Neptune Transits The Crises of Disconnectedness


There are 3 issues symbolized by Neptune that I will address using the examples submitted by readers. These issues are: 1) DISSOLUTION OF BOUNDARIES, 2) STRANGE ILLNESSES, 3) BETRAYAL, DISAPPOINTMENT or DECEPTION.

Dissolution of Boundaries

Neptune dissolves our psychological and physiological boundaries through the vehicle of confusion and ambivalence which allows us to float beyond our perceived limitations. A friend said that, when Neptune crossed her Scorpio Ascendant in the 1950s, the communist government made the decision to give Hungarians passports for the first time. By some miracle, she obtained a passport and a visa that allowed her to move to England. Because it was a frightening and heroic adventure, she could not imagine doing this at any other time in her life. Although she spoke no English, she found employment with a family who greatly abused her and her ignorance of the language. They paid her less than originally promised and they found excuses to hold back even that small amount. This was also a deception/betrayal situation that always comes under “hard” aspects1 to Neptune. Amazingly, she was able to float into another job. One day she was in the park crying. Someone approached her and offered her a good job. England is now her home. She had to be in England— Neptune, via deception— took her there. Her life has been very different from the one that she would have lived if she had remained in Hungary.

Strange Illnesses:

I have observed that there are general health vulnerabilities that always accompany the Neptune transit. These are:

  1. Low blood calcium. In women, this can cause menstrual cramping and osteoporosis
  2. Low blood potassium. This is a major problem! The symptoms can easily be mistaken for other ailments— joint pain, especially in the arms and the back of the neck/shoulder area, muscle spasms and cramps, fatigue and weakness in the muscles, heart fibrillations. While liquid K-Plus is a powerful source of potassium-magnesium, it is very expensive ($18).  A multi-Source is ideal but I now just buy Potassium from The Vitamin Shoppe.
  3. Allergies and allergic reactions to drugs and chemicals and foods,
  4. Lowered metabolism and difficulty metabolizing sugars,
  5. High blood acidity which leaves you vulnerable to colds and flu. Alkalizing the system is helpful.
  6. Hormonal imbalances regardless of age,
  7. Adrenal depletion and endocrine problems (have your doctor conduct an all-day saliva test),
  8. Many complained of flabbiness and poor muscle tone, especially in the area of the body ruled by the sign being afflicted by Neptune
  9. Always, the immune system is lowered. In extreme cases, this can lead to degenerative diseases.  Olive Leaf, Wild Oregano and Peptides help the immune system. Do ask your doctor if these would interfere with any other medications that you are taking!  You can now Google for supplements that offer immune support.

On April 3, 1997, under a Neptune transit, a friend developed fibromyalgia, a very common and painful ailment that has no cure or no known cause. It is becoming so common that support groups are available — when people feel disconnected, group involvement helps.  Her lack of boundaries drew her into a crisis.

Most health issues are vague and undefined. Often, when the transit ends, so does the undefined health issue. Always check with your doctor to make sure that it is nothing serious but, if not, it is just the Neptune transit.


Regardless of the sign that Neptune is transiting, over the years, I have always observed this pattern of betrayal-disappointment-deception. A client with Neptune squaring his Sun asked about investing $10,000 with some friends. The entire enterprise that he described sounded highly suspicious but, under Neptune, you only see what you want to see and none of the complications— whether this is a relationship, a financial situation or a business enterprise. This man also gave me a bad check!

A woman with Neptune contra-parallel her 6th House Saturn believed that her supervisor was going to promote her as promised. She felt very betrayed when the promotion went to someone else. So many times, a long-term friendship ends. You are changing energetically with the Neptune transit but you do not see how this is impacting the people close to you. It just seems impossible to really see what is going on with these relationships. The delusion is based upon your expecting them to be what you want them to be…and they are not!

In 1993, I could not see the anger in those around me as I was losing weight and found a new relationship. I just thought that I was doing something wrong but I had no idea what it was. The ambivalence of Neptune allowed me to tolerate the intolerable. In various situations, I felt either excluded or abandoned. In another situation, I had totally misjudged another’s character yet this person had clearly stated her “values” at the beginning of my Neptune transit. At the time, I just could not believe someone would think that way. For me, this has probably been one of the most painful aspects of Neptune transits.

The benefit of the deception— it dissolves your boundaries, your connection to a person or situation, freeing to move on in your life. Maintain ETHICS! Remember, Neptune dissolves all that is not real in our lives — just let it go! Astrologer Pat Geisler advises: “Make NO choices based on “new” ethics, but only on the standards you had used all your life.”

“Follow the routines you had created for yourself, accept the responsibilities that are yours without whining about it and just keep on plugging. In other words, the only way through the transit was one step at a time, refusing to veer off the chosen path and ignoring any siren songs along the way. So, I made a decision to trust that I had tried to make a good decision and not to think about it anymore but to just do the job in front of me one day at a time. It really helped me get through those days.”

Through a disappointment, we can actually go beyond our boundaries, let go of restricting loyalties. When Neptune opposed Pluto in my chart, I had been writing a Sun-sign column for DC-ONE magazine. When they owed me over $500, they said that I did not have a contract with them so…no money! I felt so betrayed but this allowed me to write my column the way that I wanted to write it. It was the best thing that ever happened.  This was in 2003 and I am still writing my Astro-Column today, 2020.

Remember, that any betrayal or disappointment is assisting us to let go and move forward in our lives— to go beyond our boundaries. There is always a specific Spirit Guide in our lives at the time of a major Neptune transit. We are not alone!

Remedies for the Neptune Transit

I feel that the Bach Remedy, CLEMATIS, saved my life in 1997. That summer I became so disconnected that I could have easily lost my grip on reality. It takes about 4 days for the effects to kick in but Clematis grounded me and it has allowed me to feel very normal. Everyone who has started to use this remedy states that they do not feel anything… until they stop taking it. Put some under your tongue every morning. Not every Neptune transit operates this way, especially if you are having Uranus or Pluto transits at the same time.

CLEMATIS (Bach): Mechthild Scheffer recommends Clematis for people who are wanderers between the worlds. Reality does not hold much attraction for them and, whenever possible, they will withdraw from the painful present. They manifest symptoms: Being lost in thought, absent-minded and inattentive, appears slightly confused, little reaction to events, good or bad, a floating sensation, poor memory, poor body image causing the individual to bump into things, visual or hearing problems. These people need more light and sun and yoga assists them in strengthening the etheric body.

Clematis is the most important but, if you feel that you need additional support:

BLACKBERRY (FES): A frequent problem experienced during a Neptune transit (or even a strong natal Neptune or Mars in Pisces) is ambivalence, confusion and “an inability to translate goals and ideals into concrete action or viable activities.”  It is too easy to live in one’s head, to philosophize rather than execute; vitality and willpower are both sluggish.  This Essence allows the individual to focus the will and take decisive action.

MADIA (FES): This remedy also addresses the mental ambivalence of produced by Neptune.  When the individual cannot concentrate, when there is low mental energy and when the individual is too easily distracted in the thinking, leaving lots of unfinished projects and tasks, Madia disciplines the mind with greater focus and concentration.

TANSY (FES): An imbalance causes lethargy, procrastination, the inability to take straightforward action and forms habits and patterns that undermine or subvert the intention of the Self.  The individual often withdraws energies that sabotage efforts and commitments and it is difficult to fulfill one’s potential.  Tansy assists the individual in becoming decisive, goal-oriented, deliberate and purposeful.

MOUNTAIN PRIDE (FES): When there is vacillation, withdrawal in the face of challenge, a lack of assertiveness, this remedy stimulates forthright masculine energy, bestowing a warrior-like spirituality which confronts and transforms.  It stimulates confidence that makes it easier to let others know what you really think and believe, to stand up for your convictions.


ORGANIC COCOA: In Germany, research found that cocoa taken 3 times a day would benefit chronic fatigue, depression and high blood pressure.  For the blood pressure, it relaxes the blood vessels.  I use Scharffenberger cocoa (not fat and not sugar) in my coffee.  Do not take chocolate with your calcium supplements as the oxalic acid in the cocoa will bind the calcium so that it is not usable by the body.

ATTENTION:  It has been observed by that many dark chocolates are high in the heavy metal, Cadmium.  This is not a problem with milk chocolates.  Your best choices are TRADER JOE’S POUND PLUS 72% – all other TJ dark chocolates are high in cadmium.  Next, GHIRARDELLI CHOCOLATE PREMIUM COCOA 100% dark chocolate.  The absolute best dark chocolate in terms of flavanols is MONTEZUMA’S DARK CHOCOLATE ABSOLUTE BLACK 100%     I do not eat a lot of chocolate so I take this in a capsule form as Cocoavia from the Mars Company.  A friend worked at Mars and she was aware of the research that they were doing.  She highly recommended this product.  I take 2 capsules every day.



I have personally observed that, during a Neptune transit, the etheric web thins so there is a very tenuous veil between the physical world and the astral world. Disconnectedness can be frightening, even when you understand what is going on. Clematis gently pulls one back into the physical and simply feel normal again.

All Neptune transits can stress the adrenals. In the 1990s, a Bethesda, Maryland, doctor recommended a product by Enzymatic Therapy called RAW ADRENAL. His recommendation is to take 2 pills when you first get up and then 2 more around 11am. This is very helpful for low body temperature and allergies.  I no longer use this brand since Solaray Raw Adrenal is easier to find at The Vitamin Shoppe.  My Adrenal of choice is by Nutri-Meds.

There was a book written years ago, ADRENAL FATIGUE, by James Wilson, MD. This book discusses the latest discoveries (at that time) in adrenal exhaustion. The Bethesda doctor is now recommending the supplements mentioned in this book. There is another book that has been around since the 1980s on Hypothyroidism by Brota Barnes MD. This often occurs as we get older and it is indicated by low body temperature called Wilson’s Syndrome. The basic treatment for this is Armour Thyroid.  Now we can just Google for Adrenal information.

After contracting the Epstein-Barr Virus in 2004, I developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. My dentist gave me 30 mgs of Armour (a natural thyroid but it may not be strong enough for extreme cases). Within 3 days, my energy level soared and it gave a boost to my immune system. The blood test for the thyroid is a waste of time. Even a woman who had her thyroid removed many years earlier showed normal T levels. The 4-times-a-day Saliva Test is the best test at this time.  Low normal is not normal!  A good gynecologist can determine this.  If you are losing hair and eye brows, if you body temperature is very low, consider Armour Thyroid.  It is a natural source of thyroid.



When Neptune was transiting Capricorn, an Earth sign, it seemed to be the most disorienting for me personally. When Neptune entered Aquarius, I did not personally experience the need to use Clematis but I know others who have found it immensely helpful. However, change through dissolving what no longer works is still the prominent feature of a strong Neptune transit.

As I said earlier, in 2003, when Neptune in the 6th opposed Pluto in the 12th House, I had been writing a column for a upscale magazine. In writing my monthly e-column, my interpretation was tailored to the requirements of the editor. During this time, there was a change in management and, because I did not have a contract, they refused to pay me several hundred dollars. I felt so betrayed but I knew, typical of Neptune, that this was for the best. Now I could change my column and write it exactly as I wished. I was no longer limited by the editor of this magazine. This turned out to be a great boon to my column. I could be intuitive, as well as technical. The column was picked up by an Italian website. I knew that I had outgrown this magazine. My personal energies were shifting and expanding. They could no longer be contained by the magazine’s limited format.

In 2007-2008, Neptune was opposing my 12th House Mercury. I was aware that my hearing was worse but this forced me to really listen to what others were saying. Mercury in the 12th can easily tune out of a conversation that is not stimulating.  I need to listen better!

I worried about losing friendships but this did not happen.  I have lost friends but in a very different way— through retiring and moving away! Several important people in my life moved away and my beloved dentist retired. Initially, I feel lost without them yet I know that Neptune always works to our long-term benefit. With a friend moving to Arizona, this allowed me to lecture for the astrology groups there as well as visit my friend. We lost our ARE meeting place when she moved. I thought that this would be the end of our group. With the shift in the group’s energy, a lot of people joined our group as well as another that formed at the same time. This shift allowed the group to grow and expand!

  • With regard to retirement, I have observed that, when a client is at retirement age, strong Neptune transits can trigger their retirement. Neptune tunes out and no longer wants to work so hard. They long for something else in their life.  If not old enough to retire, then the individual longs for a career change. Any change will only be a stepping stone.
  • I have also observed that people frequently have cosmetic surgery under a Neptune transit – and it does not have not be a favorable transit.  A young girl came for a reading and I commented that Neptune crossing her Venus was favorable for cosmetic surgery to change her energies.  She immediately lifted up her blouse to show me her “new hooters!”
  • For women in the 40s, strong Neptune transits can trigger the onset of menopause.  Neptune affects our hormones.
  • Years ago, I was advised not to renovate my home under a Neptune transit as it will make me feel more disconnected and ungrounded.  Yet, we often want to change the energies in out environment.  The change was necessary and I did feel ungrounded as my furniture and bed were in the yard.

NOTE: I consider the hard aspects to be the Conjunction, Square, Opposition, Parallel and Contra-Parallel. The minor afflictions such as the 45, 135 and 150 degree aspects indicate deceptive situations that occur AROUND you but not involving you directly. With the minor afflictions, it is essential that you do not get involved with any situation that is not clear or directly involving yourself— or it will become a hard aspect!



I still shudder remembering Neptune on my ascendant. It is natally in square to that point from the 9th so the transit was difficult for me. I consider it the hardest of my life in some ways.  For me, it put my entire ethical stance about everything into a cloud and left me unsure about my decision making.

At the time, I was going through a divorce and, for the two-year period when it crossed my Ascendant, I agonized over that decision daily — hourly, sometimes.  I felt like I was in a fog with no place solid to stand. I had always tried to make decisions on the basis of what was the “right” thing to do and suddenly I doubted what the right thing was.  Worse yet, I felt I had no resource to go to which could give me the right answer. I was on my own (or that’s how it felt, anyway) with no lamp for the dark road.

I finally found an answer, however, in the writing of an old-time astrologer, who said that Neptune transits were a bitch and the only way to get through them was to follow your Saturn. Make NO choices based on “new” ethics but only on the standards you had used all your life. Follow the routines you had created for yourself, accept the responsibilities that are yours without whining about it and just keep plugging.

In other words, the only way through was one step at a time, refusing to veer off the chosen path and ignoring any siren songs along the way.  So, I made a decision to trust that I had tried to make a good decision and not to think about it anymore but to just do the job in front of me one day at a time. It really helped me get through those days.

Neptune is a spiritual planet and you cannot make spiritual progress without a spiritual test of some sort. That transit was a hard one but it taught me that there are times you don’t get to be sure about anything. How can you judge situations? The same way you do any other time in life. Good and bad don’t change. Do the best you can, keep plugging and you’ll get through.  Just don’t take any wooden nickels.

OBSERVATIONS FROM LYNN: Sometimes, Neptune transits to personal planets can affect the health of people around us, which impacts us.  In the late 1980s, Neptune crossed my mother’s Capricorn ASC. Neptune is in her 7th House natally. Several things happened – my dad had a very successful by-pass surgery. This could have made my mother more aware of his mortality and made her more fearful of losing him (and being alone). She was overly protective.

Many other things happened at that time as well – In the past, my mother had seemed embarrassed that I was an astrologer. I used to say that she would rather tell people that I had run off to join a Hippie Commune than becoming an astrologer.  However, during that transit, I began working on cruise ships giving lectures. The family was so excited that I was doing this. Now she could be openly proud of what I was doing. So, like all Neptune transits, it dissolved some of her rigid boundaries. She started being closer to me…or as close as I would allow her to be.  In my chart, my Progressed Jupiter trined my Moon for a 4-year period.  This was MY healing aspect.

I had a client with Capricorn rising. She was a stripper and visited her clients with drugs. It is a wonder that she never went to jail. When Neptune crossed her ASC, she began meditating and this opened her up to all kinds of negative entities. She began hearing voices. One cannot meditate in such an environment.

I read years ago in an astrology book by Davison that Neptune dissipated the adrenal glands and depleted adrenals affects the thyroid. I also read in a medical journal many years ago that it was discovered that “heavy meditators” had depleted adrenals and they did not understand why.  I used to say that I had a business called Astro-Data Inc. and I wrote to medical companies who would put me on their mailing list.



“When Neptune transited my 7th house and, during this time period, I lost my ex-husband/best friend, a guy that I almost married back in the 70’s, my grandmother, nephew committed suicide, and my boss currently in need of a liver transplant, sister developed cancer and went through chemo, good friend developed cancer and going through chemo, so I have had death and serious illness all around me. I am having to be really strong for my boss right now, and keep the office running. The last thing he needs to worry about right now is if employees are there, doing their job, taking care of clients, etc. He needs to concentrate on what he needs to do in preparation of the transplant, which will hopefully take place over the next couple of months.  On a more personal level, during the Neptune transit to my 7th house, I am requiring more and more solitude for myself, being at home (my sanctuary) where I can re-vitalize myself. I have to give myself at least one day of each weekend where I don’t open the front door and withdraw from the world.”

“What I experienced with Neptune in my 7th, as far as clients and partnerships are concerned, is that I attracted clients right who were involved in things which are “delusional”, get rich quick schemes; one client who is extremely paranoid for starters and she also has many other personality disorders. Another client is being sued by a former employer because she quit and is starting her own business (she is a licensed practitioner and was only contract for the former employer and there wasn’t a non-compete in place, and she is not taking information from the former employer). I am dealing with a lot of issues with vendors and readers at my psychic fairs here since we moved to a new hotel. Things are working out, but there have been times since the first of the year that I wanted to just throw in the towel.”

“At the same time, I was seeing that, on one hand, I was getting clients and partnerships who had major issues dealing with reality/illusion, and giving me the opportunity to evaluate for myself what is real/unreal. Some relationships in my life strengthened, where others have fallen through the cracks. I feel this was a time for the right relationships to be in place and go forward, and I had to TRUST and stick to my beliefs and not allow clients and others to put words in my mouth just to hear what they want to hear – I had to tell them only what is real. I attracted clients who really want to be told exactly what they want to hear.   They would state what they wanted, and then said, “Don’t you agree?” So, I had to be strong and say that I don’t agree and show them the other side of things they need to be looking at.”

“Great analogy on Neptune/Saturn, using it in creative ways. After all, it’s about giving structure to the nebulous. or getting creature with structure and discipline. Neptune, too, is the search for the dream. So, perhaps Saturn here can help in that respect too.”

LYNN:  The transiting Neptune in Pisces entered my 7th House in 2013 and it is still in my 7th House in 2020.  I have suffered many losses as I am at an age when many of one’s friends pass away.  My two aunts, whom I loved very much, passed away plus a young cousin and, in 2019, my dad left me an orphan at the age of 73.  When the Moon squared my Moon, my last surviving aunt passed away, followed by my cousin.  I started to have Cortisol headaches due to stress.  My dad passed with Neptune square my 10th House Uranus (there were many other more powerful aspects at this time).  With so many people exiting my life, I feel lost and alienated.  Until I began renovating my house, I felt that I did not belong here.  There is a “business” connection in my life now that has made me feel very alienated, that I do not belong here in my home.  Again, the renovations have helped me to transform my home into a place that is mine.

Neptune is natally in my 2nd House but ruling my 7th and 8th Houses.  There have been money issues – good and no-good.  My family left inheritances so that I do not have to work.  Yet, during this period, I lent money to an A.R.E. Study Group member, a man who has been in the A.R.E. for many years, asked me for money and then he disappeared.  I knew the story that he told me was a lie but I gave him a check (he wanted cash).  Then, I realized that I have always “supported” the men in my life in some way.  This may be karma.  Yet, my family has taken care of me but I have taken care of many others.  Under Neptune, it is making me sad.

My discussion is about Transiting Neptune in the 7th.  When ANY planet transits the 7th House, you experience changes because of the action and changes created by others.  You do not initiate but you react.  Your life is transformed through others.



From Elisabeth Fitzhugh

On Empath Energy — Chiron and Neptune/Pisces energy

The Empath — those who have at the core of their nature the innate ability to receive energy, information, awareness from others. If you recognize this within yourself, it is also time for you to become conscious of this attribute. The difference between an Empath and a Channel is that the channel most often is aware that they are receptive, that energy flows through “channels”, and usually the channel recognizes a distinction between the channel and the energy being channeled or received.

The Empath does not receive through channels in the same way. Rather, the Empath expands their own nature like a sponge; fills its own nature with what is received. The Empath essentially absorbs into itself all the fluid energy, all the contact, all the content of interaction with others. The difficulty, of course, is that there is then a confusion of what is in the original “sponge” and that which is filling it. “Do I feel this way within myself or have I absorbed this from another?”

Further, the difficulty and challenge for the Empath, is that most Empaths are not aware of the intensity or fullness or their receptive nature until certain things happen that interfere with and often endanger the present self. Then they say things as, “I didn’t feel like myself” or others say to them, “You’re not acting like yourself”, etc. Hints come into the conscious mind that something other than the self is interacting in their lives. Of course, there is a whole psychological way of looking at this, but we’re going to put that aside and stay in the metaphysical and the spiritual view.

In societies of Empaths, which do not exist per se at this time, there are cultural morals and mores that develop around the Empathic nature that help balance life with such receptive energy. More importantly, in an Empathic society individuals are taught how to work with the energy; learning that received energy is then transmuted, changed, translated. The ability to change the energy, which is part-conscious, part-energetic, and can be initiated by conscious will and thought. This ability to recognize and change energy is often what is NOT understood by the Empaths in this reality.

In this culture, the abilities of the Empath often are reflected in how they deal with people psychologically and emotionally and often literally in their careers as well; people who can absorb and change energy. Empaths may serve as translators. In a job, you may take one set of information and make a translation for another group. You try to help those in two different situations find the same language, to come to an understanding. Empaths can change the energy; helping others to let go of one feeling and allowing in another transmutation. They can step down energy that is too intense for someone else by finding another way of speaking, making a more subtle thing of it; giving the principle without all the energy. Transducing -stepping down the energy.

It is vital that when you come to recognize yourself as an Empath, and then let yourselves fully understand this element of your being. It is an element which is akin to having a health condition. Like the diabetic who must watch certain dietary things, who must manage medication in a very concentrated and focused manner, if one goes off balance with these things, one can throw the Self into crisis.

We feel, it is very vital for each of you to begin very consciously addressing the energetic flow in your lives. You learn to work with the Empath energy by first, recognizing it and then consciously addressing and questioning it. Each of you must be very conscious now of focusing on when you need to be open, when it is time to be closed. “When is this my energy?” “When am I working as an Empath?” “If I am working as an Empath, it is energy if this feeling is not of mine, what am I to do with it.” You can ask. “Can I have clarity as to what this energy is? Is this energy to be translated? Is this energy to be transmuted? Is this energy to be transduced — stepped down and then translated?” Follow your own awareness of your empathic nature with letting yourself discover and then applying for yourself — evolving, your own techniques and structures; your own way of managing your Empath energy.

The Empath also must come to understand that they must set up structures for the body to work most effectively and in balance. When you live in an unstructured, totally Empathic state, you overwhelm the body and eventually short-circuit. In a way, the physical body’s limitations or, rather, requirements, [which are limited compared to what the energy or spirit of the Empath can do], in a way save you by short-circuiting and therefore, closing the situation. Thus, your physical body has saved some of you from being enamored of intensity and basing too many actions on energy that may not be balanced.

In light of all this, you can see some of your choices and actions, perhaps more so reactions, were the outgrowth of unconscious Empathic connection: connecting into other people’s needs; connecting into needs from other times of yourself, etc. The greatest challenge for the mature Empath is discernment and differentiation.

We see in the Empath the struggle for balance. Often there are periods of excess and then a rebalance. Many of you have gone through your own periods of excess. Now you are going to come into your own period of more conscious honing of these abilities. That is part of your job, your discoveries.

In this discussion of the nature of the Empath, we are setting forth some principles and, in a way, activating your own knowledge of these things. Then because you have this perspective, you will start to see and comprehend your own actions, and how energy comes to you and you will find the mechanisms, devices, the structures that will help you work with your selves.


Following is the preface to an article written in conjunction with a presentation given at The Monroe Institute:
“In thinking on my involvement with the Monroe Institute’s Positive Immunity Program, I came to see again the sympatico link between my work with Orion over the years and the Hemi-Sync approach. Orion and the Positive Immunity Program both encourage us to approach the Immune System as an element within that we can work with. In the early days, two contributors were Christian and David, both HIV positive. They were Orion clients as well and had several sessions with Orion discussing their individual and joint approaches toward working with their situation. One situation I recall was that David had a more battle-oriented approach — he visualized killing off the virus, while Christian wanted to engage the immune system to transmute the virus.

It became an argument between them, but Orion emphasized the need to keep the language of the tapes open enough to allow people to mesh their individual approaches into the scripts of the tapes. This became an important factor in the workshops I participated in — people would lock into the imagery given in the tape and become confused when their own imagery was different. As a result, we made sure to address this issue in the Positive Immunity Program guidebook; giving concrete examples of how you may get many responses to a suggestion on the tapes. I see that the Hemi-Sync approach and the Orion work is based on respect of the individuals who come to the work; a trusting in the innate wisdom available to each of us. Elisabeth

We, Orion, invite you to explore with us another view, some new ideas on that wonderful element within you, the Immune System. Some see it as a mechanism in the body that works with energizing the system, with maintaining the system, perhaps with defending the physical system against difficulty, stress, bacteria, assault and invasion to the body.

We ask you to consider to think of this wonderful element as a guide, a guardian; the carer of the soul of the body. A guardian element so sensitive, so sympatico, so in connection with the All of you. Connected not only with your environment within and without the physical form, connected not only with your emotions and the sensitivity of your personality and self but this dear friend, the Immune System, is also connected to further than the physical self. Connected to what some may think of as the soul, what others may think of as the All of you. Encompassing, touching into, knowing all of the travels and expressions of yourself that may have been.
Understanding this can open a doorway to forming a relationship, a communication with your Immune System. Picture the Immune System as a sea. It has an element of fluctuation, as the movement of the wave. When it is disturbed or thrown into motion like the sea, it can create peaks and valleys. It can create storms and calms. Thinking of the Immune System as a sea, gives you an image not of an even plane, but an element within yourself that is in motion and more so, this motion is natural, an expression of the natural way for the Immune System to be. It is helpful to hold the idea of motion and movement — whenever you visualize the work of the Immune System, whenever you dialogue with it; whenever you wish to engage or direct the energy of the Immune System. All of its work occurs in ebbs and flows and although you may experience it as an intense flow or rush of energy, image instead that it has built slowly, back and forth — culminating in a wave of energy bringing support and change.

Think of the Immune System as a guide; as a part of you that is very knowing, a part of you that you can speak with. It follows certain internal laws; responds to external laws, but what is so wonderful about it and indeed is wonderful about the whole nature of your physical body and physical world is it’s extreme responsiveness and ability to change, its ability to comprehend and understand, to learn. This attribute is often underestimated and many people although are just beginning to understand that they can work with the Immune System , giving it different guidelines to follow.

The body may follow certain patterns. For instance, if a cell is growing within and the Immune System recognizes this growth it may work against it. Difficulty then arises when the cell is part of the needful cells for healthiness of the body, such as in the condition labeled “cancer”. The Immune System will then work against this cell and at the same time can reduce the strength of the physical body. Yet you can redirect, re-educate this guide within. If you come to this dialogue with the understanding that the Immune System has as its goal and its ideal to support you, to keep a harmony in the body, then you can come to speaking with it without anger or fear, without the sense of betrayal or attack that often people in stressful physical condition begin to experience toward their body. Your body is, in its deepest intent, at one with you. It may be that the outcome seems as if one’s body is working against you. We offer you another image, that the intent is always toward support and harmony and that you can work with the body to bring the outcomes, the changes that may be different than the Immune System itself perceives need occur.

You must remember also that the Immune System is in a dance with the All of you. It dances with your fears, it dances with your stresses. It dances with your doubts. It dances with the old messages from childhood. It dances with the beliefs of your own life, of your society’s life. It dances with the time that you live and it dances with other times you have lived. Knowing this helps you to remember that there are many questions to ask; there are many things to explore when working with this responsive guardian.

If you find that you have been visualizing or meditating towards a certain outcome and yet it does not seem successful, it may be that you need to dialogue, that you need to ask the Immune System , “What else is at work here? When I picture health, when I picture change of a symptom and it does not come, what else is at work?” Perhaps you can help the Immune System speak by asking the questions more specifically. Are we dancing with the fear of another time, of another life? Am I dancing with a belief from childhood? Is a part of me remembering what happened to Grandfather? Is a part of me fearing what happened to Mother?

All of these questions need to be asked and often; for when you are working with changes in the body it is not a single thing. It is like the onion, layer upon layer. This dialoguing can occur simply by speaking aloud, by picturing yourself engaging with this guardian of the body as a partner, as a compatriot, coming together to harness you views, to bring an outcome of harmony and balance in the physical realm.

One does not need to only be struggling with a condition or an injury to the physical to want to engage in a dialogue with the guardian of the body. You can learn many things about yourself. You can come to clarity in many ways by this dialoguing with the sea of the Immune System. You can learn why you are drawn to certain foods. You can learn why you explore certain times of tiredness or energy in your day. Some of the information that comes to you may be information that you need to accept, that will not be changed, yet this still is information which in a complex way supports the All of you even though in the moment it does not seems one you want to have.

We do not agree with those who say good health is the natural way of life and that all variations on that reflect a lack in the body and spirit of a being. We feel that the natural impetus is towards a unity and a harmony between all beings and all aspects of life, but harmony and unity can be experienced in myriad ways, not only in a small, even flow of perfection. Perfection is also like the sea — a moving, variable element, that is at times calm and still; at other times rolling and flowing; and at other times still, crashing and powerful. The movement of all these times together encompass the perfection.

If you approach your physical world only through the image of a singular view of perfection, you will probably come to some place of disappointment; you will probably at some point judge yourself and find yourself lacking. Yet it is not that you are in lack. Rather, it is that your image of perfection, your image of the naturalness of being is too limited, too rigid, too specific. If you allow the idea of being alive, of being in the body, of being in health to be like the sea — full of opportunity to change, full of opportunity to express in many ways — then you begin with a wide image, a varied model of wellness and harmony in the body.

Having that large vision, having an acceptance that your variation, your stress, your physical struggles may be in some place of harmony with the whole of your life, may give you the foundation to change those situations or change how you experience and live with those situation or come into a deeper, clearer knowingness of what you are exploring and what you are expressing.

Most strongly we ask you to not see illness or challenge as judgment, to not accept this as an expression of your flaws or your lacks. Instead take away the language of judgment and look at these things as those you simply must cope with events in your life that have come through the sea of being. Events that call upon you to meet challenges, to feel emotions, call upon you to redefine, perhaps, yourself, your goals or your understandings. But do consider that these events do not call upon you to judge, to turn away from, to dislike yourself, your actions, choices or outcomes.

It may be a more difficult path toward having changes occur when you speak to that Immune System Guardian from disappointment and anger, from judgment and blame — you can see that it weakens your partnership. Instead begin with an acceptance that this is as it is. I will question to learn more but I understand there may be a harmony here I cannot see. If you speak in such a way and then engage, invite, ask of the Immune System: What can we do? How can we work? Can we do this? If I picture this can we bring it into being? Engage yourself as a team in the process. You are inviting known elements of you and perhaps elements you cannot see or label or understand as well, to come into a circle, a moving circle of realignment, rebalancing, honoring and accepting that which is and that which can come and that which may evolve.

You can consider this talk an addition to all that you may come to know about the Immune System and health. As you learn, remember the idea of the sea, of multiplicity. When you begin to visualize or write an affirmation or receive a healing or a massage or energy work or a medication or a surgical intervention, see each element as part of a great weaving. A great Whole. A great web of interconnections. Do not isolate the elements of life. Consider that what seems simple is always part of complexity and multiplicity.

Sometimes all of these multiple views become overwhelming and you think, All I can do is focus on this one thing now. That is exactly so. It may be that all you can do is focus on one thing, that is why it is important that we share reminder that while you are focusing on the one thing, a part of you remembers the many things and therefore, if the one thing seems not successful or not as you imaged it or leading to a different path, you will then give yourself permission to say, Perhaps there is a harmony here that I did not perceive. Give yourself permission to question where life takes you, to question Is it needful that I accept this element?
Acceptance is not capitulation. It is not giving up to a lack. Acceptance is, instead, honoring that you are part of many things and many aspects of living and that the conscious mind and the conscious self often can only see a certain view at a certain time. Acceptance is simply an honoring of the complexity of life; honoring the idea that there is a spiritual arena that perhaps you do not fully understand, see or comprehend. Acceptance can lead the way to change.

The Immune System is part of you. You are part of it and together you are part of much more than you can imagine. We hope these words invoke your own knowingness of your alignments and your connections with yourself.

MEDICAL:  Empaths do not retire Water Soluable vitamins – Bs and C vitamins.  It is essential that these are obtained by foods throughout the day and by using time-released supplements.



When Neptune began opposing my natal Venus at 29 Cancer, initially, fellow astrologers told me that I was going to be flooded with hot honeys and the illusion of glamor.  I personally experience Neptune by feeling ungrounded, a bit lost and I know that I am going through great changes but I have no idea HOW I am changing.  My analogy is that it is as if God has put a brown paper bag over my head so that I will not know where I am going and, therefore, offer no resistance.  Somehow, Neptune transits seemed a lot more fun in the mid-1980s with my studies in metaphysics and crystals.  As I get older, I just seem to suffer from the problems of old age – absent-mindedness, confusion and disorientation.  I believe that I have found a solution that is helping me cope with and understand the great Transformational Transit of Neptune.

I have observed that it is very difficult for people to lose weight while under the influence of Neptune.  Because of the heightened sensitivity produced by this planet, the body often holds on to extra weight as a buffer and a protection which the individual actually needs.  Yet, I have actually lost weight despite the transit from Neptune – letting go of the boundary that weight provides.

It is my belief that the core problems with compulsive over-eating, or actually any addictive behavior1, are 1) a fear of life, 2) a fear of people/intimacy and these two fears produce disconnectedness.  Eating or any compulsive behavior is a means of filling the emptiness produced by the disconnection.  I have always been disconnected.  I was isolated by my agoraphobic mother who was also afraid of life and afraid of being left alone so she bonded me to her with food. If I ate, she could eat yet I did not feel connected because my mother always criticized me for my weight, took me to the doctor as a child for a diet…for me, not her.  I was isolated by my environment because I lived on a farm.  It was a wonderful environment but I was alone.  I had few true peer group friends.  I always felt that I could be abandoned by school mates at any moment.  I tried to connect but it was difficult.  I did not fit in.  I carried a lot of weight as a child for protection but this also further compounded the alienation and disconnection from others.

When I was in high school, I studied astrology and I discovered for the first time how to connect with people.  This attracted friends who wanted me to solve their problems but I still sensed that this was a temporary connection, a connection that only worked only as long as I provided a service.  Yet, I have always felt that astrology saved my life.  It gave me a purpose for being on this planet because I needed to feel useful (Virgo).  It gave me a means of connection with others.  It was a means to attract friends to me.  All of my friends are the result of a common interest in astrology.  Unfortunately, I never had to cultivate social skills beyond astrology.

I believe that a major Crisis of Disconnection came in 1986 when I decided to let go of The Amethyst Lecture Series, a series of monthly lectures free to the public.  For me, this had been a great source of connectedness with others.  I am a good speaker.  People like me.  But, I was tired of doing it alone.  I let AMETHYST go and so with it went my connectedness of this planet.  I began experiencing health crises every autumn and recovery from each crisis would take until the following spring.  The physical crises seemed to connect me to the planet.

In 1988, after breaking my foot off, I told spirit that I did not have any more external physical body parts to contribute to the lesson I was supposed to be learning.  Then, in November 1989, as the Berlin Wall came down, my house caught on fire.  This was my “bottom.”  It was at this point that I said, “That’s it!  I do not care what the lesson is but I want to learn it today.  I will do anything, change anything, go anywhere but I want to know what I must do NOW!”  This is when I received that life-altering telephone call that informed me that it was only $295 round trip to fly to Germany!  That trip began my decades for traveling to Europe every November, the time when I would normally get sick or have a crisis.

On all of these trips, I was alone.  In each city, I would connect with so-called strangers who willingly took me in and befriended me.  I really did not have to do anything.  I just had to be Lynn and that was all.  These people saw another Lynn that I did not know existed.  Slowly, with each trip to Europe, I transformed into the Lynn that they saw – a crazy lady, an adventuress with luggage from hell in tow, that just hopped on a plane and made friends everywhere.

My trip to Europe in November 1996 was very different from my previous trips.  It seemed more social.  I was more interactive with people.  There were large periods of time in which I was not alone and, for the first time, I did not want to be alone anymore. This was a major turning point in my life.  I always said that there was so much love for me in Europe but, in November 1996, so many people worked very hard to help me make professional connections in Germany that I could not make myself and I felt truly empowered by the love they demonstrated.

In Berlin, my friend Astrid arranged more social situations and I connected and re-connected with many wonderful people.  In Prague, friends gave me a special book, autographed by the author and we attended lectures together.  In Vienna, I met with Jindra and her friend, Martin, and I connected with an Austrian woman, Ingrid Petroff, who I had briefly met in Chicago.  It was a wonderfully social time.  When I had to leave for Slovenia, I felt lonely and I did not like it.  I missed my friend, Jindra, after she left early in the morning.  Yet, even in Slovenia, people were friendly and I met a wonderful gentleman at breakfast who spent the day showing me around Ljubljana.  When he left, I felt so alone, so lonely, that I never wanted to feel this way again.  I knew that I did not want to travel alone when I came to Europe the next year but I did not know how this would be possible.  Friends take me in because there is room for one person but never two people…and, who would come with me?

In early 1997, I received an invitation from my friends in Prague to be a part of the celebrations for Rudolf II.  I did not want to travel alone.  I did not want to be by myself, especially in the beautiful spring time.  I asked a friend to come with me.  We planned a great trip.  First, we would fly to Berlin and, for the first 2 days, stay at the little pension that I stayed at when I first came to Berlin in 1990.  Then, my friend, Astrid, offered to let us stay at her home. I was with a highly compatible travel companion –  We are social;  We like to shop;  There are activities that we could do together that I could never do as a single person;  And, on this trip, we enjoyed life, we experienced life and we connected with the world of people.  We have learned that the best way to lose weight quickly is to go on a trip and walk.  We both liked to be crazy; we enjoy having fun and talking with people.  We even engaged in conversations with drunks on the U-Bahn.  Whenever I feel “unloved and unappreciated,” I pull out a piece of paper with the name, address and telephone number of an inebriated young man on the U-Bahn who just thought I was wonderful.  Astrid had parties with many friends coming to visit us.  We visited my friend, Larry Schuba, and his group Western Union.  He gave us a special seat in the front, he had a bottle of German champaign sent to our table, he told the audience how I come very year to hear him sing, he sang my favorite songs and, most important, he made us feel special and connected.  This is one of Larry’s special talents – he is always accessible, an anti-star as he likes to refer to himself, and he knows how to make everyone feel important.

From Berlin, we traveled to Vienna.  I did not have any social connections in the city on this trip but we found friends.  We visited the Hotel Orient which has a special reputation for afternoon liaisons.  Having a small bar for drinks, we were able to socialize and it was there that we met Vera Love, a blues singer, from North Carolina, who appears nightly at the Eden Bar.  A man in the bar – whom we presumed was the house gigolo – told us a history of the hotel, local gossip and many personal stories.  Connecting with interesting people makes for an experience, not just a vacation.  The next night we went to the Eden Bar where tiny drinks cost $22 each and a bottle of champagne cost $500.  We probably did not look like we belonged but, when Vera Love walked in and called out, “Hey Girls!,” we were the most important people in the lounge…we were friends of Vera Love, referred to as “The Boss,” who sings in Vienna during the tourist season.

From Vienna, we traveled to Prague.  I have always said that the people in Germany are my best friends but the people in Prague are family.  In Berlin, we have parties but in Prague we have close, personal conversations.  After the first day, my friend was amazed, “Lynn, these people really love you – they really do love you!”  She could see the difference in the relationships.  While I feel very much loved in Germany, I am family in Prague.  In both countries, I feel that I am loved and that the people truly care about me.  It has set a standard in my relationships by which I can never settle for less.

During this trip, I felt totally connected for “24/7″ and it was a positive, reassuring, supporting connection.  When I returned home, I was alone.  At first, it was simply a lonely, empty feeling.  I started eating to fill the emptiness. This made me feel more disconnected because I regained some of the weight that I lost during the trip.

Eating compounds disconnectedness.  Going from intense connectedness to disconnectedness caused me to experience something I initially thought was a serious depression, although I had lots of energy.  It became so serious that I was frightened by it.  Transiting Neptune was opposing my 11th House Saturn.   I felt that, if there was a sudden loud noise, I might lose my grip upon reality and start grazing on the lawn like a cud-chewing animal.  I decided to go on a long walk and, during this walk, something I do so much in Europe, I mentally analyzed and perceived the source of my problem – the extreme disconnection, created by the stimulation of Neptune, was a withdrawal from the intense and fulfilling connectedness that I experienced in Europe. 

 What did this disconnectedness feel like?  I felt that I had a very tenuous grasp on reality.  If I lost my focus, I could have a nervous breakdown in a heartbeat.  It felt like I had somehow been transported to a sister planet that looked exactly like planet earth yet something was different.  My house looked like my house, my yard looked like my yard…but then again they did not.  The familiar seemed strangely unfamiliar at the same time.

As I realize now, having my subtle body lifted from the physical, having “slid out” so to speak, I was indeed looking at my world from a different perspective, from my etheric body.  I was seeing my world very differently.  I experienced panic attacks.  This is something I thought only other people had – this has never happened to me before.  I felt afraid that any minute I could lose my grip on reality.  I discussed this phenomena at a workshop in Richmond, Virginia.  So many people related to this description which they thought was a serious depression to which they had to cope or take medication.  If you feel disconnected from reality, if you experience panic attacks, if you feel the familiar is strangely unfamiliar at the same time, if you are afraid, you are probably not crazy but rather experiencing the influence of Neptune.

On the next trip to Europe, I changed psychologically and energetically as Neptune began to dissolve my psychological barriers to closeness (I have Moon-Uranus in Gemini natally so closeness seemed disruptive).  I will never be the same. I seemed to make a transition from being comfortable as a loner to being comfortably and intimately connected with the world.  As a 12th House person with strong Uranus aspects to my natal planets, I cannot be connected with people all the time.  I still need space.  But, I can connect with the world.  Where I live, I began walking through the streets and said “Hello” to everyone.  I returned telephone calls to people who had left messages.  A near-by Shoppers Food Warehouse is very multi-cultural and the people are naturally friendly.  I began making frequent stops there just to hear the lady at the deli greet me with, “Hi, Sweetie, how are you doing today!”   Wal-Mart is always a good place to feel connected because there is always a Greeter at the door who says “Hello” and puts a smiley face sticker on my clothing.  I began to re-connect with the world in my own back yard so to speak2.   Thoughtful friends, concerned with my plight, called periodically to connect with me.  At first, the connection seemed tenuous but then I felt more firmly grounded.  While it seemed like a lifetime, all of this took place during a 3-week period.

Then, just as I felt that my feet were firmly planted on the ground, another lesson came regarding sharing my space with others.  I received a letter from the man that I had met in Slovenia.  He and his wife were traveling to Toronto and they wanted to visit me in Washington, D.C.  I would have to turn over my space, my living area, to relative strangers.  Frankly, I was traumatized – I did not know what would be expected of me, how much I would have to do for these people and they were coming on a day that I had to be out of town.  It was during this experience that I learned that I indeed have many true friends right in my own back yard.  Somehow, I thought that my best friends were in Europe, not here.  Not true! Friends came to my rescue at a time when I felt in crisis.  The crisis was only in my own imagination, the unknown, but this was soon alleviated by guests who were independent, who had their own agenda and who needed very little of my attention.  I learned that I could successfully share my space with others.  Even when a friend considered purchasing the house across the street, I was excited about having this friend as a close neighbor, something that would have disturbed me greatly a few years ago, before the Transformation – a point in which the old Lynn died and the new Lynn began to emerge.

I am sharing my experience regarding the transit of Neptune so that others may understand their own Neptune transits.  A powerful support for me has been the Bach and FES Flowers essences. Under a Neptune transit, these “solutions” that work on the subtle bodies are more powerful than a prescription drug.  In Berlin, Astrid had prescribed Clematis from the Bach Flower Remedies to help pull me back into my body.  It does not create a heaviness.  It feels just like sliding your foot into a comfortable bedroom slipper, as the etheric body slips back into the dense physical body.  It takes 2 or 3 days to feel anchored but, if I miss a day, I start to disconnect quickly.

I take Blackberry and Madia to help me to focus mentally while under the Neptune transit.  Again, if I do not take the Clematis regularly, I begin to feel disconnected and lost.  I begin to slip out of my body, day-dream, I experience panic attacks and I feel a depression that I associate with disconnectedness…and, for me, this can lead to compulsive eating.  Because Neptune can drain one’s energy level, feeling a fatigue and lethargy, I take and strongly recommend Mountain Pride and Tanzy (FES).   According to my friend, Astrid, Bach works on the physical body and FES works on the emotions.  Both levels need to be addressed.

Two weeks after the Slovenians left, I received an E-mail from a friend in Berlin – he wanted to come and visit me for 10 days!  It was then that I realized exactly what had transpired with the Neptune transit.  When I had returned from Europe in December 1996, a friend was startled by what she perceived as my “energies” having changed drastically.  I sensed this as well but I never understood exactly how my energies changed.  Now I realize that Neptune had dissolved the psychological and etherio-physiological boundaries that I had developed over a lifetime to keep people away, to protect me from the intrusion of others and to serve as a barrier to protect me from being controlled by others (a defense used to protect me from an over-whelming mother3).  I have observed that excessive weight serves to keep people at a distance and the fat is a cushion against overwhelming energetic forces…because we do not have the psychological strength to accomplish this any other way.  As my weight diminished so did the physical barrier that kept people away.  There was still a psychological barrier based upon the fear of people that still remained.  As Neptune notoriously dissolves boundaries, I lost that invisible defensive barrier that I have developed and maintained to protect me from what I feared – rejection by others or having them take control of my life.  In the past, when I have been thin, I have felt too vulnerable and unprotected so the weight would come piling back on.

My lesson now is to define boundaries consciously, for myself and for others.  It is a point of transition wherein I must consciously establish this protection since I no longer have the weight or the psychological barrier to closeness.  I have observed that, when I do not define boundaries for myself, I am talking to every stranger on the street or in the stores.  This can be interpreted as friendliness but it could get me into trouble if I am too open and connect unwisely.  If I do not do this consciously, the body will eventually take over for me and put the weight back on simply for its own survival.  When Pluto entered Sagittarius, I  discovered a significant technique for “defining boundaries” – directness in relating, putting your cards on the table, being honest about how you really feel and what you really want or expect.  This type of openness can actually create an emotional arena for intimacy in relating.  My own technique, essential because of my 12th House Mercury, is this:  I practice by talking to myself, rehearsing something that I need to tell another.  If a close friend asked me, “What do you want this person to know?,” then that is what you tell the person.  It takes a little practice but I must be honest with myself, my needs and wants.

There is another “dissolving effect” that I have observed which is affecting my interaction with others.  In the Capricorn Cycle, a dense, constricting cycle, I formed intense, close and very exclusive relationships.  I never had “best friends” when I was growing up so that this cycle offered the security and support of closeness that was highly exclusive.  In the Sagittarius cycle, I had a full range and variety of active friends.   During the Capricorn cycle, the “many flowers” of friendship in my garden were allowed to go to weed while I focused upon the one orchid on my table, so to speak.  My Neptune transit, along with the new Aquarian energies,  dissolved the intense exclusivity in my relating patterns.  I focused upon those neglected flowers in my garden.  I am more approachable and available to others.  This quality of approachability is definitely the result of the dissolving effect.

As a side note, my good friend and frequent contributor, Jane Batt, confided that she has always been caught up in “best friends” relationships.  In the Aquarian Cycle, she discovered that she has no best friend but rather a wide connectedness and network of fulfilling relationships.  She said that “eureka” came when I discussed this relationship pattern with her.  Until then, she was not conscious of this pattern, even feeling guilty that this cycle denied her a connection with a “best friend.”  In the Aquarian cycle, she connected with groups, the energy is more circular, a sense of community, some depth and supportiveness, less centralized and more diffused.  These affiliations are not based upon proximity but rather through shared values, even goals and aspirations, so that there is some continuity in relating.  Under Aquarius, she experienced more exchanges with people – village type relating – so that, if someone has a need, it is not up to her to fill it all.  Responsibilities are shared — ”I don’t have to do it all!”  By the same token, if she has a need, she can look to many to support her.  Jane wonders if this type of diffused relating is not transitional because she does want an eventual partnering.  However, with Aquarius, relating is shifting towards the Transpersonal, with something bigger than the relationship involved in the connection, not needy or obsessive, more therapized with needs being spread out among the members of the “community.”

Jane was struck by the mutual support that she is receiving from people she would have rejected in the past and who would have rejected her – it is an exchange that crosses over boundaries, less rigid.  She cited her experience with the “free Tibet” rally.  There she found an entire spectrum of humanity and interests ranging from the conservatives who are anti-communist, the AFL-CIO representatives seeking to protect American jobs, the human rights activists, the Taiwanese and liberal congressional spokespersons.  While the feeling was similar to the ‘60s energy (although not simplistically polarized), it was UNITY that crossed over boundaries.  In her personal life, the dissolving effect stimulated by the Aquarian energies caused a breakdown in her own polarized views, although she is not abandoning her values because she is more secure in her basic beliefs and priorities.  However, her Sagittarius is less self-righteous with more respect for the opposition, not needing to be the center and less patient with those who need to be the center.  What Jane is sharing in her personal observations is the positive influences of the Aquarian energies as they assisted all of us in dissolving rigid boundaries yet creating new, flexible boundaries that support each individual.

Later, I quizzed everyone who had just been through a Neptune transit.  They all affirmed that they needed to learn to establish boundaries in their relationships with others.  Often this lesson was learned only when the transit was ending, when the light switched on and they could see how others were taking advantage of them.  If they had established proper boundaries at the beginning, they would never have allowed others to syphon off their energies and their sympathies.  The Losers, Moochers and Skeezers would sense that the vulnerable person had no protection, no boundaries, and move right in!  The Neptunian relationships that you attract seem to fill some inner need, some inner emptiness, a need for excitement and glamour in one’s life.  It may be an easy way of finding glamor rather than the more difficult path – to build the excitement and glamor into your own life, to change yourself into that ideal that you long for in others, to be the creative person yourself rather than affiliating with the talents of others.

All of the people that I queried were Neptunian who suffered interminably from a condition that Elisabeth Fitzhugh refers to as being an ”Empath.”  Empaths are people carrying the energy of receptivity in the essence of their Being.  This energy is not just sympathetic but physical – they take the receptive energy into their bodies so that it is more intense than the merely empathetic person.  The Neptune transit brought their vulnerability to a crisis point whereby they started to protect themselves.  My condition, however, was just the opposite.  I believe that, around the age of 4 years, when the transiting Saturn crossed my Ascendant and the Solar Arc Venus crossed Transpluto, I learned to put up barriers – I did not want closeness with anyone, I pushed my mother away and I started to gain weight to reinforce the barrier that I desperately needed to survive on planet Earth.

  Other applicable addictions that I have observed are – Alcoholic, Workaholic, Shopaholic, Obsessions with Neatness and many Phobias based upon a need to be in control.

2    A friend recently found herself very disoriented by a major move from the city to a more rural location.  Disconnectedness can feel like depression but it is a very different phenomena.  To cope with the changes and the feeling of isolation, she reconnected with places that offered friendship, fellowship and connectedness in her old neighborhood.  She visited Politics and Prose Bookshop for hear a book discussion and connected with mentally stimulating, like-minded friends.  She then developed a “What do you do when you feel bad” list.  On her list is: 1) Make popcorn and watch a movie, 2) Work out at the local gym where she also knows many people, 3) Have her sons visit…and the list goes on.  She feels that it is essential you have this “What to do” list computerized, automatic and instinctual so that you will immediately initiate with these activities to counteract the Disconnectedness.

People with weight problems often had an intrusive parent who did not respect the child’s need for privacy, the child’s boundaries – a mother who interferes freely into the child’s life, reads diaries, listens to telephone conversations, excessive checking up on child or making decisions for child; a father who is too physically intrusive, unnecessary displays of improper affection.

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  1. What does Neptune( 4th house Pisces) transit 150 degrees to Neptune (Libra 11th house)
    Plus Neptune transit conjunct Pisces moon in 4th house.
    Both opposition to Saturn (10th cusp Virgo)

    1. Sharon, Aspects between the outer planets (such as Neptune-Neptune) do not affect us personally. The 150 aspects portends events over which we have no control. T Neptune conjunct Moon opposing Saturn is personal and it can indicate several things: 1) the health of a female family member can be affected, 2) Keep your property safe from invasion (people and insects), 3) with Saturn, there can be a job change.

  2. Thanks Lynn
    Really interesting, especially regarding the Bach and FES remedies. I also gravitated to ordering some Bach remedies and Australian Bush Essences which I actually received yesterday. I feel like i need their help right now but none of the names you mention about.

  3. Hi! I have neptune transit my 6th house, trine my pluto in 2nd, square Mars in 9th and oppose my jupiter and venus in 12th house. I have health problems(my eyes and face are always with edema, abdominal pain, skin problems etc. ) and I don’t know what to do anymore, especially the Last 6th months things become worse – I lack energy, concentration, memory, i have episodes that i feel so so sick that I am fearing i am going to die…. Please if somebody has or had this transit and discover some solution, can you help me…. I visited so many doctors and nobody has reasonable explanation. I am a nurse and now I am studying medicine 😁… But for all my experience I haven’t seen anything like this… I tried so many things- diets, creams prescribed from all the dermatologist I had visited, yoga, meditation, omeopatia, radiestesia, acupunctura… Pls help me

    1. Neptune in Pisces has been a difficult transit for many people.
      First, Neptune in Pisces is hitting the planets in Mutable signs. Mutables, Water signs, the 2nd House, the Moon and Neptune all rule the lymphatic system.
      I may have an article on the lymphatic system on this website but my house is being renovated and I cannot access all of my files. Lymph congestion is always involved with edema.
      The other symptoms are connected with Leaky Gut Syndrome. Most doctors will write the off but Dr. John Pagano wrote about this a decade ago when he research the Edgar Cayce files. This is a thinning of the walls in the intestines so that toxins leak out causing problems with skin and digestion. Avoid food in the nightshade family. There is an amino acid that repairs the lining but I cannot think of it.
      The main source, as I see from Neptune, is bacterial overgrowth. A nutritionist can help with the appropriate probiotics but Argentyn 23 is recommended by many holistic doctors to keep off bad overgrowth. You can order this online It is a non-toxic form of colloidal silver — this kills bad bacteria asap. During CV19, I spray regular colloidal silver up my nose esp. if I feel “something” coming on. In a few minutes, all symptoms are gone.
      Pisces rules the Occipital Lobe of the brain and Seratonin. Most Seratonin is stored in the stomach. 5HTP is the source for this. I see that I am not spelling the word correctly but no spell-check on my website. You can always write to me directly but this was a good question that may benefit others.

  4. Hi Lynn, Im having a Neptune transiting my moon in Pisces- I cry everyday – There is a overwhelming need to be connected and pray- it is there where I feel “at home” and protected- It is kind of difficult to center/ and focus at work- I M taking clematis and schleratus and it is helping. I feel the need to be by myself- writing and or reading- Also, I have been in therapy for the last 3 months to work with my inner child- It is comforting to have a professional to walk with me during this times where everything feels “uncertain” – “chronicles of a Neptune-moon transit” deserve to become a book title- my sun in Virgo, analytical-practical is really confused with the moon being touched . I feel what other people feels – I became a radar – Yoga helps – I got a yoga certification and directing session helps me a big deal – My son moved back home – this time with his girlfriend (who has the south node on my moon) – the dynamic feels confusing – I know there is a lot that IM learning and growing from- but I can not see it yet – what do I need to release ? – going with the flow is easier said than done. I M sharing my insights – and hopefully it will resonate for some- also to receive some tips on how to navigate this intense transit

    1. I believe I have written to you in private about BOUNDARY ISSUES under Neptune. T Neptune does make you more open and receptive to absorbing the energies outside of yourself. It is essential that you have a private space for yourself. Then, when you are most vulnerable energetically, you allow your son AND his girlfriend to live with you. If I were you, I would cry too. With the Sun opposition Moon, your parents were diametrically opposed to each other. You have absorbed qualities from each and then feel torn between this or that. This gives a special gift for counseling, bridges and pulling together opposing points of view in a new, cohesive manner. I advise listening to the classical music by Wagner — Ride of the Valkyrie and The Entrance of the Gods into Valhalla. Wearing deep, regal red also helps extrovert your energies.
      If you want to simply get organized, wearing purple and listening to Mozart and Vivaldi helps stimulate the cerebellum of the brain (coordinating)

  5. Hi Lynn, transit Neptune has been in my 1st house since 2001 (since age 10) and in April 2022, the planet is going to be located in 2nd house. I’ve always been a dreamer with ideals and abilities, but they have been unrealized and intangible so far. Also, my mind is foggy about making decisions about life, and I’ve been a bit loner and an isolated person. Do you think 2H transit could make my mind more clear and get me much more active in life? How will this transit affect my life and will I start to feel the change immediately? (My natal Neptune is in 12th house, also.)

    1. First, Neptune never brings clarity. This is not its nature. The 12th House indicates repressions from adults. Neptune there indicates that intuition and creativity were suppressed for more practical endeavors. Yet people with Neptune in the 12th have a strong connection with other dimensions — which make them afraid. Many composers have 12th House Neptune — this seems to be a practical expression of their Neptune.
      Neptune in Pisces has been very difficult for all. I believe my article written in 2012 is on my website. Many who only had a tenuous grip on reality lost that grip with Neptune in Pisces. Now with fake news and lies being fed to the public by Trolls working out of St. Petersburg Russia (we have a neighbor who is a former KGB who knows all about that program and why he left Russia for the U.S.) diminishes reality. So, many individuals are suffering from its influence – not just you.
      The lessons of Neptune are to put us in touch with our creative skills, to learn to define boundaries for self and others (learning to say NO) and, with disappointment or betrayal, we embark upon a journey to discover our real Self. The influence of the 2nd House starts about 5-6 degrees before that cusp (using Placidus). Distinguishing between what is real and what is deceptive and a false illusion. Neptune is only strong when it is aspecting planets in your chart.

  6. Dear Lynn,
    Thank you for writing this extensive article! So many very useful insights. I bought clematis extract straight away. I have transiting Neptune in my 7th house and it was fine when it travelled across my Mars and North Node but when it squared my Sun at 20° and then Venus and Mercury at 23° in my 10th house it became very difficult. I started to regain some motivation this year when Neptune passed 25° but it then went retrograde! It has been an ocean of tears, hypersensitivity and lack of clarity. Self-isolation. I’m hoping it will improve when Neptune goes direct in December. But then it will square my Saturn and Uranus at 29° hopefully this will not be as hard…

    1. At 29 degrees, this is an Ending Cycle. I have an Introduction to this on this website. With Neptune, sometimes a disappointment in another or in a situation will signal to let go, shut the door and move on

    2. Hi Kitty!
      Just wanting to say that I hear you! Neptune is still in my 6th house (cusp of 7th is 26th degree), but in the previous years it has squared my Sun (19 Gemini), conjuncted my Moon (20 Pisces) and Vertex (22 Pisces), squared my Mercury (23 Gemini) and MC/IC (25 Gemini/Sag). It has been so hard. With major disappointment in a significant relationship and life in general.

      Years of tears, I would say, with so much of the previous me having been dissolved. Also quite a weight gain that I’m wokring on to change now. Loss of motivation, direction and previous dreams. It was getting better with the last summer though! Now again kind of a setback. So maybe it is because of Neptune’s retrograde motion.

      Is Saturn also in your 5th house? Forbidding joy?

      1. I do not know who Kitty is but I am the one who answers all.

        Capricorn rules my 5th but Saturn is not transiting there at this time. The Saturn influence does not deny joy at all. But, my play as a child was something practical – I made forts in the woods, I taught myself to ride horses, I worked on the farm – but all was a lot of fun. Saturn just means that your approach to creativity is more practical. As an astrologer, all of my articles have practical information. Having 3 planets in Gemini, I have mental curiosity and find almost everything stimulating so I have a lot of joy.

        T Saturn in the 5th is a time to take a hobby or interest and turn it into something practical – something that you can use professionally. The first time was asked to write a series of commercial articles for a Sun Sign magazine. I had always written Edgar Cayce and metaphysical articles that had very limited interest. So I learned to write something commercial and practical.

        I have an article on WEIGHT LOSS AND THE TRANSFORMATIONAL PROCESS. Neptune dissolves your boundaries and leaves the body vulnerable — hence the weight gain so that the body can protect itself from pain and negative energy. I am afraid that this has been true for me as well with Neptune.

      2. Hi Margit!
        I experienced a pretty significant weight gain too unfortunately. Tried too loose it and actually succeeded but it came back quickly. Trying again now. With past experiences and clematis I’m hoping this time will be the last and that I’ll keep healthy habits. Although it’s been hard keeping any habits at all. My natal Saturn is in the 4th, it rules my 5th in Capricorn though. I can see how it perhaps limits carefree fun.

  7. Sorry I just realised you meant transit Saturn. When Saturn was transiting my 5th it was in conjunction with Jupiter in 2020 and I had a lot of fun and creative projects at home and in the garden (I guess Jupiter influence) but wasn’t able to have fun anywhere else due to lockdown and travel restrictions (Saturn?).

  8. Thank you so much for this article, Lynn. Going through Neptune square, with Transiting Neptune conjoining my Venus and opposing my
    Moon. Then will move to my sun at 29 deg Pisces and then to my mars at 2 degrees Aries. I’ve gained 20 lbs since the beginning of this transit and just seem to hold onto so much water weight. Feel like I’m dissolving. Old addictions flaring up. Natal Neptune in 10th house and have no interest in my life’s work. Will try some of your suggestions. Thank you!!

    1. Indeed, Neptune can cause weight gain in order for the body to feel grounded. Try the Bach Flower Remedy every day under the tongue. But the body is trying to ground you — remember, Neptune weakens the etheric web so that you are more connected with other realms. I do have a log article on Weight Loss and the Transformational Process. Do be careful of deceptions along the way. My financial advisor gave me bad information — I should have said NO! A man took over my NCGR Chapter and then we all realized that he is on a power trip, found a way to remove the elected board members from the board and has ghosted us all. The influence of a planet at 29 degrees (or 25-29 – read article on Beginning and Ending Planets) is to dissolve connections whereby you shut the door and move on. It is a letting go cycle — not through arguments or disputes but tuning out and even ghosting. Ask about Mars later — as a Beginning Planet, it operates differently.

  9. Hi Lynn,
    Neptune by transit is currently squaring my natal Neptune in Sag, 12th and opposing my Mars in Virgo, 8th (so natally Neptune squares mars).

    The last three years have been a struggle – a move to a ‘dream house’ crumbled when partner became an alcoholic and had a breakdown. I ended it but took five actual attempts for him to accept it. Prior to all this I developed the ghost disease Fibromyalgia.

    Now – we are looking to sell and me to move to my homeland UK, however my mind is confused and fearful about the unknown future. The body is weak… muscles fatigued and am anxious so much it has impacted on my work. I just feel doubtful, uncertain and lost. Physically its like i constantly need to rest and retreat.

    Virgo mars and cap venus (which is currently in conj with transit pluto) is finding the indecisiveness and lost feeling so difficult.
    Weirdly, the ex partner is helping me…he has a 12th house stellium!

    1. Fibromyalgia occurs when we resent the crises that we seem to be drawn into. This rebellion causes us to cultivate an allergic reaction to the adrenaline that these crises produce. Neptune dissolves what no longer works. I am sure that I have an article on Neptune transits on my website. The changes we make are simply stepping stones to where we are really meant to be.
      FIBROMYALGIA: Typical Fibromyalgia
      Chanda wrote: I’ve seen plenty of autoimmune diseases and abused/abusive people with difficult Mars.
      As I worked on some of my own Mars problems, many disappeared from my practice or we began examining other factors when those situations improved.
      Having other types of strength to rely on is very important, challenges can always be expected.
      Most of the autoimmune issues I’ve been exposed to involve people in or after the mid-life transits, or major/mundane Saturn and Neptune trends falling heavily in a chart.

      LYNN: I find that Transpluto is active is all auto-immune diseases, a disease whereby the body attacks itself, just like criticism.

      This relatively new term is associated with muscle and joint pain that persists for no discernable reason. Fibro refers to the fibrous connective tissue that cushions the joints; myalgia refers to pain in the muscles.
      I find that these people are addicted to crises, care-taking and stress. The individual generates a crisis, the body pumps out adrenaline and, because they resent the crises they create, they become allergic to their own adrenaline!
      These people are defined into categories – Cardinal types, Virgo types and Libra types.
      Exception: Cardinal types can have low blood pressure and the Crises in their lives helps them stay awake. They need crises to energize them as low blood pressure also lowered the energy level unless pumped by adrenaline. Neptune is involved in both cases.
      With Fibro-myalgia, they resent the crises.
      There is always a dysfunctional Saturn that is frequently part of an INCONJUNCT, faulty wiring about what responsibility really is (Read Alan Epstein on Saturn).

      1) Problems and lessons come through dealing with the reality of responsibility.
      2) Need to prove self responsible, limiting freedom, assuming responsibilities and burdens
      3) May have had to assume responsibilities for parents, foregoing play in order to assume the worry and burden of family survival.
      4) The parents often felt that they themselves were making great sacrifices and handling great responsibilities when they were actually dumping these on the child.
      5) They permit others to unload their burdens on the individual who is not always efficient and effective in these tasks.
      6) Find themselves surrounded with irresponsible or needy people – these inept people give a sense of purpose and connectedness.
      7) Premature, adult-like assumption of duties — that the individual never does learn how to handle responsibilities effectively. The enjoyment of life is very much limited by these chores. Saturn says: Before you can be happy, the people you love must be happy.
      8) Feelings of isolation because of these responsibilities
      9) Forced to wait and be patient; sense of timing is inappropriate
      10) As a child, the individual was either forced to wait or rushed and pressured.
      11) The individual fears a total collapse if they do not do it all.

      1) These people learned to be responsible too early in order to gain acceptance, approval and to be liked
      2) Trouble integrating with others so that they always feel like a Wall Flower
      3) Astro-Sized fears

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