Transiting Septiles & Multidimensional Phenomena

I find this a time when unique, unexpected events occur. This aspect is very, very strong at the time of UFO sightings and Near-Death Experiences. Now, do not expect such an event but it is an excellent time for unusual meditation and multi-dimensional experiences.

What is so interesting about the Septile is that it is the same angle used in the construction of the Great Pyramid — 51.25 ÌŠ

At a lecture by Robert Blaschke, I pressured him for a clearer explanation of the Septile, one that could be connected to my observations. He replied that it was a SUSPENSION aspect, suspension of one’s belief and control, so that you express yourself in a new reality.

NATAL SEPTILES: When there are too many Septiles in the natal chart, the bizarre energy from this aspect is very difficult to handle. Just read about the late Roy Sullivan who had 7 Septiles in his natal chart. Roy was struck by lightning 7 times – and he finally just committed suicide. Princess Diana had many Septiles in her chart and it added to the instability in her life. Yet, I know some individuals with many Septiles and they are actively involved with Multi-Dimensional Realities – ghosts, UFOs and NDEs.

This is not always an indicator. Dannion Brinkley only has one Septile between Venus and Pluto. When the Septile is combined with Quintile aspects, it can produce genius. Research on this subject can be obtained in THE EUREKA EFFECT by Nick Kollerstrom PhD and Mike O’Neill.

RICK LEVINE: Rick attended my Septiles Lectures at the MAC conference in 2005. When I gave my findings for the Signature of a Near-Death Experience, Rick told the audience that this was absolutely true. That afternoon Rick incorporated this information into his own discussion of Septiles – but he did so in such an astutely articulate manner that I hardly recognized his source until he told the audience that he had just heard this in my lecture. I was so impressed. If you ever have a chance to hear Rick discuss the Septile aspect, please do so.
Because I allow wide orbs for the natal Inconjunct (150 degrees), this actually extends to the Tri-Septile (154 degrees). Anyone who has a Near-Death Experience always has an Inconjunct involving a planet in the 8th House or the ruler of the 8th House.

I observed that a Solar Arc Septile always precedes and triggers the Near Death Experience. My first research subject, Dannion Brinkley, actually had 3 NDEs and I consider his chart the classic model. Dannion surprised me at seminar in Virginia Beach when he attended my lecture on this topic.

What I learned from Rick was that the natal Inconjunct could actually be the Tri-Septile, the 154 degree aspect, may be more influential than the traditional Inconjunct.

SEPTILES by Robert Wilkinson:
Robert Wilkinson has this website. Someone sent the link to me and Robert also wrote with his link. He has excellent information on the Quintile and the Septile. Check it out!

In 2003, the period around January 30 was very strong with Neptune septile Pluto, accompanied by other personal planet septiles. Looking back, this date was highly significant in terms of feeling guided by a Higher Hand in everything that happened. There was a spiritual quality to the events. The correct words flowed when I needed them.

In January 2007, during a long series of Septiles, I was feeling old, rejected and “snubbed.” I asked for something to happen that would perk me up. Within minutes, Shelley Ackerman asked me to be on the NCGR Galactic Center panel. What was so synchronicitous about this event was that she sent out a notice several days earlier but only just that minute did she realize that I was not on the e-mail list. It came just at the moment that I asked for it! Obviously, this is a good period for Mental Magic and Telepathy

DECEMBER 22-28 2008: This was a strong cluster period with the strongest period being near the Jupiter-Uranus septile on the 26th. This is strong for synchronicities and coincidences that may be considered as Lucky Breaks, a positive change of fortune.

WHAT HAPPENED: A friend and I went to the ARE in Virginia Beach. We were both able to connect with our Spirit Guides and gain wisdom and insights upon our current life direction. The synchronicities for me was in meeting people with whom I had a childhood connection and to resolve a relationship problem.

JANURY 25 2018: I hired a guide to drive me around Southern Poland. On our last stop, we entered the tunnels built by prisoners through the mountains of Poland at the Osowka Complex. When I first entered, I was shocked by seeing something transparent – “it could not be a ghost?!” Then, I saw a Nazi soldier wearing a helmet and long coat. Could it be an actual person? I ran over to where the soldier was walking and there was nothing – it was a ghost!

Frequently, there will be septiles between the Sun-Mercury-Venus and Neptune-Pluto. These will not be so strong due to the frequency in which they occur. As Septiles, they are always useful for multi-dimensional connections and psychic support. Septiles involving the outer planets occur less frequently and, therefore, are more significant as they last for longer periods.

There are not many strong Septile Clusters through December 2006. The last strong cluster occurred on November 30 2005. When an outer planet is involved, it has a stronger influence but it needs Septile Clusters from the inner planets to be truly powerful. The last such important clustering occurred on March 21-22 2002.

I am not going to analyze each aspect as I have done in the past but rather give the series of Septile Clusters.

Your personal observations would be appreciated. With psychic work, look for the time when Orion is overhead. Noise from the Galactic Center will be blocked and reception will be improved.

I am posting this because, in my lecture, I talk about a man on a plane wherein the pilot told everyone to look outside the plane at the UFO — at the time of a very powerful Septile Cluster. He contacted me again about another siting — in the same area of Connecticut! This also occurred at the time of a Septile Cluster.
I have observed that I have powerful predictive meditations during a transiting Septile cluster while the constellation of Orion is overhead (blocking the noise of the Galactic Center).
UPCOMING SEPTILES: The strongest Septiles occur when the outer planets are involved – Jupiter through Pluto and Eris.
Almost every other day, you will find at least one Transiting Septile between two planets, especially the personal planets (Sun-Mercury-Venus-Mars). I select dates with Outer Planets forming a Septile or clusters of personal planets.
After the discovery of Eris, due to its transformational attributes, I started to observe clusters involving Eris. I always use Chiron since this in-house comet is active with MDPs. Highlighted dates are strong due to slow-moving outer planets. There are some minor clusters that I have not included here.


    • When Venus and Uranus are involved, these can trigger intuitive flashes and creative solutions. You can experience some telepathic rapport with another.
    • The inner planets support intuition, mental creativity, telepathy and synchronicitous occurrences. This is a strong period supporting psychic breakthrough, contacts with multi-dimensional realities and supernatural experiences.
    • Jupiter Septiles relate to a psychic connection with multi-dimensional realities, inner guidance and intuitive compassion and understanding through going beyond normal consciousness. Psychological perceptions and awareness, eureka solutions and inspired action. Jupiter septile Pluto favors psychological perceptions and intense inner awareness.
    • Mars-Chiron aspect urges us to go with intuition rather than what seems logical and practical.
    • Jupiter-Neptune supports psychic breakthroughs, contacts with multi-dimensional realities and supernatural experiences
    • Neptune septile Pluto adds strength to the other septiles occurring at this time. Psychic receptivity is strong. Synchronicity in relationships is strong. In the past, this aspect was highly significant in terms of feeling guided by a Higher Hand in everything that happened. There was a spiritual quality to the events.
    • Chiron-Saturn-Pluto – This is a favorable time for multi-dimensional connections in establishing a specific order in your life.


Does the Galactic Center Affect ESP Ability?

The Spottiswoode articles can be obtained directly from The Journal for Scientific Exploration –

The Galactic Center is blocked when Orion’s Belt is overhead. This Belt is easily seen in the northern hemisphere from November through February.

NOTE: I cannot post graphics on this old-style website. Write to me if you would like to see this.

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