The Psychological Vampire, Astrologically Viewed

ATTENTION: When a client comes to you, feeling like they will die without the person whom they are seeing, when they cannot break away, when they feel deflated and exhausted by the relationship— warn them! This is a Vampire. They must get away now!

NOTE: The inspiration for this article was taken from a lecture by Janet Kane, entitled CONFRONTING THE DARK ARCHETYPE: NEPTUNE & the MYTHIC VAMPIRE. To purchase a typed copy of the complete lecture, contact her at



I cannot make the link LIVE so you will need to cut & paste it into your browser. Pages 54-55 has an excellent article on the Vampire Energy of Pluto in the various signs. This is a magazine that it free for anyone to download.
This article was sent to be in November 2014 on the Narcissistic Sociopath. It makes for good reading for those who are vulnerable.

The archetype of the vampire has existed in all cultures throughout history. It is a popular symbol in myth, films and literature. The prevalence of the vampire myth is based on the fact that Vampires DO exist. They are men and women who live off of others psychic energy.

Vampires come into your life offering you something, sometimes it is a gift or they do you a great favor. Sometimes they are helpers. They seem more dynamic, intelligent and nicer than others. They seem bigger than life, they shine because they cast no shadow. A vampire does not own their shadow qualities. Once you let them into your life, you notice a feeling of tiredness, a sense of low self esteem, a need to replenish yourself. Nighttime is when they arrive, a classic symbol of unconsciousness. You can resist a vampire by remaining conscious.

Some people are more susceptible than others to psychic vampires. What hints can we get from our birth charts of our tendency to attract and be attracted to the vampire? Scorpios or predatorily with Pluto aspects will smell a rat immediately when they meet a Vampire but Pisces/Neptune types, the most sensitive, will be totally vulnerable. Compassion is the main characteristic of Pisces/Neptune types. So even if they recognize the Vampire, they feel that with love and compassion they can cure them. This is a BIG MISTAKE!

What house is your Neptune in? That is where you are the most vulnerable. If its in the 7th house, you would attract Vampire types as partners. If in the 5th, it could be one of your children, or in the 4th, it could be one of the parents, or both.


People come into the world seeking love. When they do not find it, they seek power. When they do not develop internal power, they learn to tap into the energies/power of others. They see others as having Power but they have none – yet they feel entitled to the power of others. Entitlement issues are indicated by planets in the 8th House. Vampires do not own their Pluto. What they drain from others is not satisfying so that continually want more.

Vampires go into the helping professions because this makes it easier to get energy from willing subjects. They like to lecture to audiences but the audience often goes away feeling tired and drained. They are overly nice and extremely helpful, often as payment for taking your energies or to put themselves in a better position to syphon your energies. Vampires are extremely intelligent, “head” people and their predatorial tendencies make them highly vigilant… “seeking out the most vulnerable in the herd.” Being hyper-vigilant, they are excellent workers who do not miss anything. They are brilliant and highly psychic.

This is a type of Plutonian psychic ability, one based upon sizing up the strengths and weaknesses in others and based upon survival issues. Vampires exploit people – they did not receive love as a child so they feel the need to fill the void…but it never gets filled. They seek continual, unquestioning, unconditional love…love they cannot give themselves.

Vampires are heartless and soulless, yet they possess a great mind and a great personality. They often have bright or hypnotics eyes so it is advisable to avoid direct eye contract if you are a vulnerable type. Do not assess the person by whether or not you like them— Vampires are very likable! They feel they are giving you something in exchange for taking your energies.

Vampires are insidious in taking away your self-esteem. When around them, you feel tired, you feel flawed, insufficient and your self-esteem deflates. They attack your self-esteem with snide comments that serve to undermine your sense of self worth. You feel a need to shop or eat in order to replenish yourself. It is important at this point to give to yourself what the vampire seems to be offering in order not to be drawn into their web. If around these people for prolonged periods, your long-term health will be impaired!

Vampires do not like “Mirrors.” These people are not in touch with their dark side, they lack self-reflection and, in their need to see themselves as perfect, they avoid anyone who reflects back to them their Shadow Self. They do not want any feedback about any imperfections! They do not like or seek therapy where they could have to confront their Shadow.

They are often obsessive-compulsive. They can have a Borderline Personality Disorder… and some can even have a schizophrenic personality disorder. In many cultures, the most effective way to escape a vampire is to scatter poppy seed, mustard seeds or rice grains between one’s self and the monster. The vampire will be compelled to stop and count all of the grain, giving its intended victim sufficient time to flee the vampire or kill it.

Vampires do not know who they are. They can be narcissistic but Janet feels that not all narcissists are vampires. Anyone who is Perfect, such as “the perfect man,” is likely to be a vampire – they have no shadow. They are perfect! They never admit stupidity or failure. They cannot see this in themselves.

Vampires go through many relationships. Once people are drained out or refuse to allow themselves to be further siphoned, then move onto another victim. Not only do they go through friendships easily but their partner often looks pale and drawn. And, when someone says, “You’re my ONLY friend” or “I have never had any friends but you.” Do not take this as a compliment— they are likely vampires. Get away!

It is sometimes very difficult to get rid of a vampire, as long as they feel that you have something that they want. They prefer to end the relationship, usually when they find a new victim. They do not want to be without an energy source. They cannot survive!

Vampires are known to loiter at the crossroads. That means they can attack when we are at a major crossroads in our life. This is when we are most vulnerable.

Sometimes, we are attracted to Vampires because at least one of our parents was this way. If the mother is not a vampire, then the Vampire felt no support from the mother. If you yourself experiences an intimidating mother and adopted a “poor me” attitude— vampires love the “poor me” types!! Aloofness is the other response to an intimidating mother but this attitude would make you unavailable to the vampire.

A natal Mars-Neptune aspect can make one vulnerable to vampires. This aspect describes a parent, like a vampire, who did not want you to grow up or grow away. They did this by siphoning off your energy, your initiative to move on with your own life. They talk you out of and you learn to talk yourself out of doing on your own behalf. It is essential that you activate your Mars and learn to act on your own behalf. Vampires talk you out of this, discourage you in ways that make it seem “better” or easier not do act.

Vampires suffocate others, making people often feel that they cannot breathe. They use flattery. And, while many of us see compassion as a positive trait, the Vampire sees this as a weakness, a weakness that can benefit them in a major way.

Vampires often ask a lot of personal questions. They want to get to know you better for a reason – knowledge, to them, is power. They reveal little of the truth about themselves to others but they are always interrogating their Victim. The information they acquire will be used against you later on, to manipulate you or to tear you down. Never give the Vampire personal information. Respond to their questions with your own questions about them. Remember, the cross examination is to acquire information that will be used later on to control you. To the vampire, knowledge is power.

Since the increased use of the Internet, vampires can now attack you through chat rooms and e-Lists. They drain your energies through acquiring information and solicit your help in solving their problems… problems that never get solved. They are not seeking solutions, only your energy!

Remember, the Vampire is never concerned about your life, only what they can take from you. The vampire is only concerned with their personal survival.


  1. Develop healthy boundaries for yourself.
  2. Never give them personal information – respond to their questions with your own questions.
  3. Keep yourself focused upon your own positive creativity. “Idle hands are the vampires workshop.”
  4. Never engage with these people. Remain aloof.
  5. “Cut off their head” – since they live in their heads, having no heart connection, this is the source of their power. Example: Questioning their intelligence
  6. Stay conscious! These people are stopped in their tracks by the Light of Consciousness. Show them what they are. Respond that you are feeling drained by them.
  7. Go for the heart! Example: When you feel drained by a person, a class or a speaker, just get up and walk away. This is staying conscious.

Vampires can be:

  1. the narcissistic, self-absorbed victim
  2. the charismatic, high-energy individual
  3. the argumentative bully who absorbed energy through initiating discord
  4. the controlling salesperson who is more interested in taking your energy than really selling anything
  5. those who enter our psyches by instilling fears, doubts and attempts to alienate us from our friends and family, people whom we would normally trust
  6. “The World Is About To End” speakers who excite our fears to absorb our energies
  7. “The Great Love” who manipulates our emotions to siphon off your energies.


These charts are from my personal collection of Vampires. These charts are for people in Europe, not the United States; however, for purposes of confidentiality, I am not reproducing the charts that I have used. I will only describe the placements.

DESCRIPTION 1: Leo Asc conjunct Transpluto; Saturn in Pisces in the 8th opposing Mars-Uranus-Pluto in Virgo and Neptune in the 4th House Retrograde 135° Sun. Neptune and Moon are the most aspected planets in the chart.

Chart #1 is that of a woman who is well known among her friends to be a Vampire. When I met her, I got tired very quickly. I was doing tarot card readings for my friends in Europe and, after reading for this woman, I had to stop. I was exhausted. What is curious about this woman is that you can tell her to stop taking your energies and she will stop. You can even do this by telepathy— and she will stop.

Her Sun is weakly aspected, only a conjunction to Venus. There is a theory that Vampires are lacking in Prana, ruled by the Sun, and they take this energy from their victims.

Vampires often have a parent who is a vampire. Neptune and all hard Neptune aspects can denote a parent who did not want the child to grow up or go away, sabotaging and siphoning off their energies. Minor aspects can be unconscious and Mercury is inconjunct Neptune and the Sun is sesquiquadrate Neptune. Neptune in the 4th is said to produce “skeletons in the closet.” Her father is a “dark” celebrity in Europe and her mother committed suicide.

Astrologer, Janet Kane, has observed that people who had Vampire parents have Neptune afflicting their natal Sun-Moon-Mercury-Venus. I have personally observed that such aspects cause a lack of boundaries (often at the etheric level; leaks in the etheric web) where a parent is concerned.

The 8th House and Scorpio energies can signify a Vampire but, be assured, not all 8th House/Scorpio people are Vampires. It is the type who have strong entitlement issues as a result of the 8th House tendencies who can be Vampires. Often raised around people who had more than they did, they feel that they are entitled to the energy and resources of others.

DESCRIPTION 2: Saturn Retrograde in Pisces on Asc; stellium in 7th, including Mars-Neptune conjunction; Sun weakly aspected but square Pluto.

Chart #2 is an example of a Vampire who changed! For many years, everyone who knew him were very aware of his strong energy-draining tendencies. People were often afraid to see him because he drained their energies so much. But, something happened when the transiting Uranus crossed his ASC. He suddenly became “wise,” content and much more independent. He is no longer jealous of others— and he is no longer a Vampire! So, from this example, the Vampire can change and I am told that he changed a lot!

The significant aspects that indicate boundary issues are Mars-Neptune in a 7th House stellium (co-dependent issues) and Saturn in Pisces Retrograde in the 1st. Being Retrograde and in Pisces always presents boundary distortion— trouble defining boundaries for self as well as others.

DESCRIPTION 3: Venus-Jupiter in Scorpio on Asc (can be narcissistic); Sun/Mars-Neptune square; Moon in Pisces Apex of YOD.

Chart #3 is a man who, when I met him, I felt so tired. I would have dreams of a tire slowly losing its air. I observed that I would start to eat when around him as a way of establishing a defense against his draining energies. Like the true Vampire, he presents himself as helpful, charming and willing to do anything for you… as long as he can take your energies.

I feel that the key signature in his chart the Moon in Pisces in the 4th as Apex of a Yod with Neptune and Pluto. He grew up with a powerful mother figure who was probably the Vampire in his life. She made him the “little man” in her life, coddling him and taking his energy… something that he resented all his life but he felt powerless to get away from her. He does not own his Pluto and the strong Neptune aspects indicate boundary issues.

He is always seeking the company of powerful, older women to support him financially and energetically. Typical of Uranus in the 7th, his relationships never last long but, typical of the Vampire, he does not leave one victim until he finds another victim. He may have an intimate relationship but, at the same time, have several telephone or internet relationships. Janet Kane says that the Vampire can work very successfully via the Internet.

I am told that, when he finds a new victim with fresh energy, he is on a “high” like a addict who has just taken heroin. When the source begins to tire and dry up, he no longer feels this high and he must begin seeking another victim.

DESCRIPTION 4: Sun in Capricorn square Neptune in 8th; stellium in 7th; Sun strongly aspected (important).

Chart #4 is not a Vampire but her mother was a Vampire and she attracts Vampires. My Vampire charts come from this woman. Her chart is not typical of the person who is attracted to Vampires and whose parent was a Vampire. As I have stated earlier, Janet has observed friends with Neptune square Mercury, Neptune conjunct Venus, Neptune square Sun and Neptune square Moon have the Vampire parent and they themselves are attracted to Vampires…or, more correctly, Vampires are attracted to them because they do not have the etheric boundary and protection against such life-draining individuals.

My friend does have a wide Neptune square Sun aspect and her mother sabotaged her energies so that she would not grow up or grow away. But, all who know her would say that she is very Plutonian. While she resented taking care of her Vampire mother, there was always an unhealthy bond, until the mother died. Yet, she is always intrigued by Vampires. She can identify them quickly and she knows exactly how to handle them. I have never met anyone with such a fascination with Vampires.

I suggest that those interested in the topic read the book, ENERGY VAMPIRES: A Practical Guide for Psychic Self-Protection by Dorothy Harbour.

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  1. Well damn. I also have sun in capricorn, neptune in the 8th as well as a 7th house stellium (Mars, moon, saturn, and uranus all in 7th Sagittarius) and my mom is a mega narcissist and I’ve always taken care of her and only resent it bc she never has any actual appreciation or even acknowledges all that I do and ive only realized within the last couple of years just how much her constant negativity, belittling, and discouragement have impacted me.
    My current bf, that I know is bad for me as he steals and lies constantly (but always acts like he’s helping everyone) and is the definition of entitled and he also tries to create doubt within my friendships…he also has his moon in pisces, venus, mercury, and pluto in scorpio and neptune and the moon are also the most aspected in his chart I believe. And I’ve broken up with him several times but just can’t seem to make it stick. In our composite we have 6 planets in the 6th house so I assume that plays a part. Ugh. And I thought it was bc I was an empath. Oh and I’ve also always been fascinated with vampires and have always loved reading and watching anything about them.

    1. Why do you chose to stay in these toxic relationships???? With a 7th House Stellium, relationships can suck the life out of you unless you become a counselor or consultant and get paid for this.

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