Scleroderma– a Personal Research Story

NOTE: Do read the Addendums at the end of this article, especially Addendum II, written in May 2011.

In February 1974, a New York ARE member, Sid Kalugin, gave an interview on the Barry Farber Radio Show, describing how his life had been saved from a very painful death from Scleroderma through the Edgar Cayce readings. Scleroderma is a disease of the connective tissue wherein the victim is said to “turn to stone.” Sid commented that, when his leg was completely diseased, he could have taken a hammer and chipped off pieces of his leg like chipping at a rock. With approximately 3 months to live, he was directed to the Cayce readings through a friend who had given him a copy of a life-altering book by Thomas Sugrue, THERE IS A RIVER.

Shortly before he achieved total remission, Sid met a friend of mine, Elaine Morgan, who assisted him with the final curative steps— since she herself had been cured of the disease only 2 years earlier. After he felt completely cured, Sid was interviewed by both the Virginia Sun newspaper (a copy of this interview appears in the circulating Scleroderma file) and Barry Farber. The response was phenomenal! Sid never realized that so many people suffered with this disease, a disease for which there is no known cure recognized by the traditional medical world. As a result of these numerous responses, Sid formed a Scleroderma information center in New York City. I worked with this information center during the early years as an astrological consultant. My service was for astrological research, to provide supportive data and make suggestions for the presiding medical doctor. Here, I would like to share 2 case studies.

The first case is that of a 7-year old boy which was the most complex case that we encountered. The child had open-heart surgery when he was 3 years old. There were kidney problems that the doctors could not alleviate. There was a blood disorder. And, lastly, this boy had vitiligo, no skin pigmentation. Because my original astrological diagnosis was quite long, I will discuss only the two most important astrological influences— Venus/Saturn and Saturn/Neptune. In relation to the kidney problem, I knew that Venus in Libra opposing Saturn produced renal retention, often due to the thickening and hardening of the long tubules of the kidneys. This, in turn, caused a block and inadequate procolation. Since the filtering systems (kidneys and skin, both ruled by Venus) were not functioning properly, there were leaving behind what they should have taken out! A transiting Uranus at that time indicated spasms, incoordination and reflex influences from other organs (nerve systems). Consequently, while there was retention, Uranus made him constantly feel that he had to urinate, although he had little urine.

I strongly suspected that Saturn also blocked the assimilation of some vital nutrient. Copper is ruled by Venus. I searched through stacks of medical books for some link but I found nothing. As a last resort, I perused Rodale medical encyclopedias (from the 1970s). Amazingly, in Rodale’s THE HEALTH SEEKER (page 552), I found the statement that “copper deficiencies may actually be involved in vitiligo.” This was later substantiated in the 1968 RECOMMENDED DIETARY ALLOWANCES, published by the U.S. government. This was an important discovery since it indicated what mineral had to be transferred via vibration, which could be done simply using Edgar Cayce’s Wet Cell Appliance, as this trace mineral was not being assimilated through the normal absorption systems.

Venus also rules the thymus gland that assimilates iron to form hemoglobin in the blood. Iron can only be utilized in conjunction with copper! Since the Venus-Saturn opposition clearly shows a copper deficiency, the iron could not be used to form hemoglobin.

The next aspect came closer to describing the actual ailment of Scleroderma, Saturn inconjunct Neptune, forming a Yod configuration. This aspect produces subtle degeneration of cell life as found in tuberculosis or pre-TB states. This aspect pattern can produce thyroid irregularity that leads to poor circulation. Cayce stated in his readings that poor circulation was always a problem and that Scleroderma was very similar to tuberculosis because the same bacteria bacillus were involved. According to Cayce, both scleroderma and tuberculosis require both the use of Atomidine for the thyroid and glandular system and inhaling 100 proof apple bandy fumes from a charred oak keg. It is the fumes from this inhalant that destroy the bacteria.

In the second case study, I collected the birth data but I wrote no diagnosis. Sid told me that it was useless since the scleroderma had spread to the kidneys and other vital organs. The young lady had heard Sid’s interview with Barry Farber while she was lying in her hospital bed with a medical diagnosis of having only two weeks to live. In order that she would not lose hope, Sid visited her in the hospital and suggested massages with peanut oil that Cayce recommended for circulation1. As a substitute for Atomidine, he recommended sea kelp, as a form of iodine. He included an outline of the Cayce treatment and urged her to obtain the Scleroderma File from the ARE Headquarters. He never heard fro the young lady after leaving her hospital room, feeling that she would have passed over even before she received the circulating file.

One year later, while at a local shopping mall, a young lady ran over to Sid, embraced him and thanked him so much for saving her life. It was the same young lady from the hospital who had been medically diagnosed as having only two weeks to live! She had immediately initiated the treatment outline given by Sid that provided sufficient remission until the circulating file arrived whereby she then was able to carry out the complete Cayce treatment. As long as there is life, there is hope!


My original article on Scleroderma was written in the mid-1970s. I have continued to research this disease and I have acquired many new observations. Two case studies from the Cayce Readings can be found here.

The current medical definition: Scleroderma is an autoimmune disease of the connective tissue. Autoimmune diseases are illnesses which occur when the body’s tissues are attacked by its own immune system. Scleroderma is characterized by the formation of scar tissue (fibrosis) in the skin and organs of the body. This leads to thickness and firmness of involved areas. Scleroderma is also referred to as systemic sclerosis. Eventually, this disease attacks the internal organs and, with traditional treatment, it is fatal. If you read my original article, you can see why Scleroderma is the most curable of the incurable diseases.

In an overview by Dr. McGarey, “…the glandular deficiency creates a lack of nutrition in the circulation of the skin itself which in turn causes a checking of the flow of the lymph circulation. As the disease progresses, conditions in the circulation become more disturbed and areas develop of a hardening where the lymph or emunctory flow is destroyed. The nerves in these areas become involved as described earlier— causing organic involvement on the part of the body to bring about better conditions. As the lymph flow is destroyed, the lymphatics themselves become inflamed, creating the germ or the tubercle bacillus, which consumes the circulation of the skin creating a malformation. In the more advanced cases of Scleroderma, the perspiration of the skin of course becomes involved, destroying the sweat glands. And without this normal breathing of the skin, a gradual increase in acidosis within the body comes into being. This makes the body more susceptible to colds and to intercurrent infections.”

This overview can be read in its entirety at
or simply Google “Scleroderma Cayce.”

“Cayce insisted that, in each Scleroderma reading, that this was a disease process that involved tubercle bacilli in the skin (the same bacilli found in tuberculosis). In an article entitled “Acid-fast Microorganisms as a Possible Cause of Scleroderma”. (Medicina Cutanea, Ano 1-N. 6-Mayo 1967, paginas 583-596. Editorial Cientifico-Medica— Barcelona), a microscopic demonstration of the (Scleroderma) organisms was made. Cayce’s unconscious visualization of what he called tubercle bacilli no longer needed even an uninformed apology— there was proof.” [See 3/16/68 Dr. Cantwell’s letter enclosing a reprint of the Scleroderma article printed in English.]

Astrologically, I see Scleroderma as a disease associated with a malfunction of the Mutable signs with a strong Saturn. Uranus transits, associated with inflammations, were primarily the trigger aspects.

Cayce actually gave the clue to the astrological signature when he stated that it was the same bacteria bacilli in Tuberculosis that was the cause of Scleroderma. In Cornell’s ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MEDICAL ASTROLOGY, he assigns Sun-Moon/Saturn/Gemini-Sagittarius-Pisces to the natal signatures. These are the identical signatures that I have observed with Scleroderma!

With strong Mutables placements in the natal chart, the individual is subjected to many changes and vicissitudes during the life, especially during the childhood and formative years. With a strong Saturn, there is great fear associated with these life changes. The individual often feels that he or she must be responsible, mature and assume premature, adult-like assumption of duties so that the individual never does learn how to handle responsibilities effectively. The enjoyment of life is very much limited by these chores. Saturn says: Before you can be happy, the people you love must be happy.

See Dysfunctional Saturn article on this website.

The asset of the Mutable signs (Gemini-Virgo-Sagittarius-Pisces) is their flexibility and adaptability to life’s circumstances. Early pressures and fears circumvented this nature ability to adjust and easily adapt. Ultimately, the fear of change and the lack of adaptability in these people manifests through the body turning to stone… no flexibility at all.

In the Cornell Encyclopedia, he also associates “Tuberculosis of the Skin” with the Cadent Houses— 3-6-9-12. I do not find that the 9th House is connected with the many Cadent health issues that I have researched— Alzheimer’s Disease, Learning Disabilities and Scleroderma. However, houses 3-6-12 are often involved. With planets in the Cadent Houses, the individual often “thinks” about doing but does not “do.” I use the analogy of sitting at the bus stop thinking about what you are going to buy at the mall— and being so preoccupied that you miss all of the buses. My advice to people with many natal Cadent placement is to relocate to another time zone that will pull the Cadent planets into Angular Houses (1-4-7-10), making them more active.

In one of the Scleroderma case studies, it is stated regarding the psychological profile: “She began to realize that she was a compulsive achiever, driving herself always to accomplish more. This realization reduced her drive to achieve to more reasonable levels. Terri followed her treatment program persistently and consistently, amazing her parents with her ability to care for herself.” Her mother commented, “She is a different person.”

While Cayce prescribed a lengthy treatment program, Sid Kalugin listed the primary 3 treatments:

  • Take a formula of iodine called Atomidine to stimulate the glands. When you cannot readily purchase this, although it is available through the Heritage Store in Virginia Beach, Barr Products and Village Green Apothecary in Bethesda MD, iodine from sea kelp can be used initially. There is no known toxicity level for Kelp Iodine at this time. Do not take Kelp while you are using Atomidine!
  • Massages with Peanut Oil to stimulate the circulation in the skin.
  • Essential: Breathing the fumes of Laird’s 100 Proof Apple Brandy from a Charred Oak Keg. This is required to kill the bacteria in both Scleroderma and Tuberculosis. This can be obtained from the Heritage Store in Virginia Beach. A woman at Heritage who uses the keg (only 1 gallon so not large at all) advised to heat the keg with a heating pad during the day. When the brandy is heated, the fumes are potent! This Keg Treatment is also used for bacterial asthma and pneumonia.

ADDENDUM I: In February 2010, I received an excellent post from Margaret Meuller on Scleroderma. I asked if I could post her private response and she said….

Lynn, it’s all about helping others find out that there are people who are getting well. Please mention The Roadback Foundation website
There are people with dermatomyositis, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and scleroderma who’ve been able to get to remission. The Roadback Foundation was established by volunteers who have either been helped, or have a loved one who has been helped. They have a list of doctors all over the world who will treat with this protocol, because, most doctors have been taught that this method of treatment is not effective. The ones who do are saints. I’m living proof it works, and so are the others.

I have only been in treatment for 10 – 11 months, and the average treatment to remission is three years. During this time I have become symptom free, but still have mycoplasma in my system at above normal levels.

I have also tested positive for lyme, and I believe, as do many scleroderma ap patients, that our mycoplasma infection is the result of an insect (tick, flea, biting fly, mosquito) bite. The rheumatological community denies that there is an infectious cause for scleroderma.

All the grant dollars are for stem cell or genetic research right now, so no one is even looking at the most obvious causes. Besides, the return on investment is in the medicines that are created, not the cures. I’m not bitter or a conspiracy theorist, but I’ve worked and researched long enough to understand the realities of the marketplace. “Just the facts, m’am.”

That is not to say that there are people who are not in remission. There are plenty. Some brave souls have completely gone off antibiotics with no recurrence of illness, others stay on a maintenance dose. I personally know a few of these people, as I have corresponded and talked to them on the phone. One is Jessica Ferguson a UCSD student who four years ago had skin scores of 26 and lung fibrosis. Last August she was told she was in complete remission, and has set a record for UCSD in the swimming relay, and is a nationally recognized ESPN Collegiate Athlete. She is also pre-med student.

There is also a group of five patients who were treated about 12 years ago by Dr. Trentham in Boston who are all still in remission. He was trying to set up a clinical trial, and could not get funded for a larger trial involving thousands. I’d love to write a book about them.”

The woman I know of who has been in remission the longest was sick for more than twelve years before she started on the protocol. Her name is Helen Gaggen and she has remained well and physically very active for more than twelve years.
Given others’ success, I’m optimistic I, too will get well, because we caught my scleroderma in the early stage.
There is an herbalist, Stephen Buhner, who wrote a book called Healing Lyme. Since I’m already on the antibiotic and supplement protocol for scleroderma, I’ve decided, on my own, to add in Buhner’s herbal protocol for lyme. My Lyme symptoms are reversing, some dramatically so. My approach

1 Cayce actually recommended the combination of peanut oil and olive oil for superficial circulation and he recommended peanut oil only for rheumatism and arthritis.


In the April-June 2011 VENTURE INWARD magazine from the ARE, there was an article on Scleroderma taken from the materials of Gladys McGarey MD. This article gives new insight on the treatment and cause of Scleroderma.

Gladys’s first-line therapy for this disease is:
1 – “therapeutic reimen of castor oil packs” over the liver for 90 minutes (or longer if desired) 3 times each week. Castor oil packs absorb toxins from the liver (for this reason, the oil must be washed off immediately after the pack is removed) and it stimulates the lymph.
2 – Apply castor oil on the hands each night and cover the hands with cotton gloves
3 – Obtain massages as often as one can. The manual lymph drainage massage is particularly helpful with this disease that attacks the lymph.
4 – Keep the diet as alkaline as possible.
5 – Atomidine for the glandular system – this can be taken as Formula 636

In 1969, a doctor from Spain said that he had identified an acid-fact bacteria in the skin of ALL scleroderma patients. However, Cayce said that the bacteria was the result of the hardening of the skin, not the cause.

Cayce said that the cause was related to a deficiency in the hormones of the Adrenal and Thyroid glands (Cardinal signs, Saturn-Taurus-Mars) and a dysfucntion of the Liver. “With these hormones absent, the effect on the glands is…to produce a tubercle bacillus or germ in the lymphatics of the skin as a direct result of the skin being destroyed. NOTE: The lymph is ruled by the Mutables, Water Signs, the Moon and Neptune.

To work with the glandular system, Cayce advised the use of Atomidine, a iodine supplement that stimulates the glandular system. There are directions on the bottle (Heritage Store or Baar) for taking this. One can also take Formula 636 three times daily as this contains atomidine and a digestive aid. Formula 636 helps me when I experience acid reflux and the effect is immediate. This iodine supplementation is taken in waves, on and off cycles.

I noticed that this article did not mention the fumes of 100 proof Apple Brandy in a charred oak keg. These fumes kill the bacteria but it does not solve the glandular problem.

There is a book by Dr. John Pagano, ONE CAUSE, MANY AILMENTS, who researched psoriatic diseases using the Cayce readings. He states the same and adds that the glandular deficiency “creates a lack of nutrition” in the skin and in the flow of the lymph. He uses the same regimen for psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis and
eczema. He does use the charred oak keg therapy with peanut oil massages.

Since this is a book on the Leaky Gut Syndrome, it is important with all skin diseases to avoid eating foods of the Nightshade Family — tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant and peppers (sweet and hot).

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