The planet Mars has a cycle which lasts 23 months. It regulates the amount of energy available over a 2-year period. When Mars by transit nears the position and sign of your natal Mars, your energy level will be higher than normal. You will not only feel robust, energetic with high adrenaline surges but a lot of plans and activities will get under way. I do not find the activities themselves necessarily occurring at the time of the Mars Return but I do find it a time when plans are made that will come to pass at the time of the First Square. I call the First Square a Fruition Cycle— a time when the plans and decisions made during the Mars Return actually come to pass.

In the 1980s, I was interviewed for the “Washingtonian” magazine at the time of my Mars Return. The editor was very reluctant to publish the article but it finally hit the streets at the time of my First Square.

Generally, when Mars returns to the natal sign, the Mars Return, it is an excellent time to plan your future activities. The House Position of Mars in the Mars return chart, calculated for the time when Mars returns exactly to its natal position, will indicate what area of your life will be highlighted during the next 2-year cycle.


1st House: You feel more in control of your life and activities. Asserting one’s self is much easier now. It is a time to demand life on your own terms. It is also easier to be in the spotlight. Social interaction is easy. You feel better now. There are exceptions when the Mars is heavily afflicted and you may have to address health issues. However, I have never found afflictions to Mars to be indicative of difficulties. They are simply energizing. If you cannot assert yourself for yourself, the energy may implode and the health will be affected.

2nd House: Finances are emphasized. Money matters can improve. However, watch spending now. The 2nd House is the most compulsive House.

3rd House: This is a mentally active time. Lots of new ideas, short trips and mental interaction with others are all favored. It is a learning and teaching cycle.

4th House: There is greater activity around the home and family. It is an excellent time to conduct renovations and repairs, to spend more time with family and there can also be changes in the work environment.

If you prefer a life of travel, you may feel stuck at home or in the office during this period. If you need private time, this can be a fulfilling period in your life. Sometimes family responsibilities and commitments take up your time

5th House: This is a time to focus upon personal creativity and just having fun. If attempting a pregnancy, this is a good cycle. In psychological terms, it is an important time to give structure to the Creative Child within. Since Mars is action/activity oriented, it is excellent for conferences, workshops and educational activities where people have fun. It is a time to focus upon hobbies and your creative talents.

6th House: This is a busy time. I have traveled at this time but I had a lot of work to do – professional activities, conferences, seminars and lectures.

7th House: Relationships are the focus. Meeting and interacting with people is strongly indicated. It is a social time but usually on other people’s terms— doing what they want which can facilitate growth and new experiences. During one 7th House cycle, there were relationship crises. In my most recent 7th House cycle, my career was highlighted with a greater public presentation of my work— workshops, lectures and a new website.

8th House: Money Issues— both gains and expenses. I have received “unearned income” at this time. I am thinking that it may be a good cycle for playing the lottery— but I never won anything.

9th House: All expansive activities are stimulated— travel, education, communications and media activities, publications. Spiritual activities are favored.

10th House: Career and professional activities are highlighted. It is a good time to be out in the world and seek recognition. I have found that my work suddenly gets recognition. I am in the spotlight.

11th House: This is a good social time with meetings with friends, groups and organizations. I have given lectures to groups and I have attended new lectures.

12th House: A sense of isolation prevails. If you are not comfortable being alone, this can be a frustrating time. You can feel walled off from others. It is a good time to get in touch with yourself and your feelings. It is a good time for retreat and meditation.

In the Vedic system, this House rules foreign lands but, basically, going to places where people do not know the “old self.” In doing so, you are free to grow and develop, free from the expectation projections of others.

Mars Cycle

Mars Return— According to John Townley, “The individual often finds (the Mars Return) this a time of new projects and commitments, often accompanied by higher pay status and the increased responsibility and time/expenditure that such change of status often requires. Naturally, it is a good time to start a new job or project and, conversely, new jobs and projects just seem to turn up at this time.” I personally relate this to the fact that the energy level is higher and this energy or charisma is attractive to others— you project yourself with greater confidence, your aura is stronger and there is a radiance that is attractive to others. This explains why it is easier to get a job during the Mars Return.

Healthwise, recuperative abilities are enhanced at this time as well.

Mars Opposition— Approximately one year after the Mars Return, you will experience the Mars Opposition, a time when Mars begins to transit the sign opposite to your natal Mars position. This is a time your energy level is at its lowest ebb, interests in achieving and initiating are sluggish and it is a period to rest and indulge yourself. Indulgent spending is not uncommon at this time, as well as compulsive eating. The Eating Phenomena occurs because the body feels that the fatigue is due to a lack of nourishment.

This is actually a time when the physical body is on RECHARGE! While the body is recharging, it is important to expand as little energy as possibly. In expending too much energy during this cycle, your body will not be fully recharged to carry your through the next 23 months. It is NOT a time for elective surgery since your recuperative abilities are not good.

During the Mars opposition, the most critical period (lasting 2-2.5 days) occurs when the Moon is in the sign opposite to its natal position (this is not necessarily the natal Mars sign position). The energy level and reflexes are critically weak and you are susceptible to illness or accidents.

I tend to overlook this cycle until it returns every 2 years. One such period can be best described as a time when I “led the life of a slug.” My readings were uninspired (to suit my Virgo demands). I did not want to work. I scheduled readings for evenings so that I could sleep late. I lacked my usual high energy. During a period when both the Moon and Mars were in their opposition signs, I overtaxed myself and pulled a muscle in my back. Low energy can make one careless so that you can become more accident prone, make simple mistakes or errors in judgment.

Because of the low energy, it is not a time to apply for an important job since your natural radiance and confidence will sharply dim. Realizing this, do not be discouraged. You can take whatever is available and wait for a better cycle.

Last Square— The final cycle, before the next Mars Return, is the Last Square. Basically, I find this a good time to let go of what you no longer need or need to do. It is an ending cycle.

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