Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron Alignment of 2009

In the autumn of 2007, I attended a lecture by Michael Lutin who discussed this important conjunction in 2009. Everyone in the audience related to what he said but, unfortunately, I took terrible notes! Michael included the North Node in Aquarius into the mix. In my notes, I only find that he felt that this alignment would be both alienating and unifying at the same time. It can be a time of experiencing some “global pain” but Aquarius detaches from actually experiencing and processing the pain. Being pulled by forces that we do not understand, many will feel, “Why Me?”

This marks an anti-social cycle, according to my notes on Lutin, whereby we experience the pain that occurs just before a transformation. Humanity senses a part of themselves that has not been fixed, a time to pull back and lick old wounds but I personally feel that this is indeed a cycle that precedes a transformation. My apologies to Michael that I am not quoting him correctly due to my poor note taking.

I looked back into history— from 1400 to the Present— for other Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron cycles. I did not include the Nodes since this would be more rare. Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron were in close proximity in 1881 in the sign of Taurus and, most potently, in Libra in the year I was born— 1945! At this time, the alignment was squaring the Cancer-Capricorn Nodes. I learned from Richard Tarnas that these cycles produce Souls who are aligned with the planetary energy and they are galvanized into action when the pattern repeats. The 1945 generation is the first generation with this Conjunction who will be alive when this pattern repeats.

It is interesting to note that, during both of these alignments, a sitting president died in office— Garfield and Roosevelt! I feel that there were other factors, such as the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction in Earth, that portended the death of the president. These patterns are not occurring with the current alignment.

Most significant— military conflicts were ending at the time of this alignment. And, these were periods of a New Openness. Since President Obama has initiated a new “freedom of information” act — even Bush’s secret papers are no longer secret.

I have lived through many planetary alignments and I rarely observed that something specific happened on the exact day. The alignment is an influence that colors the year in which the Conjunction occurs.

Historically, with the 1881 Conjunction of Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron in Taurus:

  • Clara Barton started the American Red Cross* The Panama Canal was begun* The Vatican archives were opened to scholars for their research
  • The 1st Boer War ends with the defeat of the British
  • President Garfield is shot

Historically, with the 1945 Conjunction in Libra:

  • World War II Ended, the Nazis went on trial and the rebuilding of Europe and Japan began
  • The Yugoslavian Republic begun by Tito
  • Women in France are allowed to vote for the first time
  • FDR dies

With only two periods for this alignment in recent history, this is indeed a rare phenomenon1.

Going back in time, I found similar alignments for:

January-May 897
January-February 1038
February-April 1051
January-June-September 1114
This proximity did not occur again until 1881!

ADDENDUM: The Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction in Aquarius with Chiron occurs on May 27 (Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron at 26 degrees) , July 10 (Jupiter-Neptune at 26 degrees with Chiron at 25 degrees and the Moon at 20 degrees) and December 21 (Jupiter-Neptune at 24 degrees with the Moon and Chiron at 22 degrees).
At the time of the May and July alignments, the North Node is in Aquarius as well but not near the planetary alignment.
Look to see the House where this alignment occurs. Look to see if the alignment aspects any natal planets.

ADDEMDUM: Mara on ncgrastrology phrases the alignment this way … “I think this alignment will be trying for some, healing for others, or that the healing will come after the trying part. But more importantly, I think it will help us usher in a new era on this planet. I sense an openness, a willing to be transformed, a kind of
personal/global sensitivity in all those around me… and I do believe that we are in a position to effect change for the better, globally speaking.”

1 I tried researching a much earlier time in history but Chiron did not appear in the chart wheels until around 650 AD. Ray White at Astrolabe told me that: “They decided a few years back that Chiron is really a comet. It has a very perturbed orbit as it goes into the inner solar system. It is hard to predict with any precision where a comet will be from one orbit to the next. Since it is a comet, I suppose that it is possible that it was not even in the solar system in the year 500. At that time, it may have been somewhere in the Oort Cloud.”

ATTENTION READERS: I have been receiving many questions asking how this alignment will affect their different House positions. To be very candid, I just do not know. This alignment has not occurred since 1945 so there is no way for me to analyze how it has manifested in the past. I do not intent to seem rude when I ignore your question but I do not have a good answer.
Please refrain from asking what a specific House position means but PLEASE DO comment on how this alignment is impacting your life. Darlene commented that, with the alignment in her 9th House this year, she will be taking a trip to the Caribbean. This is a perfect way to use a 9th House alignment. And, meeting people from distant places will be important to self-growth.
Several of you wrote about Neptune making a strong angle to a natal planet. I urge you to read my Neptune Transit article on this website. I am posting some of my past comments but I apologize because I do not know the meaning of all of the House placements.
If you notice anything about a House position being affected with this alignment, please post your observations.
Lastly, I do not give personal readings on this website, only by appointment. It may seem that I do but I only give answers that pertain to the article and answers that would be of interest to other readers. Yes, sometimes a question either peeks my interest or tugs at my heart but I am so busy with giving readings to my own clients and teaching for the online college that I cannot give personal readings online.
If I observe new information about a House position of this alignment, I will post it then. But, to ask what will happen with Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron in the 7th is an impossible question. I would need to take the time to look at the transits that Neptune is making and any pertinent progressions. This would require a full astrological reading.
Sissy commented that she is having a “big identity crisis” with the alignment in the 1st House. This is a good way to describe the alignment in the 1st House. However, I would add that planets within 6 degrees of the 2nd House cusp (but appearing in the 1st House) should be read as influencing the 2nd House. If Neptune is currently aspecting a natal planet, do read my Neptune Transit article.
I just received a newsletter from a man at www.astrology-in-action.org and he offers free classes, free books and free sessions with him. This sounds like a good deal to me.

ANOTHER ARTICLE: There is a great 3-part article on the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction at this website: http://www.northpointastrology.com/articles.html

NODES: This alignment will start in May and last all year (2009). It will highlight the House position. If a transiting planet aspects a Node, that planet’s energy is highlighted for the year. It does not matter what the nature of the aspect (conj-sq-trine/sextile). Any aspect to the Nodes simply highlights the impact of the planet — Neptune being more mystical, interests in spiritual and metaphysical topics.
Some astrologers say that it brings karmic relationships. Personally, I have never found this to be true.

IN THE 9th HOUSE: I see the Triple Conjunction in the 9th House as a positive experience, expanding upon 9th House issues such as travel, education and consciousness expanding experiences. Nothing in the article should indicate anything negative. It is important to expand consciousness through metaphysical studies and through meeting people from distant places and different cultures.

IN THE 11th HOUSE: Neptune in the 11th can refer to a health issue of someone in your family circle and a disappointment in a relationship. The 11th House actually rules certain issues in the family circle and Neptune can point to someone whose health has been failing. The 11th House rules friendships and group affiliations. When you have outgrown these, there is some type of disappointment that forces you to move on to another set of associations with whom you share a common vision.

IN THE 12th HOUSE: The 12th House portends internal changes and shifts that may not be apparent to others, initially. This is not an inactive time.
The 12th House rules distant places or places where people do not know your “old self.” This would free you to evolve more freely into someone new.
The 12th House rules psychic connections with multi-dimensional realities. The aspects that Neptune makes while in the 12th House can give further information.

INSIGHT from Keisha: “…in the latter half of June when Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune were directly conjunct with my N Sun, I was released from a very oppressive job situation and given freedom to move on to a job with more money (and a little more status) which enables me to move on with my life.” Full comment under Neptune R article.
NOTE from Lynn: As the year (2009) comes to a close, initially I did not notice much with this alignment which occurred in my 6th House trining my 10th House Mars in Gemini.
After reading Keisha’s post, I realize that this was indeed a highly expansive period. I began my Medical Courses for IAA/OCA and I have learned so much from teaching. My intuition has been stronger. Psychically, I got a message that I should start a Global Gathering on the Internet, traveling and teaching for free online, visiting my friends in Europe and interviewing them. This I will do in 2010 with the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction.

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