This lecture will discuss the astrological and psychological profiles for Radicalized Terrorists, specifically for the current “3rd Wave” of terrorists. Since 2013, I have attended monthly G-TEC briefings with David Major, Director of the Counter Intelligence Centre, I have collected psychological profiles and birth data for these individuals.
Data has come from Spypedia, to which I subscribe. I have had discussions with FBI and CIA agents who have made recommendations. Fortunately, one of the leading researchers on such psychological profiles, Anne Speckhard, is a professor in Washington D.C. My access to profile research of psychotherapists is the basis of my own research.
I am taking my introduction for a book recommended by FBI agent David Williams and an author who lives in the Washington DC area – Marc Sageman, LEADERLESS JIHAD, published in 2008. In 2017, his latest book was published, MISUNDERSTANDING TERRORISM.

He divided the Terrorists into 3 Waves:


• The 1st Wave consists of the Old Guard, those who fought against the Soviet in the 1980s and became companions in arms of bin Laden and still form the core of Al Qaeda Central –
1. They developed a strong bond under fire and they evolved together
2. They have intense loyalty to one another
3. The Old Guard generally came from a higher socio-economic status, such a bin Laden himself who came from a wealthy construction empire and who grew up with the royal princes of Saudi Arabia
4. Ayman al-Zawahiri came from one of the most prominent families in Egypt
5. Many 1st Wave Al Qaeda leaders were Egyptian or they had been student Salafi activists who fled Egypt with the government crackdown on their activities
6. Bin Laden was unable to establish such close bonds of trust with the later generations of followers
7. This group were quit pious -2/3rds came from religious families
8. All of these jihadis were married

ASTROLOGY: Many here belong to the Cardinal T-Square Generation with Neptune conjunct Saturn in Libra opposing Jupiter in Aries squared by Uranus in Cancer


• The 2nd Wave comprises those who joined the global Islamist terror social movement in the 1990s.

1. These young people are mainly middle class.
2. They were motivated by the Muslim persecutions in Bosnia, Chechnya, Kashmir and the Philippines, inspired by the alleged heroics of the 1st Wave
3. Many found their way to Afghanistan for training
4. Many volunteered to fight in these hot spots
5. Few Egyptians fought here because they elected not to follow bin Laden, focusing upon the enemies in Egypt
6. Saudis, inspired by the 1st wave, and ex-patriates living in Europe made up this group
7. The 2nd wave ended with the invasion of Afghanistan after 9/11 which destroyed the training camps and eliminated their shelter – this created an 18 month limbo period before the 3rd wave commenced.
8. Only 1/3rd from this group came from religious families
9. Most of these jhadis were married but there were few marriages among these terrorists who came from the West

ASTROLOGY: Many of these individuals were born during the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in the 1960s and Pluto-Uranus in Libra in the 1970-80s.

THE THIRD WAVE: The Neo-Jihadis

• The 3rd Wave is the post-Iraqi invasion generation – the Iraq War was the trigger
• 3rd Wave members in the West are the second generation or children of Muslim immigrants
• This Wave tends to have middle to lower social class roots
• Little is known about the 3rd Wave in the Middle East but they are more like the 2nd Wave Expatriates (members of bombing plots in Britain in June 2007)
• Only a small minority of this group came from a religious family
• Few of these Jihadis were married, as they were younger, although some married just before carrying out their deadly mission
• In the 3rd wave, the threat comes from the inside, from home grown terrorists most of whom have never traveled abroad for training or indoctrination
• Here you will find the HOMEGROWN wannabe terrorists
• Converts and young people without a background in Islam lack the context to evaluate the religious claims of these Jihadi Role Models – context is important because the Bible contains terrible acts that also must be real in context of the times
• They are mobilized by internet networks
• When lonely, socially isolated and marginalized by their host society, they joined groups of fellow Muslims, often study groups that formed around radical mosques – radicalization becomes an insidious process
• Once in a group, it becomes very difficult to abandon group loyalties
• Comrades become family substitutes, even if this is just an internet connection for the socially isolated individual, the homegrown radical
• The 3rd wave individuals seem to have migrated to spending a lot of time on the Internet Jihadi chat rooms
• Wannabes arrested in Europe have spent a lot of time on the internet
• Idleness from underemployment seem to be a factor in the growth of GIT (Global Islamic Terrorism) in Europe
• Lack of integration into society is a big problem – success in integration depends on whether your host neighbor will greet you in the morning, invite you over for a cookout or offer your child a job!
• Groups forming the 3rd Wave become radicalized on their own initiative – they operate independently of a central control and they finance their own operations
• Especially in Europe, the “home grown” terrorists use public assistance to finance their activities – the major obstacle is not financing but EXPERTISE so that many of their efforts fail
• Most of the 3rd Wavers are self-taught with instructions on building bombs found on the internet
• This disconnected global network is referred to as the Leaderless Jihad

ASTROLOGY: Many from this Wave were born during the Great Capricorn Alignment in the late 1980s-early 1990s. The Energy in this alignment is not easy to handle – they can be brilliant, coming in to bring changes in the world, or they can be Lost Souls. Feeling lost, some can get into drugs but others can become Super Fans, finding comradeship with storybook characters, such as Harry Potter.
More Neo-Jihadis will arise out of the Cardinal Climax but they are still 3rd Wavers


Most people presume that jihadis are well versed in the Quran but the vast majority of terrorists come to their religious beliefs through self-instruction or, as least, through non-traditional interpretations of the scriptures.

This is not limited to Muslims because many fundamentalists Christians have a very biased understanding of the Bible, often ignorant of the true teachings of Jesus.

Many studied the Quran in prison because they had a lot of time on their hands.

Sageman data shows 1/4th were religious when they were young and 2/3rds were secular (not religious). The rest were Christian converts. The conclusion is that most Global Islamist Terrorists grew up secular and in a secular environment.

AGE DISTRIBUTION: The average is about 25 years of age –

• 1st Waves were nearly 30 years of age and they are the best educated, many having a doctoral degree
• 2nd Wave were around 25 years of age and many dropped out of college to join the movement
• 3rd Wave joined much younger, early 20s, and many dropped out of high school


While the age of terrorists seems to be getting younger, they are still not immature teenagers, acting out on a dare or from boredom.

Ignorance is not a factor because about 62% attended university, studying in technical fields such as engineering and medicine. One must keep in mind that the two most prestigious faculties in the Middle East and Egypt are Medicine and Engineering.

The problem arises when the majority of students are physicians or engineers and, thus, there are no jobs after graduation. It is then that they become bored, disillusioned and resentful.

Engineers possess a frame of mind that draws them to Salafi ideas – a quest for original principles

Since they are engineers and not Islamic scholars, they do not know much about the 1,400 years of Quranic commentaries. Coming to Islam in the mid-twenties, they have no strong religious background that would put in historical context the new religious argument they encounter. They do not have an adequate background to evaluate the Salafi arguments and interpret the material they read.

Brainwashing is not a factor here. Their fervor results from their lack of religious training, which prevents them from evaluating their new beliefs in context.

Like the Bible, there is a lot of violence in the Quran but this must be interpreted in a historical context.

Education without a commensurate job opportunity is a recipe for disaster, as happened in Egypt after the 1970s when the state could no longer absorb the young graduates of the faculties of medicine and engineering.


This is not a factor since individuals who have ASPD are so self-centered that they have no consideration for others in the organization. They cannot be trusted because they might compromise security or they act in ways that would embarrass the organization. Rather than sacrifice themselves for others they expect others to sacrifice for them.

Such jihadis are not narcissistic because they are willing to sacrifice themselves for their comrades and their cause.


• Many are from solid upper or middle class backgrounds with opportunities open to them
• Generally over-protected as children so that they were not exposed to the harsh reality of their environment, becoming dreamers and idealists
• When they reached their mid-twenties and their childhood dreams were shattered by a perceived moral outrage, they are more receptive to violent Salifi messages – a worldview that replaces the original idealistic vision
• Many are expatriates – 60% living in a country in which they did not grow up
• An additional 20% were sons or grandsons of 2nd and 3rd generation Muslims immigrants
• The connection between a diaspora and terrorism appears strong
• Especially in Europe, as 2nd and 3rd generation of immigrants, with a secular background an attending secular schools, they soon realized that they did not have the same opportunities as the native children
1. They came to resent the host society (this is very true in France) that has excluded them
2. They dropped out of school and join gangs
3. Unemployment for 15 to 30 year old Muslim men in Europe is 2 to 3 times higher than their non-Muslim peers (female Muslims fare better with employment)

FRIENDSHIPKINSHIPBELONGING: The signs of Cancer and Leo are strong

A common factor, often because of the early environmental factors mentioned, these individuals feel marginalized, not fitting in and not belonging.

• Joining terrorism is akin to a social movement, giving a sense of belonging
• 2/3rds joined as a group of guys who just decided to join a terrorist organization
• Joining with childhood friends – 5 of the 7 Madrid bombers who committed collective suicide played together in the streets of Morocco
• Some were sent to school in the West for the best education
1. Felt marginalized and excluded from their immediate environment
2. Going to clubs and partying did not relieve their feeling of alienation
3. Then, going to a Mosque to belong, they more easily fell into the radical trap

The Global Islamist Terrorist social movement forms through the spontaneous self-organization of informal “bunches of guys,” trusted friends from the bottom up. Bunches of guys is a term coined by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, referring to a group in Montreal associated with Ahmed Ressam. This describes the process of radicalization and recruitment into this Social Movement.

Radicalization actually starts from the bottom up as there is no campaign drive for new members from the highest levels.

Getting into al Qaeda Central is like getting into an elite college – like Harvard, they do not have to recruit!


More latitude is given to the boys when they get into trouble. If the girls quit school or cannot find a job, they are immediately sent back to the “old country” to be married to their first cousins – much prized since that would give the new husband citizenship in the West.

The 2nd and 3rd generation females do not want to marry their cousins so they stay in school, especially during that period when they would be considered an excellent marriage prospect, and they become well educated.

Upon reaching adulthood, they are able to find decent job and establish their autonomy. They are able to take advantage of the rights that women in the West enjoy to pursue their interests.

NOTE: There is an exception – there are women raised in environments that oppress women. Becoming a Jihadi feels empowering to them. Blowing one’s self up may be a better alternative than living a life of oppression. For locked up girls, they crave the excitement of marrying a Jihadi.


In their personal writings, terrorists refer to the strong motivational effects of hearing about or watching the suffering of fellow Muslims. When PEOPLE are seen as the cause of an outrageous tragedy, a moral judgment is triggered.

If experienced as intentional, disrespect can lead to immediate violence. Anger leads to a desire to right a wrong and act on the behalf of attacked brothers.
Television images and videotapes of the atrocities in Bosnia and Chechnya moved the 2nd Wave Muslims to join terrorist organizations to defend their communities.

No one is brainwashed. I even asked former FBI agent, David Williams, if there was subliminal programming on the Jihadi website and he assured me that this did not happen. A similar call to action occurred in 1948, 1967 and 1973 when the existence of Israel was threatened by its neighbors, many young Jewish men and women came to Israel to offer their services. They were not particularly Jewish answered the call to save Israel. They were never brainwashed.

What bothers these recruits is not the impulse to come to the aid of beleaguered people but acts of suicide and murder. Murderers and Terrorists give no thought to their victims. Terrorists do not deliberate about their actions and they are not very thoughtful.

To these people, the West is actively engaged in an apocalyptic War Against Islam. To the Global Islamic


Rabei Osman is an ideologue who recruited perpetrators. He was older, belonging to the Uranus in Libra generation, but influencing the Capricorn generation. He worked with other drifters and janitors. They inspired the younger wannabes with their “war stories.”

Nazification techniques are ruled by Transpluto – this occurs when someone is in a lowly, powerless position in life tears down and criticizes another group so as to elevate them into a more powerful position.

Sacrificing themselves for a better world gives meaning to their meaningless lives; Downgrading other groups gives them a feeling of importance.


• Saturn in Early Degrees and afflicted can rule ADD/ADHD and the Pre-Frontal Cortex – beatings to the head an arrest maturation, often found with career criminals
• Mars R in Aquarius – I have observed with murderers that Aquarius is connected with causes
• Mars-Jupiter is the signature of the over-reactor, acting on impulsive over actions deemed unjust and unfair. With a weak Saturn, this can be problematic
• Mars-Neptune is actually a common signature with terrorists who find that the irrational idealism gives them energy
• Chiron is afflicted and this is common with terrorists and murderers – I can only think that they are acting out some wound from the childhood – in this case, the age of 15.
• There are often placements in Cancer and Sagittarius – but not always
• Planets in very early and very late degrees
1. Early is self-taught, for good or bad
2. Late can go to extremes
• The medical asteroid, Hygeia, is often aspected at the time of terrorist action – life is out of balance


Despite what some politicians say, very few Islamic terrorists try to cross into the United States from Mexico. This is groundless since Muslim terrorists would stand out. The “Coyotes” who guide Latin American people attempting to illegally enter the U.S. would be the first ones to alert the border patrol in order to safeguard their “business.”


Until 2004, with Uranus entering Pisces, most of the Jihadi networks were a consequence of face-to-face interactions among friends. While the actual internet explosion commenced with Neptune and Uranus in Aquarius, Uranus in Pisces had the greater impact upon the young Jihadis.

Starting around 2004, communications and inspiration shifted from the face-to-face interactions at local ethnic restaurants and barber shops in the vicinity of the radical Islamic mosques to interaction on the Internet.
• The Toronto group in Operation Osage in June 2006 has its root in the group’s linkage through an online group in Copenhagen
• In Indonesian where internet usage is relatively low, the young people belonged to a terrorist online network
• Blog and Forums are the new arena; it is a low cost transaction
• Teenagers are the greatest users of the Internet and, therefore, most likely to be influenced by it
• Because of the internet, more women are being drawn into the terrorist movement so the gender separation has disappeared
• Women are more active hen men on the chat rooms
• Computer-mediated communication, which seems to collapse time and eliminate space, has the potential to transform human.
• Many join out of a sense of alienation and feeling alone and isolated – in forums, people seem to care for each other and provide ready friendships; they are only lone wolves offline


• The most effective way to remove the glory from terrorism is to reduce the terrorists to common criminals – there is no glory in being hauled off to prison in handcuffs.
• No more press conferences with self-congratulatory celebrations about a new victory in the war on terrorism – publicity on supports and vivifies their cause
• Diminish Moral Outrage – he feels we need to get out of these countries
• Give Muslin youth GOOD religious training, not the superficial kind that becomes misinterpreted
• Eliminate discrimination against Muslins
• Eliminate the networks
• Education starting in 8th Grade Civics classes, teaching ideologies and that it is not OK to kill

UNDERCOVER JIHADI – Mubin Shaikh who uncovered the Toronto 18 – 14 adults and 4 youths attempted to blow up the Canadian Parliament and behead the members of government.

Mubin became de-radicalized in the late 1990s and especially after 9/11 —

The childhood and experiences of my 2 subjects (Mubin and Morten Storm) are very similar and their stories give much insight into the background that cultivates a Radicalized Individual.

Shaikh was born at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. He attended Quran school as a child as well as public school and although at age 14, he joined the Royal Canadian Army Cadets attaining the rank of Cadet Warrant Officer, an acute identity crisis led him to Pakistan, where a chance encounter with the Taliban would propel him into extremism.
The 9/11 attacks made him reconsider his views and he then spent 2 years in Syria augmenting previous private study of Islamic Studies where he would go through a period of full de-radicalization, rejecting extremism and terrorism as an anathema to Islam. He then returned to Canada and began his national security operations work. Shaikh is a Sunni Sufi Muslim.


A common issue with radicalized youth is that they live in two worlds – the socially and religiously conservative world of his immigrant parents and the permissive society of his neighbors and friends.

The pre-school education was in a Madrasa where tiny children were beaten for any misbehavior or not correctly memorizing the Quran. And, inflicted pain was to be born in silence.

In 1st grade, he attended a public school where no one was beaten for making a mistake and he was praised and rewarded (go play with toys) for doing a good job in school.

He would see neighborhood children playing ball in the streets and the he would leave mainstream Canada to a place where the old world traditions still resigned as he attended the Madrasa.

Boy and girls did not mix – boys could not even talk to girls. Until they married, the boys never even held a girl’s hand!

As a member of a collective community, he had no individual identity of his own other than what the community decreed for him.

There was a tug of war between his cultural heritage and Western society. He struggled to understand where he fit in without free-falling into an abyss

►ASTROLOGICAL SIGNATURE: Anger at not fitting in with one’s environment is associated with a Sun-Mars affliction.

As he moved between his two identities, he did not question which of these very divergent selves was the right one or what either of his selves might mean for him in later life. He moved back and forth with no grey area.

In 3rd grade, after a minor fight in which his school mate began bleeding, the Western Teacher simply warned him to use words and not fists. The fact that the teacher refrained from violence made a stronger impact upon him than that of the beatings by the parents or the Madrasa teachers. At a tender age, he began noticing the distinctions between the strict Madrasa laws and the comparatively lax environment of the Western World. NOTE: This is likely the reason that he became de-radicalized and he did not want to harm the people in his home country.

ASTROLOGICAL SIGNATURE: Jupiter is the signature, ruling playing a role in 2 different worlds but never being who you really are. Jupiter plays a role for approval. It fears abandonment – that others will withhold approval if he stops playing the role.

The next and most powerful feature in his life (and that of his female cousin) was the sexual abuse by his 2 unmarried uncles. The mother became angry at the accusations by Mubin and his cousin. “Forgetting, at least momentarily, worked best for Mubin, despite suffocating in denial. Mubin felt guilty that he failed to protect her – he felt that he should have killed them!!! Memories of the younger, sexually abused self that was disavowed haunted Mubin. He also had black spaces where he could not remember anything. Crazed with feelings of shame and anger that he just could not work through. And, he could talk of none of this with his parents or family. It is likely that he suffered from PTSD.

NOTE: Mubin said that, in Afghanistan, since men and women could not mix until they were married, young boys will dress like women. There is BOY THURSDAY whereby men have sex with boys but, confessing on Friday, all is forgiven – like the Catholic Church!

Soon, he began acting out and shoplifting. The parents only felt that he needed more Madrasa. This acting out also took the form of Break Dancing, something in which he excelled!

During this period, he experienced constant berating. He was blamed for everything he did and he wondered why he could never get it right.

ASTROLOGICAL SIGNATURE: Transpluto (and Virgo) causes this pathogenic parental attitude. I do not know its House position but it is besieged by Saturn and Venus. So, the impact of critical became embossed upon the personality around 11 and 15 years of age.

The adult who suffers from the results of perfectionism in the childhood is apt to be intelligent, well educated and economically better off than most people. Belittling his own accomplishments, he drives himself with ever stiffer demands to “do better.” If these words describe you, you should carefully consider the possibility that your difficulties in life arise from an “inner child of the past” who strives to gain parental acceptance – which was withheld in the past because of the ever present parental pressures to “do better.”

The Perfectionist Parent is the 2nd most common pathogenic parental attitude so all of us can relate to parts of this parenting style.
The Coercive parent who constantly directs, orders and nags a child is actually the most common pathogenic parental attitude.

NO ONE WILL EVER HURT ME AGAIN: He took up martial arts and gravitated into a group of street-smart boys at school and, at 14 years, the Royal Canadian Army Cadets. His experiences of being victimized remained sequestered in shame, instilling within him a strong empathy for other victims, fueled by a growing rage over injustices with the powerful taking advantage of the weak. The made him ripe to be drawn into militant jihadi teachings.

As Sageman says, joining such groups makes the alienated individual, fuming with rage, feel that he belong, being one of a “bunch of guys” – and partaking in all of the adventures the group offers.

He was determined to be a fighter, a survivor and to fit in. No one would ever mess with him again.

In the Cadets, he became strong, independent and empowered, both mentally and physically.

In the group, he got into hard drugs. He was 15 years of age and loving it all. ASTROLOGICALLY, his Mars-Neptune/Mars-Pluto aspect kicked in.

ASTROLOGICALLY: Very often, leading up to radicalization, there is a strong transiting Neptune aspect – in Mubin’s case, Neptune squared the Sun-Pluto – followed by a Uranus transits. In the case, Uranus square the Sun-Uranus at 14-15 years of age.

The next turning point came when his parents were out of town and he had a big drug party at the house. His uncle caught him. He felt that he needed to be fixed so he joined the Tablighi Jamaat and Islamic Studies, instead of the university. Astrologically, Uranus-Neptune were afflicting his Moon-Jupiter.

With these radical studies, he was told that all of his sins would be forgiven. There would be instant entry into the highest realms of paradise, a crown and jewel of honor placed upon his head and married to 72 beautiful virgins (this is really 72 VIRGOS, not virgins) and he could intercede for 70 family members so that they could enter paradise. This was a non-political group that only focused upon spirituality and the greatness of Allah.

In 1995, he was deployed to an area in Pakistan where al Qaeda was headquartered.

ASTROLOGICALLY, Uranus-Neptune squared Mercury and Chiron.
Most important, Mercury turned Direct by progression.
Progressed Mars changed signs, into Cancer, at 1 degree – a moving forward time

• He began to idealize the Islamic heros who fought for Osama bin Laden – he was bitten by the Jihadi Bug.
• They seemed perfect role models for a naïve, young, brown, Muslin man who was searching for his way out of shame into honor.
• In joining the Jihad, he had to leave another part of himself again – his former friends seemed dull and boring.
• Yet, inside he felt like a caricature that he had forced upon himself, to be what his parents and the Islamic community wanted him to be (Jupiter role playing)

ASTROLOGICALLY, SHAME & HUMILIATION are indicated by the aspects to the Moon, especially 150 can do this, although there are none in Mubin’s chart.

ASTROLOGICALLY: In the late 1990s, when Saturn-Neptune first hit Chiron in late degrees and then hitting the Saturn-Uranus square and Pluto crossing Neptune, he began questioning the terrorist movement. He also marriage a nice Polish girl and started a family.

It was 9/11 that triggered the active de-radicalization movement:
• At this time NEPTUNESATURN were forming a Grand Air Trine with his exact Mars-Mercury R trine.
• In 2001-02, the progressed Sun crossed the natal and progressed Uranus and squared the natal and progressed Saturn at 1 degree – new beginning
• As the P Sun crossed Uranus, the progressed Mars trined this alignment

Mubin was touched by the murder of thousands of innocent people. Muslin friends challenged his beliefs by asking if this is what he believed.
For 2 years, while under favorable aspects and P Mercury aspects, he studied the Quran with a moderate Imam who showed him the historical context for the phrases used by al Qaeda to deceive its followers. A time of theological reframing.

He offered support to Canada’s largest domestic terrorism investigation in 2005-06, known as the “Toronto 18,” and infiltrated several radical groups and conducted surveillance on suspects as an undercover operative on cases which remain classified. He is an active trainer of military, police and government intelligence on violent Islamist extremists.

ASTROLOGICALLY, there was a long cycle of Transpluto crossing Venus – the path towards wholeness and integration.
The Progressed Mars in Cancer was active with the progressed and natal planets in Scorpio
Transiting Pluto in Sagittarius opposed Mars in Gemini
The strongest Progression is from Mercury, hitting his planets over many years.
There was a film made about him this autumn and he is the main spokesperson on terrorism
His efforts are for de-radicalizing young people


The Toronto 18 were made up of 14 adults and 4 very naïve youth. Mubin went undercover and exposed their plot to Canadian authorities.

• Uranus opposes Mercury and squares Uranus
• Neptune oppose Sun and Saturn crosses Sun

This is a very common signature of the radicalization process – Neptune feels lost, no sense of identity


• Disillusioned – Craving meaning and purpose
• GeoPolitics is a strong factor and they feel frustrated, marginalized and not fitting in
• There is often a pattern of abuse in the childhood – Mars-Neptune common = anger and idealism
• Jihad appears a cure for their depression
• Defeated sense of self finds that Jihad bolsters the ego
• Conflicts of meaning and purpose and identity
• Need a sense of adventure
• Money issues – unemployed in 3rd wave with little education
• Martyrdom and outlet for their intense emotions (Mars-Neptune)
• Girls isolated at home seek the excitement of Jihadi boyfriends
• Play Stations de-sensitize violence
• Terrorists are passionate people who want change (Uranus)

THE SECOND COMING: Muslims believe in Jesus and that he will come again AFTER the Anti-Christ.


• Saturn in Early Degrees, Retrograde and afflicted can rule Autism, ADD/ADHD and the Pre-Frontal Cortex – beatings to the head an arrest maturation, often found with career criminals
1. Poor sense of self
2. Coming from a structured Muslin environment they feel comfort being told what to do
3. 1) Overwhelmed by responsibilities applied too early in life
4. 2) Learned well; very responsible with a career connected with responsibilities
5. 3) Coddled and always needs a mentor (or Jihadi leader) in new situations; Avoids responsibility

• Mars-Jupiter is the signature of the over-reactor, acting on impulsive over actions deemed unjust and unfair. With a weak Saturn, this can be problematic
• Mars-Neptune is actually a common signature with terrorists who find that the irrational idealism gives them energy
1. Initiative sabotaged early on
2. They are energized by factors and causes outside themselves
• Chiron is afflicted and this is common with terrorists and murderers – I can only think that they are acting out some wound from the childhood. There are often placements in Cancer and Sagittarius – but not always
• Planets in very early and very late degrees
3. Early is self-taught, for good or bad
4. Late can go to extremes
• The medical asteroid, Hygeia, is often aspected at the time of terrorist action – life is out of balance
• OUT OF BOUNDS planets are powerful but a weak or afflicted Saturn or Retrograde cannot handle the energy of OOB planets. Note that some go OOB shortly after birth.

The leadership such as bin Laden did not show OOB Planets


NOTE: I wrote to Morten questing his birth time but, as yet, he has not responded. His book, AGENT STORM: MY LIE INSIDE ALQAEDA & THE CIA, is the basis for my notes. You can hear him speak on YouTube. At first, he seemed like a fun-crazy guy until I saw his remarks about the WOMENS MARCH ON DC.


• He never knew his father and his step-father was physically abusive
• His childhood was filled with violence, trouble in school and very rebellious
• Lacked identity so becoming a Neo-Jihadi gave him a sense of purpose and belonging
• This gave him an outlet for Uranus because it was tall and red-headed and stood out
• Robbery at 13 years with a gun – Long Series when Uranus-Saturn-Neptune in Cardinal T-Square
o T Neptune conjunct Sun, square Pluto at 13
o T Uranus conjunct Sun, square Pluto – sent to school for hyperactive kids
o T Uranus square Jupiter, ending T-Square, began life on streets
• The Convert in 1997:
1. Strong Neptune Transits, finding a stability that he had never known before
• Death to America in 2000-05
1. Pluto transits kicked in, crossing Neptune, an important transit in the radicalization process; Pluto oppose Mars
2. Drugs and Women – Uranus square Venus
• Late Summer 2006-early 2008 – he found the contradictions in the Quran and found it as oppressive as his step-father
a. Uranus squared the Mars-Neptune opposition
b. Working for PET, MI6 and CIA

• Saturn at 0 degrees Retrograde
• Mars R OOB
• Sun apex of Cardinal T-Square that became activated with Cardinal alignment
• Sun 150 Mars R
• Mars opposes Neptune
• Jupiter afflicted – ego, playing a role, seeking approval
• Chiron heavily afflicted
• Saturn and Venus Early Degrees and Mercury late degrees

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