know I can’t control everything but with preparation the rug may not be completely pulled out from under my feet. I’m seriously already stressing about it.

      Thank you my friend!

      1. T Pluto crossing a Node is very different from aspecting a planet. It simply highlights Pluto energy in your chart. It is a time for letting go of what you no longer need (people and things), transforming and taking charge of your life and empowering yourself.

  18. Thank you for writing about the beginning and ending of signs/cycles. I’m wondering if the time that Pluto first changes signs reveals something about the later transit. Pluto will first move into Aquarius early next year but only for 2 months. It does not go back into Aquarius until 2024 and does not stay in Aquarius until the end of 2024. My experience with Uranus has been that when it changes signs and stays in the new sign change begins but I’m not sure about Pluto. I have Venus at 4 Aquarius (Venus rules 5th and 12th houses). Pluto has already been in 8th house since 2020 because the 8th house has both Capricorn and Aquarius. Pluto is so slow moving but I imagine there is be a rule of thumb about when events (or foreshadowing of them) may be more likely to occur and that’s my question.. I’m not really looking forward to this long transformation especially because I am up in age. Pluto transit my 7th house was a long series of lessons about power struggles and the use of will. Since it’s been in the 8th there is less external but a lot internal going on. My natal Pluto is in the 3rd. Thank you.

    1. In a mundane prspective, we will not really see how Pluto in Aquarius is working until it reaches 15 degrees of the sign.
      Indeed, I can see very quickly what Uranus is doing when it changes signs, as you describe. In my practice, I would describe the crossing over Venus as soon as Pluto entered 4Aq00 and not leave until it leave 4:59, never to return to that degree.
      This is a Beginning degree and it indicates that you will be starting something new but, because it is a Pluto transit, it means that the new start will be complicated. It is important to consult a mentor to help you navigate this transit.
      In 2009, T Pluto squared my 2nd House Jupiter at 1 degree. I was asked to teach a series of courses for IAA. The stress and complication was that I had to organize what I knew at that time about medical astrology. I had to get a newer computer but I hired someone to help me with the computer and the software that I had to use. I knew that it would be stressful but, if I learned to teach online, it would be an important asset to my career and, indeed, it was.

  19. Hi Lynn,

    My Sun is at 29 degrees Capricorn on the Ascendent which is at 1 degree Aquarius. I have a Grand Cross so Pluto is hitting my Grand Cross which means that in addition to conjuncting my Sun it is also squaring natal Neptune, opposing natal Uranus and squaring my natal Moon. It is currently alos sitting on my Ascendent. I have this deep fear that I will not survive this transit which is probably Pluto’s fear of death coming up? Any tips for dealing with all this?

    1. Well, I have had T Pluto opposing my natal and progressed 11th House planets and it is the worse. I have an article on Introduction to Beginning and Ending Planets. Please read this. With Pluto on an Ending Planet (Sun), this is a cycle for letting go of anything that complicates your life. Sometimes it is difficult to let go but you must. The Old persona does not work and now you need to evolve into a new sense of self.
      With my opposition to Venus (ruling 10th cusp), I let go of being president of an astrological organization after 18 years. I was a great president but I am tired. Yet, letting go with freeing but difficult as the new president and his corresponding secretary friend are the worst. But I have to disengage and not care. It just is not difficult.
      I have seen friends have Pluto leave the 12th House of Observing Power (use and abuse) and, when it crossed the ASC, my friend dumped her husband who had been cheating on her for years. She just did not want to see it. Pluto on the ASC empowered her to take control of her life. Look to the natal House position of Pluto to determine from where the changes are coming.

  20. I have Pluto coming into Aquarius, in my 5 th house. It will oppose my Leo Moon at 3 degrees and then conjunct my Aquarius Sun at 5 degrees. I have already been through so much with the long care ( Pluto was in Capricorn, 4th house) for my aging parents and their deaths. Should I expect even more anguish?
    Could this be a more positive transit for me?

    1. First, read my article on Beginning and Ending Planets. Pluto opposing your Moon at 3 degrees denotes a new cycle for you. When it is a difficult aspect, it does not imply that the change is bad but it is totally different and you need to seek a mentor or someone to show you the ropes. It could mean that some involvement with a group will bring complications and I would walk away. Pluto on the Sun also denotes a new cycle of being but one in which you have to choose — personal creativity or the goals of a group. Choose what makes you happy.

  21. I appreciate your article as I’m currently in the midst of a transit Pluto opposing my Mercury and Chiron in Cancer (28 and 27’52 degrees accordingly). Shortly after this transit will come to an end, Pluto will start approaching my Saturn at 5 degrees of Aquarius. Past year or so has felt like an emotional rollercoaster with no seatbelt on and I felt like I’ve just been holding for dear life. At times, I wanted to metaphorically burn my existing life to the ground and start completely new, fresh, different. I’ve never felt emotions as deeply as I have started to feel recently, it feels like the years of numbing are coming to an end and everything unlived and unaccepted began to come to the surface and not just come up but in an implosion of feelings. During the weeks T Pluto was in exact opposition to my Mercury and Chiron, which happened more than once by now, I couldn’t stop crying not knowing why, something was hurting so deeply but there was no knowledge or words to explain what it was and why. It still doesn’t quite make sense. Sometimes I feel like I’m going mad and sometimes I even feel greatful for the growth and somewhat excited for the depth I’m beginning to reach. I’m still not fully understanding what my lessons are with this transit and I want to utilise this time to the best of my ability to harness something really beautiful and truthful out of it. I’ve been diving much deeper into psychology, astrology and just generally doing the work lately but feel like I’m not taking enough actions in life to implement the changes outwardly and if I don’t, Pluto will make them for me nonetheless.

    1. Rina, I understand. I have been going through that opposition since my dad died in 2019 and I still have next year. Right now, we are going through a major ending cycle. Read my Beginning and Ending Planets article on this website. You really need to end something clearly and decisively. For me, my best friend moved away without telling me until later. She moved into a “retirement” home. I feel lost as most of my friends have died or moved away (because I am older, this happens). I have to put her out of my mind and develop me friendships which is not easy. After 16 years, I resigned from running an astrological group. The new president is running the group into the group. But, as difficult as it is, I do not want this responsibility and I need to just let go. So, even letting go is difficult — not to mention all of the new responsibilities connected to my dad and his passing. A friend who suffered the same Pluto transit told me that, as soon as it is over, the stress is over.
      Crossing a beginning planet (Saturn) denotes a new beginning, something that you have not done before. Always get a mentor or someone to help you make the transition. It is not a bad situation but something you have not done before and you need to support.

  22. Hi Lynn,
    Thank you so much for this information. I currently have transiting Pluto square natal sun scorpio at 0 degrees AND trine natal moon Libra at 0 degrees.

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated as I am petrified.

    1. Read my introduction to Beginning and Ending Planets. Your Sun is a Beginning Planet. Now you will have a couple of shots at this — this year and next — but it indicates that you will be starting something totally new — obviously in 2 directions (Sun and Moon at 0). With the Sun aspect, this is something totally new and it will be stressful — but not necessarily bad. Find a mentor to help you. I started teaching at IAA around 2009 with a Pluto square. It was very stressful organizing my lectures from scratch. I enlisted the help of a friend to set up my new laptop so that I would be ready to teach. I knew that, if I got through this, that it would be a transformational time in my life – and it was.
      The trine to the Moon is easier to change but a beginning Moon needs time to adjust, to feel compatible(Libra) and feel comfortable before you can truly settle in. But, read my website article.
      Look at the House position of your Sun and Moon. Pluto’s natal position can show from where the energies are coming.

  23. I am currently experiencing transiting Pluto square to natal sun at 0 degrees and trine natal moon at 0 degrees. I have had urge to exercise almost daily which is somewhat new for me. Also I have had sudden crying spells as experiencing loss of identity as a mother (children leaving the home for higher education). I will be living alone (long time divorced) which is daunting while working 2 jobs in the medical field ( to pay for said higher education). I can’t help but wonder if the sudden crying and surfacing of old events, hurts (divorce) etc are due to the Pluto transit?? Also going thru menopause, which doesn’t help.

  24. This is the best resource on difficult Pluto transits I’ve come across, and I’ve been studying astrology for over 5 years.

    Pluto has been opposing my natal sun in the 12th house (0.5 degrees Leo) for almost two years now, and there are at least ten more months to go. It’s dancing from the 5th house into the 6th and from Capricorn to Aquarius. The aspect gets exact five bloody times.

    At its start, I gave birth and honestly looked forward to shedding my old identity and becoming a more authentic version of myself. And now I just feel like giving up on everything. I’ve never felt more exhausted and drained in my life. In the past four months I got sick 6 or 8 times — right now I’m down with the flu type A, but my toddler needs me, so I’m up.

    I’m trying to find a way to feel better and gain some vitality because a healthy 30yo woman shouldn’t feel like that. I do sport, I meditate, I gave up drinking and smoking, I do inner work, and continue studying different esoteric modalities. I don’t know what else I can do. And in a few years Pluto will conjunct my Moon, and just thinking about it scares the ish out of me.

    I don’t expect a free consultation, but if you could guide me towards any resource that could help me understand Pluto transits better, I’d be forever grateful, Lynn.

    1. I have gone through Pluto opposing my 11th House planets since 2018 — 2024 it will end. It has been one of the worse times of my life — but I cannot offer any insights or wisdom. It commenced with the death of my father, gaining weight, an accident with broken bones (I still cannot put my bra on or style the back of my hair), and a Scorpio from hell took over my astrology chapter (I was president since 2006). He removed all of us old-timers from the Board (dissolving the chapter and starting up a new one where he could appoint all of his cronies. But, at 29 degrees, this is an ending cycle and I need to shut the door on the past and move on.
      If your Moon is in a early degree, it is a beginning planet and the crossing will commence a new activity – something that you have not done before. With beginning planets, you need to ask for help or find a mentor. I have an introduction to beginning and ending planets on this website.

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