The Transit of Venus is a cycle, occurring every 130 years, in which Venus passes over the face of the Sun. When this occurs, as it did on June 8 2004, it will pass again 8 years later, June 6 2012.

Before the last Venus Transit, I was trying to find a historical pattern. Then, amazing, there was a program on PBS about Impressionism. The first exhibition occurred at the time of the first passing. This shocked the art community and this type of art was assaulted.
The Last exhibition occurred with the 2nd crossing and this type of art became mainstream, opening an opportunity for the truly modern art that was presented at the turn of the 20th century.

If you have seen an exhibition of Impressionism in a gallery, you will know that you must stand at a distance to really see the painting. If you stand close, it is a mess!

I examined the dates in each century and I saw that the Venus Transit offered an opportunity to view one’s world in a very different way. In the 1760s, we began to consider the possibility that the common man could rule himself…which led to the American and then French Revolution.

A couple of years ago, in a discussion in my A.R.E. group, we all realized that 2004 had been a pitival year in the lives of everyone in the group. I could not figure out what happened astrologically that triggered such transformational events but I now see that it was the Venus Transit!

For me, I contracted the Epstein-Barr Virus that triggered painful neuralgia. This lasted for 2 years. This was a life-altering event in my life because it put me onto a very new path in astrology — a greater interest and research with medical astrology and remedies for health issues. This continues to this day.
I have always collected charts for various diseases but my studies became more intense as a result of the 2 years of hell. I realized that inflammation from sugar and many foods (intolerances) caused the pain. Within 2 weeks of changing my diet, the pain was gone and it only returned when I ate my fudge and Christmas cookies. I returned to the diet and the pain left within 2 weeks.

As a direct result of this experience in 2004, I lecture extensively on this topic, I teach for the International Academy of Astrology and I write for a Medical Forum, hosted by an astrologer in England.
If the pattern follows through, there should be some culmination of these events in the summer of 2012 (June 8).

In each century, the Transit of Venus alternates from Gemini to Sagittarius, the next Transit occurring on December 11 2117 and December 8 2125, 8 years later (8 years being a cycle for Venus).

The Transit of Mercury occurs much more frequently. This occurred 14 times in each century. I have observed that new ideas inspire humanity at this time. There are informational breakthroughs at this time.

Yes, there will be astrologers who talk about the balancing of Male-female energies but I have no idea what this means. Some astrologers have been talking about this since I became a professional astrologer in 1969. After 45 years, I still do not know what they are talking about or how it manifested. If anyone knows, please let me know.

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