I was 39 when Reagan took office so I remember what happened historically.  Neptune entered Capricorn in 1984.  Ronald Reagan was president at this time and he instigated the dissolving of many important structures and regulations – creating problems that we now have to confront.

The Reagan Administration[1] abolished the Fairness Doctrine in broadcasting.  Television and radio programs no longer had to give equal time to each candidate.  “Rage Radio” found its roots at this time.  He broke up unions and certain large corporations, such as Bell Systems and the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization.  Farmers lost their farms which were bought up by big corporations.  The “Trickle Down Economics” began to erode the Middle Class and enrich the rich. Reagan appealed to and empowered the fundamentalist religious right. The dissolution of the USSR Republics gave rise to the Russian Mafia running the country by Putin.

Reagan naively believed that what is good for big business is good for the country – not realizing that big business seeks to control the country to their benefit and at the expense of workers.

In a lecture at the Institute for World Politics, a graduate school for Counterintelligence and State Craft in Washington, DC, a speaker said that, when corporations control politics, politics shifts to the Right.  When corporations shift to the Right, Labor will follow – always to their own detriment.

I have observed that, when Pluto entered Capricorn, the problems created by Neptune in Capricorn rose to the surface.

This seems to be an astrological trend – when we make bad decisions under Neptune, they surface when Pluto enters that sign.

For example, when Neptune was in Scorpio in the 1960s, morality changed (sex, drugs and rock and roll) and, when Pluto entered Scorpio, we had to deal with AIDS — not just a gay disease as it affected everyone who was sexually active.

A reader on commented that, when Neptune entered Sagittarius, this gave rise to cults, pseudo-religious groups and political fanaticism.  When Pluto entered Sagittarius, we experienced the destructive phase of terrorism and religious extremism.  Astrologers had long predicted the rise of religion-based wars when Pluto entered Sagittarius.

When Neptune entered Aquarius, everyone was on the World Wide Web but only 3% of Americans voted for its board of directors.   Boundaries in communication dissolved — which was wonderful since I could communicate quickly with friends in Europe.  Problems are always created when boundaries dissolve.

As Pluto is approaching Aquarius, Fake News is rampant. With Neptune in Pisces, people choose their delusions rather than reality (no Air signs, yet). When Pluto reaches the middle degrees of Aquarius, we will have to actually deal with the problems generated by Neptune in Aquarius.  I am observing that Neptune creates a naivete that we later have to address.

ADDENDUM:  An astrologer in Berlin Germany wrote this:  …. it’s not only him (Trump), but the collective mind/soul is regressing to old patterns of behavior, born out of old, collective fears.

 The U.S.A. never experienced dictatorship.  People confuse Patriotism with Nationalism — without having to confront the negative aspects of nationalism.

Here in Germany, it had always been a threat.  People are simply looking for identity, feeling overwhelmed by changes, by influences they cannot understand or cope. So, they’re looking for a ‘savior’, or an ideology which gives them back some kind of feeling of self-worth and support.

… may it be Trump, or Putin, or Kim Yong Oon, or Hitler: They all had this kind of link to the ‘group soul’ of the masses, articulating its fears, and seemingly having a ‘remedy’ to cure it… 🙁 And as long people are unwilling to think and decide and take responsibility by themselves and for themselves, this will still work for a while).

Indeed, I have observed that, when people are dissatisfied with their personal lives, they lash out in hate groups – they feel that they are not responsible for their frustrations so it must be the immigrants, the poor, the not-my-religion groups, or anyone who is different and powerless.  Now, even people who died in wars or who were POWs, they are deemed “suckers and losers.”

In conclusion, the well-known Jungian astrologer, Alice Howell, said that, whenever society becomes irreconcilably polarized, this means that a New Era is about to begin.  Paradigm Shifts and New Eras do not happen easily or often.  Usually, humanity coming together takes a global crisis.

[1]  The president was shot 100 days into his term, in March 1981, so others may have greatly influenced his policies.

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