The Great Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction will occur on the Winter Solstice on December 21.  This alignment occurs every 20 years and it marks a great societal shift for humanity.  With the transformation that it brings, life will never go back to the way it was before December 21 2020, just as life never returned to the pre-9/11 way of life.

Jupiter and Saturn are both Societal planets.  Here is a list of classifications:

The Classifications are:

1)  Lights – Sun & Moon

2)  Personal – Mercury-Venus-Mars

3)  Social/Societal – Jupiter & Saturn

4)  Transpersonal – Uranus-Neptune-Pluto (Transpersonal can only be the higher octave of Personal Planets)

5)  Transformational Objects – Transpluto & Eris & many of the newly discovered slow-moving Centaurs.  Because they take about 5 or more years to cross a natal planet, they slowly transform our lives.

I have already discussed world events that transformed societal life with previous Conjunctions.  In this article, I want to focus upon how it affects individuals.

First, Alexander Ruperti states that that the Societal and Transpersonal planets under which we are born will connect us to a particular Social Destiny.  In the past, I have lectured on our Uranus signs as representing our Soul Group and what our Group incarnated together to accomplish.  Ruperti feels that we incarnate into a specific societal environment so that our destiny and our identity will be shaped by “the cultural, economic political and religious values” of the societal environment into which we have incarnated.

Jupiter demonstrates our social participation in our social environment – it what we relate to and how we relate to others in our social environment.  Saturn concretizes the quality of social participation.  Saturn projects the rules and regulations of our social environment.


While not related to the current cycle, the best example of how Saturn affects society in general is when Saturn enters the Fear-Instilling sign of Scorpio:

In the mid-1950s, we had the Joseph McCarthy witch hunts – your best friend, your neighbor, anyone could be a communist trying to overthrow our Democracy.  There was the first nuclear submarine and the duck-and-cover rituals practiced in schools.  The first significant racial protests occurred, impressing white people to the irrational fear that Blacks would take over the country.

In the mid-1980s, we had AIDs and homophobia was rampant – until strait people started to contract this disease.  There were the faces of missing children on milk cartons that inspired fear in young children – they could disappear and end up on a milk carton.  P.L.O and middle eastern terrorists instigated airplane explosions.  The Chernobyl Disaster spread radiation globally, especially in Russia and Europe.  With the Challenger disaster, children witnessed the death of a beloved school teacher in the explosion.

During both of these periods, Saturn in Scorpio made hard aspects to Pluto.  Psychologically, children born at this time are embossed with a fear that, if they are not responsible and do it perfectly, something terrible could happen.

From October 2012 through 2014, Saturn was once again in Scorpio.  This time there were no hard aspects to Pluto, only a favorable sextile.  So, there were some good events that were feared by ultra-conservatives – Pope Francis is a wonderful progressive Pope but I found him greatly resented by church conservatives in Washington DC.  This was a period of domestic home-grown terrorism, school shootings and the Boston Marathon bombing.  I feel that the Pluto sextile Saturn aspect facilitated caution rather than the intense fear of the previous cycles.

In my observations of Saturn in Aquarius, I found that those with Saturn in Aquarius in the first half of the 1930s seemed to experience the more rigid qualities of Aquarius, often seeing authority figures as controlling and inflexible.  At times, this Saturn was quincunx Pluto in Cancer.

The Saturn in Aquarius generation of the early 1960s seemed very rebellious of authority – “just because an authority figure tells you something you do not have to do it.”  This time Saturn was quincunx the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo.  This was a much more Uranian manifestation of Saturn in Aquarius and they witnessed the great rebellion and assassinations of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

In this current cycle, Saturn in Aquarius will align with Jupiter in Aquarius and they will eventually square Uranus.  This should highlight the even more rebellious propensity of Aquarius.  Relationships with society, one’s environment and community will transform with the new cycle.  Because the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction occurs at 0 degrees, this is not just a new cycle but a totally new cycle.  Ourselves and our society will never be the same again.


Jupiter rules the relating principle or what people related to and connect with most easily.  It is the process of reaching out to gain experience.  Betty Lundsted[1] states that “Jupiter is how we open up,

how we expand our consciousness, how we receive new information and how we react to the opportunities presented to us.”  In the natal chart, it indicates how and to what the individual relates.  For example, people with Jupiter in Gemini relate to anyone with whom they can talk and communicate.  If you are not a communicator, they cannot easily relate to you.

Jupiter takes 12 years to encircle the zodiac or one year per sign.  It influences how and to what people in general will relate and what appeals to mass consciousness.  For good or ill, in Aquarius, people relate to the unusual, the unorthodox, the radical, the reactionary – and we will see this with both liberals and conservatives.

In 1961, when Jupiter entered Aquarius, I was in high school and the horoscope column in “Glamour” magazine suddenly caught my eye and fired my imagination.   This idiosyncratic subject was very appealing not only to me but to my classmates for whom I told their fortune.

In 1973, when Jupiter once again returned to Aquarius, I found myself inspired by an ephemeris for a new Object that Theodore Landscheidt hypothesized which he called Transpluto[2].  That year I completed my most extensive research on that Object at a behavioral level.  The next year, when Jupiter entered Pisces, I conducted my research on the medical implications of Transpluto.

At the end of 1984 through 1985, with Jupiter again in Aquarius, a new electricity and expectancy of changes could be perceived in the ethers.  Out of the hibernation of Capricorn came former students showing up at astrological lectures, memberships increased, new faces began to appear at lectures.  Dusting off the sheaths of conservatism, people started looking for something out-of-the-ordinary to inspire them mentally.  With fresh new ideas being presented, especially in spiritual-astrological-metaphysical field, people responded enthusiastically.

Jupiter in Aquarius rules networking and social media activities with groups rather than individuals.  The group energy will become more potent.  In 1985, the networking and social media theme of Aquarius became so strong that local astrological organizations began pooling their energies to support collective activities.

The lesson and theme of Aquarius is to leave one’s hibernation in the material and pragmatic states and connect with groups and organizations that help expand your consciousness, stimulate your awareness and stretch the mind to a higher level.

However, while Jupiter is expansive and non-conforming in Aquarius, it can also be highly intolerant, especially when others are not inspired in the same direction that they themselves are moving.  With the square from Uranus in Taurus, the expansion can become rebellious, inflexible, rigid and resentful with reactions of intolerance.  These traits may be more obvious in January-February 2021 with Jupiter and Saturn squaring Uranus in Taurus.


Alexander Ruperti states that the “Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction begins a new cycle of development in an individual’s approach to the life-long problem of effectively relating one’s conscious ego to the social activities of one’s community.”  But, remember, occurring at 0 degrees, the individual must commence a totally new direction in life.  You cannot continue with the same-old-same-old.  You must take a leap of faith and follow a new path.

FIRST HOUSE:  The individual must be willing to take risks in self-expression, to take a risk in the projection of the Self out into the world, and to express the Self in a new way of Being.  Often, this House will attract the individual into political and activist activities, seeking to bring changes in the world, and to be politically active in the expression of one’s views.  It is a time to stand up for your beliefs.  The individual feels propelled into action by the pressure of the new social-political-economic trends that are commencing.

SECOND-SIXTH-TENTH HOUSES:  In these Houses, the individual needs to take a risk with the career, to follow one’s heart in one’s professional goals and to simplify one’s life in terms of material acquisitiveness.  Remember, at 0 degrees, we need to embark upon something totally new – a new way of doing our work, a new way of earning a living and new career goals.

  • In the 2nd House, your values are transformed in order to give new meaning to your life. The individual may feel lost until something, some activity, is presented.  In 1980-81, this conjunction occurred in my 2nd House and it transformed my career and finances forever.  I coordinated with a group called AMETHYST where we lectured on Esoteric Astrology and Psychology (the Alice A Bailey works).  I gained a reputation for giving Soul Purpose readings and lecturing on this subject.  I also started to sell astrology books and crystals which was a big boost to my income.
  • In the 6th House, you seek changes in the habits and systems in your work life, freeing yourself from addictive patterns and learning to collaborate your efforts with others. One does not have to change jobs but make a shift in the type of work that you do.  For example, an astrologer can shift into classical, vedic or medical astrology – still doing astrology but taking on a new direction
  • In the 10th House, there is a transformation in the attitude towards authority so that you can assume your own proper role as an authority figure. You can establish new professional goals – what you are doing in the world.  In Aquarius, each of these Houses will show you where there is a need to achieve a sense of wholeness and integration through doing what is best for the whole, operating from your center of integrity and not reacting to any critical complaints of others.

THIRD & NINTH HOUSES:  Here, the individual must take a risk to change one’s thinking patterns, to explore new mental worlds and transform one’s long established but out-molded concepts and beliefs.  In order to continue to grow, you should try to embrace new ideas, new techniques and new technologies, even new cultures rather than maintain the old order of doing, thinking and believing.

  • In the 3rd House, you may embark upon writing, lecturing and teaching. The 3rd House favors writing for magazines and periodicals.  In the 3rd, you are challenged to use new social contacts to impact your environment.  It can mark a change in your neighborhood or a change is schools for young people.
  • In the 9th House, there is a new focus upon abstract thinking, new political views and travel can expand your consciousness. Take a risk and try the unfamiliar, explore other cultures and allow your world view to transform with empathy for one’s fellow man – people who are socially and culturally different from your life.  When this occurred with the 2000 alignment, I traveled to Serbia and met astrologers from other countries.  I joined an astrological internet group.  It was the beginning of my lecturing abroad.  Interests in other countries where very different from interests in America.  I was also invited to lecture in large conferences in the U.S. as well.

FOURTH HOUSE:  When the alignment occurs in the 4th House, we are urged to break free from old ancestral patterns in our lives, to uproot ourselves from our environment and take the risk of making drastic changes in our foundations – a new way of being that supports who we are.  If you have a dysfunctional family, it is time to find a new, non-biological family, kindred spirits with new traditions.

Natal planets in the 4th House often describe emotional shocks or traumas in the childhood that bind us to the past.  The 4th House represents patterns of behavior, fear, guilt or responsibility that have been handed down through the generations that keep us from growing and moving forward. If these psychological patterns keep you in the past, it is time to cut them loose and move forward into new supportive patterns.  You can change the roots of your past to new roots for new growth in a new environment – this is both domestic and work.  I am observed that the 4th House can be connected with the place in which we work and our extended family there.  Your immediate environment will change with this new cycle.

FIFTH HOUSE:  The Conjunction here marks a cycle for creative transformation of the personality, getting in touch with your imaginative, inventive inner child.  It is a time to explore what gives you inner joy, to find something that gives you so much pleasure that you just DO IT, without regard to the opinions or even disapproval of others.  It is a cycle for re-defining your concept of love, what makes you feel loved and appreciated.  A reminder that this can be disruptive to existing relationships, the people who do not want you to change.  Your connection with society will be to make a creative contribution to the world.  This includes writing, education, seminars, working with or writing for young people.

This alignment has occurred twice in my lifetime.  In 1961, in the sign of Capricorn, I ended my limited social experiences in Catholic schools, especially an all-girls’ school, and changed to a more socially interactive public school.  For young people, the 5th House is connected with early education and the social interaction with school mates.  This change was much more expansive for me.  It is occurring again as I write this article but now in the sign of Aquarius.  I am not sure what will happen but everything in my life is changing with major renovations in my home.  It is allowing me to be more creative in my environment.  Another goal that I have is to write at least one book, not just articles.

SEVENTH & ELEVENTH HOUSES:  These Houses concern our relationship with others – personal intimacy, our relationships with the public and the intimacy in shared goals.  This is a cycle when you need to take the risk of expanding your social circle beyond what is comfortable and familiar.  I spent many years meditating in groups to expand my consciousness but this was never achieved.  It was only when I went out into the world, exploring the unfamiliar, the unknown in relationships, that my own consciousnesses began to expand.

  • In the 7th House, we are asked to redefine what is really needed in terms of relationships. Maybe you do not need as much closeness in your relationships, maybe you need something less traditional, maybe you need to find an important aspiration to bond you to another.  Your challenge is to find a new sense of relating.  It is a “testing ground for future public, professional and socio-cultural achievement.[3]”  You should embark upon a new sense of interpersonal relating – one that is creative, expressive and cooperative.
  • In the 11th House, this marks a cycle for taking a risk in connecting socially with others, with people with whom you share a common vision – transpersonal relating in which what you are doing in the world is more important than the relationship, is much bigger than the relationship, making the relationship very important. Changes in your goals and ideals will occur, portending a new direction and new supporting relationships.

EIGHTH HOUSE:  This is a House of Transformation.  This House rules all things totally beyond our control and our attitude towards such matters – and how we feel about being out of control.  Transformational events can occur so we are challenged to flow with whatever happens rather than engage in a futile attempt to control the situation. Sometimes, the feeling of powerlessness in the 3-dimensional world facilitates the development of empowerment through new spiritual values, insights and studies.  Spirituality can produce healing talents – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, economic and even technological.  One man said the he did not fix computers, he HEALED them.  Through these new endeavors, you can transform the lives of others.  This House also rules the resources of others – resources that may become available to you.  There can even be new beginnings in the partner’s career and finances.

TWELTH HOUSE:  As a 12th House person myself, I am very fond of the influence of this House.  It marks a time to take the risk of exploring your inner nature, to find out who you really are, and to confront your fears of life, people and intimacy – all the fears that make you feel disconnected.  It marks a cycle of letting go of the past, a past that you have outgrown.  The changes will occur on the inside before they manifest externally.  This is NOT an inactive time.  Where you are highly active is in some place or location where no one knows your old self, freeing you to explore and flower into the New Self.  It is an important time to go to a distant place where people do not know you.  This can be 40 miles away or 4000 miles away.  As Saturn approaches the Ascendant by several degrees, this is a time to start something new in your life, something that will manifest when Saturn crosses the Ascendant.  This House represents an ending phase in your life and the beginning of a new phase.

Around 2030-31, Saturn and Jupiter will form an opposition.  This will represent a fulfillment and climax of what you have begun at the time of this current Conjunction.  This opposition will occur in Taurus-Scorpio/Gemini-Sagittarius.  The Houses in which the opposition falls will show where the culmination will occur.



[2] See my articles on Transpluto on my website,

[3] CYCLES OF BECOMING by Alexander Ruperti, p 175

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    1. Barbara, you have asked a good question. My interpretation only works for Placidius House System. Since Saturn is approaching your ASC, this is the time to plan something new, a plan that will manifest after Saturn enters the 1st House.

  1. Same comment here. By Placidus it is in my first house widely conjunct my Venus-Mercury conjunction at 5+° Aquarius. Whole sign houses it is my second house.

  2. Hi Lynn,

    This is a very thought provoking article. I had the conjunction in the first house but by March-May Jupiter and Saturn will be in my second and using the Placidius system I have half of Aquarius in the 1st and half in the second. I definitely can´t see myself becoming a political activist but I can see myself working towards a change of career. Could it be both houses are affected?

    1. Both Houses work in their own way. The area 5-6 degrees from the 2nd House cusp is actually part of the 2nd House. I researched this in the 1970s and planets in the 1st House area would always trigger financial events. But, the 1st House wants you to strengthen self-expression but the Saturn cycle inthe 2nd always focuses upon career and finances. So, yes, both Houses are affected.

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