Transiting Septile & Multidimensional Phenomena

I have had so many responses to the Transiting Septile Dates that I making this an annual post— the prominent dates of transiting Septile Clusters, when many occur in the sky.

I find this a time when unique, unexpected events occur. This aspect is very, very strong at the time of UFO sightings and Near-Death Experiences. Now, do not expect such an event but it is an excellent time for unusual meditation and multi-dimensional experiences.

  • The strong dates have many septiles. This is unusual. Sometimes the “left curve” events are troublesome but sometimes there are wonderful solutions. It is excellent for the connections with other realms.
  • In looking at my research for Cult Suicides, Septiles figured quite strong with these events – and, they were all seeking to go to a higher realm in their own strange way. What is so interesting about the Septile is that it is the same angle used in the construction of the Great Pyramid— 51.25° At a lecture by Robert Blaschke, I pressured him for a clearer explanation of the Septile, one that could be connected to my observations. He replied that it was a SUSPENSION aspect, suspension of one’s belief and control, so that you express yourself in a new reality.


In the past, I indicated that very powerful Septile Clusters would occur on March 21-22 2002. “If you are drawn to UFO or experiences with Aliens, these are good periods for this work. There are 5 hits now but all personal planets.”

To my amazement, I received an e-mail from a friend saying that, while flying in an airplane, he spotted a UFO… “The UFO was flying roughly from the Northwest to the Southeast, across my field of vision to the South. I would describe the UFO’s path as being roughly from the ___ Airport (N41-04; W073-42) to the Islip/MacArthur Airport (N40-47; W073-06).” The date was March 21 between 10-11 p.m.”

In 2003, the period around January 30 was very strong with Neptune septile Pluto, accompanied by other personal planet septiles. Looking back, this date was highly significant in terms of feeling guided by a Higher Hand in everything that happened. There was a spiritual quality to the events. The correct words flowed when I needed them.

JUNE 1: Around this date, Jupiter septiles Chiron. This aspect favors connecting with like-minded people who share your spiritual beliefs. This is a period to follow one’s heart, to be guided by intuition and not tradition. Awareness of one’s own “alienness” — this can cause some dissatisfaction with the mundane world.”

On this date, I took a friend to a Japanese Light Center on Connecticut Avenue in Washington DC where anyone who walks in can get a free Light Treatment. My friend was thrilled by this profound experience and she hopes to open such a Center in Berlin. For me, it was a time when I experienced a lot of “little miracles.” Events just worked out miraculously. After visiting the Light Center, I found a policeman writing a parking ticket. He suddenly, stopped, tore up the ticket and walked away!

“Neptune septile Pluto is exact on December 5 but it adds strength to the minor septiles occurring on November 23-25-26-30 and December 2-3 (2003). This is a good period for using psychic receptivity for problem solving. Awareness of one’s own alienness— this can cause some dissatisfaction with the mundane world.”

On December 2, a reader wrote that her cousin and her family of 8 woke at 2:30 a.m. upon hearing a loud noise outside followed by colorful lights flashing in their hallway. The dogs were parking too. When they looked outside in the morning, there were no tracks in the snow, none anywhere near the house. The first thoughts were that it was a UFO. I immediately checked my 2003 column and found the above statement for this time. While I gave a personal interpretation of this cluster period, all of the cluster dates are potent for multi-dimensional connections.

“February 19-20 2006: Mars-Neptune/Pluto, Neptune-Pluto, Sun/Jupiter-Saturn, Jupiter-Saturn (continuing through the 23rd). This is particularly strong because inner planets are triggering the outer planet Septile aspects.”

UPDATE 2006: On February 19, I met with friends to meditate because this was a strong Septile Period. During this meditation, I had a life-altering experience. Since 1992, I have had a strong urge to understand myself through understanding a past life that I had in the 12th century. I know many details about this lifetime but I have avoided seeking information about my family life. On February 19, I got a powerful past-life throw back in which I saw my parents as my 2 children in that lifetime that I abandoned. This was so liberating in connection with my decision to take care of my parents and my grandmother in this lifetime. The question that I asked in this meditation was, “Will I return to Mittenwald in May?” There was a resounding NO! My father would need me to help with the farmers’ market on Saturdays— then the past life images unfolded before me. It was, indeed, a portal in time wherein I was able to see my past more clearly. These portals are highly significant under Septile Clusters.


In the “Journal for Scientific Exploration,” the Spottiswoode research conducted with former government “remote viewers” revealed that there was a 2-hour window of dramatically increased psychic ability when the earth blocked the noise coming from the Galactic Center. To determine this on one’s own, use a Star Finder Dial or visually observe when Orion’s Belt is directly overhead. Since the transiting Septiles facilitate psychic ability, blocking the Galactic Center will give you an extra edge of receptivity.

Frequently, there will be septiles between the Sun-Mercury-Venus and Neptune-Pluto. These will not be so strong due to the frequency in which they occur. As Septiles, they are always useful for multi-dimensional connections and psychic support. Septiles involving the outer planets occur less frequently and, therefore, are more significant as they last for longer periods.

There are not many strong Septile Clusters through December 2006. The last strong cluster occurred on November 30 2005. When an outer planet is involved, it has a stronger influence but it needs Septile Clusters from the inner planets to be truly powerful. The last such important clustering occurred on March 21-22 2002.

I am not going to analyze each aspect as I have done in the past but rather give the series of Septile Clusters.

In 2007, there are many dates in which Septiles occur. I have only listed the strongest clusters for this e-mail post. I am personally trying to work with Septile dates for manifesting ghosts. Since Blaschke feels that this is a “Suspension” aspect, it can lift the veil between the seen and the unseen.

Your personal observations would be appreciated. With psychic work, look for the time when Orion is overhead. Noise from the Galactic Center will be blocked and reception will be improved.

UPCOMING CLUSTERS 2013 – to be added later

Almost every other day, you will find at least one Transiting Septile between two planets, especially the personal planets (Sun-Mercury-Venus-Mars). I select dates with Outer Planets forming a septile or clusters of personal planets.

This year I am adding septiles to Eris, a planet of transformation.


  • When Venus and Uranus are involved, these can trigger intuitive flashes and creative solutions. You can experience some telepathic rapport with another.
  • The inner planets support intuition, mental creativity, telepathy and synchronicitous occurrences. This is a strong period supporting psychic breakthrough, contacts with multi-dimensional realities and supernatural experiences.
  • Jupiter Septiles relate to a psychic connection with multi-dimensional realities, inner guidance and intuitive compassion and understanding through going beyond normal consciousness. Psychological perceptions and awareness, eureka solutions and inspired action. Jupiter septile Pluto favors psychological perceptions and intense inner awareness.
  • Mars-Chiron aspect urges us to go with intuition rather than what seems logical and practical.
  • Jupiter-Neptune supports psychic breakthroughs, contacts with multi-dimensional realities and supernatural experiences
  • Neptune septile Pluto adds strength to the other septiles occurring at this time. Psychic receptivity is strong. Synchronicity in relationships is strong. In the past, this aspect was highly significant in terms of feeling guided by a Higher Hand in everything that happened. There was a spiritual quality to the events.
  • Chiron-Saturn-Pluto— This is a favorable time for multi-dimensional connections in establishing a specific order in your life.

  1. Gray Says:
    I presume this is a sighting date: Mar 14 2001 PST[-8hour] ~0:15am
    within 5 minutes of true(count coastal BC mountains) moonrisePDT[-7hour] 50n01 125w15(Campbell River, BC)

    standing at Oyster River, facing the Georgia Straight.

    transit Uranus bispeptile Neptune (0°02’ orb)
    there are 3 sighting here on Mar 13 approaching midnight
    some saw it go north, some saw it go east( at slightly different times)

    I was with a fixed gaze to the east, waiting for the moon to rise. It came from behind, seeming to be a meteor that would easily survive to land. ie. not Venus.

    Fast enough to travel many arc degrees / second at first.

    I would have thought it was like tChiron and tKronos, and tUranus/Poseidon midpoint making squares to my Asc. without the septile.

  2. Lynn Koiner Says:

    GRAY (5-2014): In your natal chart, you have many Bi and Tri Septiles. Most important, you have inconjuncts (150) to your 8th House planets (Taurus-Sagittarius).

  3. Joy McGlothlin Says:

    Please consider helping me understand a configuration that is aligning in my chart please. I have gone through all of these. I lost 7 days of my life. I can’t account for in anyway. I am intrigued, but not obsessive. I am exherting anxiety, but yet have a good feeling even in the worse cicumstances. Your insight would be amazingly beneficial to me.

    Thanks, God Bless Joy

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