WORKING WITH NATAL ECLIPSES: An Excellent Lecture/Workshop by Bill Meridian
Bill Meridian, who lives with his Austrian wife and astrologer, Surya, works with the writings and teachings of the late Charles Jayne. Bill has been able to distill Jayne’s writings so that they are understandable by all astrologers, not just the astrological intellectuals. I can only give the highlights of his talk. Ideally, you should order his book from – Dave will mail it out immediately and he mails internationally as well.

First, he gives Eclipse Rules:
1. Events that occur in the days around an eclipse are always memorable. He uses a time orb of plus or minus 10 days. Events that occur 7-10 before an eclipse work out in an unexpected fashion. Jayne states that these events are not always anticipated. These events are more fated.
2. Solar Eclipses can have an effect up to 3 to 6 months before they occur and as long as 1 year afterwards. The Lunar Eclipse can have an effect about 6 weeks before and after the lunar eclipse, according to Jayne. However, Meridian has observed events connected to the eclipse to occur as long as 1.5 years after the phenomena.
3. Eclipses occurring before or after the birth have an effect upon the life of the individual. If a natal eclipse is eclipsed again – that is, occurring near the same degree – the effects are very powerful. Eclipses near birth have an effect upon the life of the individual. At birth, the eclipse will last for your entire life – this affects the career orientation.
4. It has been traditionally thought that the path of an eclipse is not of concern unless you are a political leader or if you visit that area. Meridian has observed that such paths do affect the average person.
5. With regard to eclipse paths, the central path is the mot powerful and the eclipse path of a Total Eclipse is the most powerful. Eclipses add energy to any activity that takes place near them.
6. Eclipses stimulate the energy of the planet before it occurs and then triggers after it occurs.
7. Look at the Converse progressions for the timing of Pre-Natal Eclipses
8. Event triggers can be the transiting Sun squaring the Nodes or the transiting Mars squaring the Nodes.
9. It is my experience and Meridian states the same that events that commence just before an eclipse tend to flop. I say that some other event will “eclipse” the situation and I always use the example of Charles and Cammilla who were supposed to marry just before an eclipse…and then the Pope died so that they had to change their wedding date! Eclipses can affect a collective destiny in a group event – such as something happening to a group of children. But, whatever you do around an eclipse takes on great importance.
10. Eclipses conjunct the Sun-MC-Asc are the most important. Eclipses increase awareness, even if it is a health problem that makes you aware of a physical problem.
11. MOST INTERESTING: Eclipses on the birth dates of royalty will end the royal line – Diana, Charles and Katie were born on eclipses! I cannot find this passage now but I definitely remember reading a Nostradamus prediction that said that Charles would be the last king of England.
12. Meridian advised doing a synastry chart with the natal and eclipse chart to see how these work.

13. Eclipse paths at the Poles will have a global or international impact upon the world
14. Eclipses on your Sun give you power; eclipses opposing the Sun will take power away.
The theme of his talk was to look at the eclipse path of the Solar Eclipse before birth. My PNE occurred on July 9 1945 at 16 degrees of Cancer.

My Solar Eclipse Path crosses Hudson Bay and northern Canada, Greenland, Sweden and Finland and finally ends in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. These places, so far, have no meaning for me. There has never been an eclipse exactly on the PNE degree but, on July 10 1953, July 9 1964, July 11 1991, and July 11 2010, an eclipse occurred within one or two degrees of 16 Cancer. If I allowed a wide time orb given by Meridian, I can say that the periods around 1964, 1991 and 2010 were significant.

Yet, when Meridian shows charts that appear in his book, the Eclipse Paths of famous people, including himself, were very important. His own Eclipse Path goes through Austria – he is married to an Austrian astrologer and he lives in Austria. I can only suggest that you try this yourself to see how it works.

Another technique is to progress planets to the PNE eclipse point. In 1983 through Spring 1985, my progressed Mars was at 16 degrees of Cancer. This was a significant time for me in that I began my studies in Esoteric Astrology and Psychology, taught by Alice A. Bailey. I can truly say that this was a life-altering period in my life because I am still applying this form of esoterics to my natal and medical research. My progressed Moon at 16 Cancer has not revealed anything of major importance.

There is much more to Meridian’s methods that I am applying to my chart. His examples always work. Our Slovenian member, Ema Kurent, has had great success working with his theory of eclipses. And, eclipses are definitely very important!

Using the Synastry technique, the July 9 1944 eclipse throws a great emphasis upon the 11th House. It is strong in my natal chart as well, being the home of the ruler of my 10th and 3rd cusps. I am an only child who grew up on a farm, over a mile from the nearest children of my age. It was a wonderful life on the farm and a very lonely life as well. Saturn in the 11th often indicates that the individual grew up in a world of adults and not easily relating to one’s peer group. This Saturn often assumes responsibility roles in groups in order to connect with others. This is very true for myself – in my position of responsibility, people have to come to me. I do not have to reach out myself. I have learned everything about myself through group interaction, teaching in groups and coordinating groups. It is the field of my life lessons. This may be emphasized by my PNEclipse in the 11th House.

Something else that works using the Meridian theory – if I progress conversely to my PNE, this occurred when I was 52 years of age, 1997-98. If I have to think of one of the turning points in my life, it would be 1997-early 1998. I made dramatic changes and I will never be the same again – it was a good thing.

This link gives a long list of Eclipses:

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  1. You mention “Eclipses conjunct the Sun-MC-Asc are the most important” on number 10 above, but was wondering about an eclipse conjunct the DC? does it really have to be bad times ahead for partnerships? it is really that negative in black and white? could it instead at least mean increased awareness around work that needs doing in partnerships? and does lunar or solar make a difference?

    1. I am not an eclipse expert, although I keep an eye on the ones that conjunct a natal planet within a degree. I do not always see them as negative at all. But, this article was based upon the work of another astrologer.
      Dietrich Pessin in Boston is my favorite eclipse astrologer. I find that an eclipse triggers events portended by the transits and progressions.
      I find some eclipses are fantastic for me, especially conjunct my MC. I think you are correct when you assess that an eclipse on your 7th cusp would bring increased awareness in relationships — more with the lunar eclipse. The Solar Eclipse on the 7th would bring changes around another which impacts you indirectly.

  2. I’m very new to learning astrology but I did see the Saros cycle 2 Old North of Prince William (he was born just after an eclipse too) and that cycle ends in 2036 so it’s possible that will be the end of the monarchy. So fascinating. The more I learn, the more my mind is blown!

  3. What would it mean if the New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius was conjunct both my MC and North Node? This is happening exact tomorrow…

    1. Eclipses trigger events that are shown in the transits and progressions. Solar Eclipses are empowering and, on the MC, this can be good for the career and recognition.

  4. Hi Lynn, in reference to the conversed progressions to the prenatal eclipse, I will be having conversed progressed Moon conjunct my prenatal eclipse exact in a couple weeks.

    is that what you’re somewhat referring to in your situation with the conversed progressions?

    My natal Moon just happens to be 8 minutes from my PNE.

    To add, my solar arc Venus will be conjunct almost exactly with natal Pluto at the same time.



    1. Steve, you asked an excellent question about the Pre-Natal Eclipse. Yes, you calculate the converse 2ndary progression to your PNE. The degree of that eclipse is really a sensitive point, at least I have observed in my own chart.
      Coming from another “era” when astrologers used the ephemeris, I used my ephemeris to count backwards to the eclipse. But, converse 2ndary with the computer does the same. I rarely use Solar Arc progressions — they are not exact and I just do not have a skill with these. I only use them with Near Death Experiences (Septile as a trigger). In medical astrology, I use them when I cannot find anything with 2ndaries and transits.

  5. Hi Lynn, thanks for your response. Well, I guess we’ll see if I’m personally sensitive to the PNE. From what I understand, the PNE is a somewhat fated degree. Do you agree from what you experienced in 1997-98?

  6. Hi Lynn
    I was wondering what it means if this eclipse falls exact to the minute on my Venus??
    Also if it falls 5 degrees from my north node would that be a big deal or would it have to be closer?
    Thank you so much

    1. It is impossible to say because you need to look at the entire chart and what is going on. The energy of Venus will be triggered in terms of relationships. If it is a Full Moon, then you may reach some awareness about a current relationships, you could buy something expensive (hopefully, not with Mercury R).

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