The Great Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction of 2010

In 1966, I went to an astrologer for the first time in my life. It was a life-altering event and I knew that I wanted to be just like this astrologer, Catherine Grant. During the course of the reading, she told me about the Great Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction. She informed me that, when it occurs in Aries or Libra, there is always a great scientific breakthrough that impacts the world… “Just watch what happens in July of 1969!!” I could hardly wait as it was only 3 years away. Indeed, at that time, in July of 1969, there was a great scientific breakthrough as man landed on the Moon.

When I looked back into history for the last Conjunction in Aries, this was when Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic— anyone with a radio was listening to hear the news of his safe arrival on the Irish coast. And, 42 years later, the world would be watching on television. These two events were not just an American Experience but a World Experience, an achievement of the Human Race.

When these two planets move into an alignment of 36 degrees, usually during the preceding year, we get a glimpse as to the nature of this breakthrough. In 1968, during the 36 degree approach, we began sending astronauts around the Moon, preceding the actual lunar landing. This vanguard alignment will occur in early 2009. At that time, humanity will become aware of the breakthrough about to occur. This is also true of the changes that will occur in our personal lives as a result of the Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction— we will begin to sense them, the new direction in our lives, in early 2009.

Jupiter and Uranus are aligned every 14 years but only every 42 years does this alignment occur in Aries or Libra. In any sign, I have found this Conjunction to represent an expansive time in my life:

1969— This is the year when I became a full-time professional astrologer. With the Lunar Landing, astrology was very popular and astrologers were in demand. It was very easy to transition into a full-time practice in 1969.

1983— During this period, I was studying and teaching Esoteric Astrology & Psychology. This was an expansive period and, for me, these studies were life-altering. The new organization that I helped initiate in 1982, AMETHYST, brought a great deal of recognition and publicity for me.

1997— This was a major turning point in my life in terms of my diet, weight loss and appearance. This gave me such confidence and I was never the same again. I was a featured speaker at an international astrological conference. Yet, an important relationship ended. Looking back, this was an important part of my expansion process.

Think about what happened to you during these cycles in your own life. There were difficult experiences but, overall, these were highly expansive periods in my life. It is a progressive cycle so that it is much easier to do progressive things.

This article is not about historical events but about how we will experience the Great Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction. Where this Conjunction falls in the natal horoscope shows where we feel compelled to take a risk with our lives, to experience adventure, to explore our creative potential and to overcome the fears in our lives. There is always something within the human psychology that resists change so that there will still be a lot of psychological “arm wrestling.” That is, some of us may not be ready to let go of the past. There will be some people, like the old dinosaurs, who are about to become extinct — people who will never change.

There will be those Creative Souls who are willing to take a leap of consciousness and a leap of faith into a New Dimension of Being. Our world is changing and we must, with the motivation of the Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction in both Pisces and Aries, change with it. If you want to understand diversity in the multi-cultural society, learn to value and respect the opinions of others, even if you do not agree with them.

In the 1st House, the individual is willing to take risks in self-expression, to take a risk in the projection of the self out into the world, and to express the self in a new way. Often, this House will attract the individual to political and activist activities, seeking to bring changes into the world and to be politically active in the expression of one’s views. It is a time to stand up for your beliefs. While this may appear to be a 9th House experience, in actuality, the core identity will change.

In the 12th House, however, you are to take the risk of exploring your true inner nature, to find out who you really are, to confront your fears, where you fear life, intimacy and people— all of which makes you feel a bit disconnected. Changes will occur on the inside before they can manifest externally— and they will indeed manifest externally. This is not an inactive time. You will find yourself more active in some place or location where no one knows your “old self,” freeing you to explore and flower into the new self.

In the 2nd, 6th and 10th Houses, the individual is willing to take a risk with the career, to follow one’s heart and seek to simplify one’s life in terms of material acquisitiveness. In the 2nd House, your values will be transformed in order to give new meaning to the life. You may feel lost until some new activity is found that gives new meaning and new direction to the life. In 1969, the Libra Conjunction occurred in my 2nd House. I caught the expansive wave and pursued my dream of being an astrologer. In the 6th House, you seek changes in the habits and systems in your life, freeing yourself from addictive patterns and learning to coordinate your efforts with others. The meaning of coordination/_collaboration_ must be clearly defined. The 2nd and 6th Houses are Healing Houses and some may find a special interest in the Healing Arts. In the 10th House, there will be a transformation in your attitude toward authority so that you can assume your own role as an authority figure. Each of these Houses show a need to achieve a sense of wholeness and integration through doing what is best for the Whole, operating from your Center of Integrity and not reacting to the critical complaints of others.

In the 3rd and 9th Houses, the individual must take the risk to change thinking patterns, to explore new mental worlds and to transform long cherished but outmoded concepts. In order to continue to grow, the individual must embrace new ideas, new techniques, new technologies, even new philosophies and cultures rather than maintain the old order of doing, thinking and believing. Travel and education will have a transformational impact upon the life.

In the 4th House, we are urged to break free from old ancestral patterns in our lives, to uproot ourselves from our environment and to take the risk of making drastic change in our foundations, for a new way of being that supports who we are. Natal planets in the 4th House often describe emotional shocks or traumas in the childhood that bind us to the past. The 4th House represents behavior patterns— fear, guilt or an undue sense of responsibility— that have been passed down through the generations that keep us from growing and moving forward.

With the Great Conjunction occurring in this House, we need to take the risk of changing those old outmoded concepts, to liberate ourselves from the past in order to embrace the future. One of my students was raised in a family in which all of the children were told repeatedly that, if they want to be happy, they should never have children— and no one ever took the risk to change this programming and have children. With the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in her 4th House, this woman found herself pregnant for the first time in her life— and she was in her mid-40s! In taking the risk to start a family, she shook the foundations of her entire family, changing the traditions for everyone in her family!

The 8th House is a House of Transformation. This House rules all things totally beyond our control and our attitude toward such matters— how we feel about being out of control. Transformational events can occur, totally beyond our control, and we are challenged to flow with whatever happens rather than engage in a futile attempt to control. Sometimes, the feeling of powerlessness in the 3-dimensional world facilitates the development of empowerment through new spiritual values and insights. This spirituality can produce healing talents— physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and even economic— through which the individual can transform the lives of others.

In the 5th House, this is a cycle for creative transformation of the personality, a time to get in touch with the inner child and to take a risk with creativity. It is a time to explore what gives you inner joy, to find something that gives you so much pleasure that you just do it, without regard for the approval or disapproval of others. It is a cycle for re-defining the concept of LOVE, what makes us feel loved and appreciated. For this reason, this can be disruptive to some of our personal relationships.

The 7th and 11th Houses rule our relationship with others— personal intimacy with the 7th House and the intimacy of shared goals with the 11th House. This is a cycle to take the risk of expanding one’s social circle beyond what is comfortable and familiar. I personally spent many years meditating in groups to expand my consciousness but this was never achieved. It was only when I went out into the world, explored the unfamiliar, the unknown, in relationships, that my own consciousness began to expand.

The 7th House asks the individual to re-define what is really needed in terms of relationships. Maybe you do not need as much closeness in your relationships — maybe you need something less traditional, maybe you need to find an important aspiration that bonds you to others. A friend found that her new job provided a sense of community connectedness— “it was not just a job but a place where a great diversity of people could meet and share interests.” The 7th House is a Public House, the projection of self into a public arena. Yet, all of the changes that come into our lives will be directed by others. We must follow their lead if we are to trust, grow and expand.

In the 11th House, Jupiter-Uranus marks a cycle for taking a risk in connecting socially with others, with people who are different, unusual, but with whom there are shared goals and aspirations. Both the 7th and 11th Houses need to connect with people with whom you can experience something bigger than the relationship. In depersonalizing the relationship, we can explore a great vision in relating to others.

I emphasize the concept of intimacy, with one’s self and others, in interpreting the effects of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. Resulting from the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo in the 1960s, humanity seemed to experience a loss of intimacy as we sought to discover ourselves in career-oriented and materialistic ways. This will ultimately lead to a crisis from 2012-2014 when Uranus and Pluto reconnect— another cycle for rebelling against government and big businesses that are no longer responsive to the will of the people.

With the Saturn-Uranus-Neptune alignments in the late 1980s-early 1990s, there arose an awareness that something had been lost. Spirit had been abandoned. The Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction provides an opportunity to reconnect with the creative part of ourselves, a part that we relinquished for external security.

Relating and intimacy under the Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction will be experienced through a sense of community, connecting with what has been lost in a new, dynamic way. No one relationship can satisfy its expansive needs. Initially, this Conjunction occurs in the sign of Pisces, compassion and caring will be the keynote of its expression.

In modern times, when humanity takes a leap in consciousness, this is paralleled with great advances in technology, psychological understanding of ourselves and a renewed demand for human rights. Especially with the conjunction in Aries, there will be many technological breakthroughs connected with one very major breakthrough. Such a major breakthrough can stun the thinking of the masses, uprooting us from the past so that we can take a leap of consciousness. Zero Aries is the “World Point” so that this specific conjunction will have a global impact.

NOTE: An excellent reference on the Alignment Cycles of the Planets can be discovered in Richard Tarnas’ excellent tome, COSMOS & PSYCHE. On page 480, he states, “All periods involving major Uranus alignments tend to constellate these themes in concrete events, each cycle doing so with different inflections according to the second planets involved. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction of 2010-early 2011 will take place during the peak of the T-Square [alignment]… this is likely to coincide with unexpected new beginnings, expansive impulses and creative breakthroughs of many kinds that will shape the larger whole— some immediately visible to public awareness, some of a more hidden nature that fully emerge later.”

ADDENDUM: With so many people talking about the June eclipse, I must tell you how it has affected my dad, Charlie. While these upcoming eclipses are hitting my chart strongly, I will just discuss my dad’s chart.

On the day of the Great Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, it was in his 7th House trine his Sun in Sag in the 3rd House. That day was Charlie Koiner Day in Silver Spring MD with a big celebration because he and I are the subjects of a new documentary. Charlie signed posters for the film that the film makers gave out for free.

Now the eclipse is this morning but yesterday he attended the showing of this film at the American Film Institute. Tickets were sold out at all of the showings. After the showing, he came up on the stage and answered questions for the audience. After it was over, people mobbed my dad to ask questions and take photos.
AFI staff had to clear the mob out to get ready for the next film to be shown. Oliver Stone and other celebrities were there — I recognize their faces but I cannot think of their names.

I actually attended the Friday night screening. I was amazed because people treated us like movie stars but then I had to realize…we are movie stars! There was a huge poster outside of the AFI theater with my dad’s picture and, inside the theater, they were playing interviews with him and I after the public showing on Tuesday night. That is, since all of the tickets were sold, AFI decided to show the film for free. The Plaza in Silver Spring was mobbed with people everywhere….even though it had only stopped raining 30 minutes earlier.

I was amazed that many of my dad’s friends, customers and neighbors attended and they were all so surprised at how sensitive I am. They always see the independent side, never the sensitive side….even I was amazed that they got all of this from the film. I was only horrified that I never took the film makers seriously so I did not wash my hair or put on make up. But, it is a love story about a father and daughter and this does impress others, esp. if they do not have such a good relationship.

The eclipse conjuncts my dad’s 4th House planets in Capricorn. Now people are coming to our 1 acre farm 3 blocks from Whole Foods market to see us and the city farm. Some politicians were there and I approached them about tax breaks for down-country farm land (this means in the city and “victory garden” plots).

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  1. I enjoyed your exploration of the inner ramifications of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction and some of its more likely modes of manifesting in peoples’ lives.

    I happen to have an opening trine between the two of them (within 2⁰14′ orb) and will have the Jupiter-Uranus pair exactly conjuncting my IC later this year. So, it will be interesting to see how this will manifest concretely within the symbology if the 4th House.

    One guess I have, given that I have myJupiter in Libra conjunct the cusp of my 9th House and my Uranus in Gemini conjunct the North Node in my 5th House is that it may have to do with a foreign girlfriend/lover (Jupiter/9th House/Libra/Uranus/5th House) who is in the process of coming from the UK to my house (IC/4th House) so we can live together. And, the October Eclipse will be conjuncting my natal Venus in Libra in the 8th House sextiling natal Pluto in the 8th House. So, we’ll see… as they say, “Time will tell…

    1. I have that same trine in my chat and Pluto will be forming a Grand Trine in Aquarius. The 5th and 9th Houses are connected with education but education whereby people have fun — webinars, conferences, media etc. Yes, it is excellent for connections with people from distant places. And there is no greater educational activity than travel. When I travel, I connect with other astrologers. I interview them and write my Global Gathering articles.

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