BEGINNING & ENDING PLANETS – An Introduction to forthcoming book


A Beginning Planet is one that is the earliest by degree in the chart.  This does not involve the sign, only the degree, but the planet must occur between 0 and 5-6 degrees of a sign.  A Beginning Planet shows where the individual is young in their experience of the energy of that Planet and, therefore, it is not always used well, especially when starting or in a new situation.  Some of my students have commented that the Beginning Planet is where they feel dissimilar, not fitting in with others.  Often, as I will discuss later, we had to teach ourselves how to use the Beginning Planet.  In my observations of my own Beginning Planets, I feel that they are quite naive or “not fully ripened” – but they also show how we begin new cycles in our lives.

An Ending Planet is the one that is the latest by degree in the chart but the planet must be positioned between 24-25 and 29 degrees.  There is an energy that may be over-developed by the individual and, as a result, it can become distorted.  With the Ending Planet, the individual must and does learn to let go of the tendency to hold onto the planet’s energy.  But, individual may go to extremes with the Ending Planet before releasing the energy.  Some students observe that they feel compelled or even forced to do this.

Of course, there can be more than one Beginning and Ending Planet in the chart but they must be positioned in these early or late degrees.  In my own chart, I have Jupiter at 1, Neptune at 5̊ ̊ and even the Sun at 6.  However, only Jupiter at the earliest degree influences how I begin new ̊ cycles.

When there are many Ending Planets in the chart, it describes an obsessive type of personality that must go to extremes with everything before they can let go.  They must go to the precipice before they can take that leap of faith, let go and move on.  To be honest, this is really a style of action and, as with an Ending Mercury, it is a process that they must go through before they feel sufficiently secure and comfortable enough to move forward.  This is not a pattern that needs to be changed but rather a pattern of behavior demonstrated by the Ending Planet.

With the Beginning Planet, there may be a compulsive or instinctive style to its manifestation because the individual may not know how to regulate the planet’s energies. For the Beginning Planet, there is a lot of insecurity surrounding any new cycle or activity.  This may be due to an innate insecurity about life on planet Earth. The Beginning Moon needs more time to adjust; however, the Beginning Uranus seems to adapt well to this style – possessing a pioneering spirit.   For Uranus, the insecurity can arise through being the first one to do it, all alone, not quite accepted by others in their pioneer role.  The Beginning Moon must tend to the issues and needs of its sign before it feels secure enough to move forward.

Feedback from the audience has shown that Beginning Planets are often self-taught qualities.  This is most obvious with the Beginning Saturn wherein these people always comment that they taught themselves everything about responsibilities.

Without Ending Planets, there is no mechanism for knowing that a cycle, activity or situation is coming to an end.  There can be a panicky, “What’s going to Happen!?” feeling, especially when there are several of the insecure Beginning Planets.

With many Beginning Planets, I feel that these people do not have much experience with life on Planet Earth.  This does NOT mean that they are not “Old Souls,” just not old in the 3dimensional earthly experience.  They often seek out partners who act like parents, often partners with strong Ending Planets.  When there are several Beginning Planets, there are several possibilities for beginning a new cycle.

Alice A. Bailey stated that, by the year 2000, many new Souls would incarnate to this planet simply to raise the frequency of this planet, to elevate its vibration.  She actually states that these would be Ray IV Souls, souls who are extremely sensitive to color, sound and vibration.  They are more interested in     mediating conflict and stress than creating it.

The concept of Beginning and Ending Planets works with progressions, occurring around the time when the progressed planet changes signs.  This also works the transiting cycles, as outer planets change signs.  If there are stressful transits to a Beginning Planet, this can cause health issues to arise.  When the transiting Pluto at 1 ̊ Capricorn squared my Jupiter at 1 ̊ Libra, I took on many new responsibilities.  These new responsibilities were important to my personal and professional development but the stress of the “new” triggered health issues – bronchitis and a reoccurrence of the Epstein-Barr Virus.  These health issues can also occur with stressful transits to a planet at 28 ̊ or 29 ̊ of a sign when the individual is having a difficult time letting go of an old situation.


Gil Navarro described transiting planets in late degrees as the “End of the Rope” degrees.  People often feel a pressure to change, desperate and compelled to end something…so they feel that they are at the end of their rope.  The criminal personalities can act out of desperation which can be observed in the news.

When planets are transiting the very early degrees of a sign, often we need time to adjust to the new energies.  I am specifically thinking of the day, January 12, 1996, when Uranus entered the sign of Aquarius.  It was like someone turned up the electrical juice, time speeded up and I personally felt out of sync with the energies.  Working with old Earth sign energies, I would give myself two hours to work on a task only to find that I did not have enough time.  I often felt that I was running in place!  By the time Uranus had moved to 4 degrees, I had finally adapted.

In 2008-09, as Pluto changed signs, those individuals with early degree Cardinal signs felt pressure and stress in adapting to any new situation.  Unlike later degrees, a transiting hard aspect to a planet in early degrees does not mean that the new activity will not be successful.  I only describe the stress of learning to do something totally differently.  It is stressful until the individual “learns the ropes,” so to speak.

Lars Karlssen in Sweden has observed that, when the Progressed MC enters 29, these individuals feel that they are living under the threat of company downsizing or losing their job.


The 29 ̊ is the hallmark of the Ending Cycle, a threshold and precipice degree, letting go in order to move into a new experience in life.  This degree is not always an ending but it sometimes manifests when something comes to a head, comes to a finalization or point of fruition.  Michelle Adler used an example of Michael Crichton who, when most of his progressed planets entered the 29th degree, had the #1 movie, Jurassic Park (based upon his book), a #1 paperback book, DISCLOSURES, and a #1 TV show, ER.


I have added some new insights about the Beginning Planets, observations that are a result of my workshops on this topic.  I find that the difficulty with Beginning Planets is that the individual had to teach his or her self how to use the planet – the parents may not have been effective in teaching the individual about the planet.  This is most obvious with a Beginning Saturn.

The sense of responsibility is always self-taught.  If they learned well and they were encouraged by the parents, they learn to be highly responsible individuals.  If a parent tried to protect them or discourage them from the learning process, they have a very difficult time with responsibilities.

Joanne Wickenberg, a long-time astrologer for whom I have great respect,  commented that Dane Rudhyar likened planets in very early degrees to the “new phase,” which is associated with functioning more spontaneously or instinctively…but with little objectivity.   In other words, there is an “act first and understand why you did so only after the fact.  With the energy of the Beginning Planet, they are a bit naive and somewhat unsophisticated.

Joanne added this insight: “I have Saturn, Venus and the Sun at 0-1-2 degrees of Cancer and this is the story of my life.  I never fully know what I am doing but things seem to work out well when I do things spontaneously on gut instinct.  If I think too long about something or try to create a sophisticated plan of action, things never work as well.”

Rather comments on the late degree planets as operating more objectively, as if there was more awareness of the historical significance of potential action before action is taken.  It is important for these people to have a plan before acting.  The “Balsamic Phase” energy in very late degrees is associated with one who is planting seeds for the future and, as a result, may be out of step with the rest of the world.



✮ One woman replied that her earliest planets are at 6̊.  “I do feel that they are “baby planets” where I still need a lot of work.

There are always anomalies to the descriptions that I give for the Beginning and Ending Planets.  I am always interested to hear these stories.  The actually do not contradict my statements but expand the view and experiences of the Beginning and Ending Planets.  My readers are encouraged to write to me at with any anomalies or insights.




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  1. Hi Lynn,
    I find this topic really interesting.
    I have Saturn at 26 degrees Aquarius, Mars at 0 degrees Pisces conjunct Sun at 1 degree Pisces – all in my 5th house. My Moon is at 4 degrees Gemini (9th house).

    In my creative work I feel that my Sun & Mars have had to free themselves from Saturn’s influence in order to feel comfortable with acting on intuition or going with my gut. It has felt like breaking the ‘rules’ – I used to design textiles for industry and usually had to know how they were going to look before I started them. Now I’m used to artwork turning out quite differently from what I expected – more a case of discovery than design and much more enjoyable.

    Sometimes it feels like I’m wearing a dress with a long train and I can’t move forward because Saturn is standing on the end of it. Frustrating, but these days I realise there may be something I need to check before moving forward.

    A few years ago I experienced a lot of dream activity which really helped me understand some changes I was going through (along with studying astrology, probably 9th house Moon square Uranus in 12th house).
    Anyway, here are a couple of images from dreams that to me represented creative issues I was dealing with:

    * Trying to literally batter a solid, boring piece of work into shape. I woke up thinking “Why am I even bothering if it’s so boring?”
    * I felt my brain was loosening up and then saw a mermaid whose hair was floating freely with the movement of the water surrounding her. This was so lovely!

    Regarding my Moon in Gemini – over the years I’ve learnt to speak less and listen more. But I do speak up if I think something is wrong. When younger I found it difficult to stand up for myself verbally. I used to hate walking away from conversations thinking someone else had got the better of me and thinking of a suitable remark hours later. That isn’t a problem now and of course there are times it is wiser to say nothing.

    I hope the above are helpful and I look forward to hearing more about your book and reading it!
    Best wishes,
    Claire Hamerton

    1. Good response. With many Beginning Planets, you have not incarnated for some time so you have not learned to use the energies of several planets. Having mentors and teachers around you is important. This does NOT mean that you are not an Old Soul – all souls were created at the same time so we are all at the same age. And Ending Saturn does not trust authority or the System to support you so that you do better self-employed or working independently (even a teacher would work). A Beginning Mars is rough as strting is not always smooth. You react to the changing cycles very strongly.

  2. Oh this is so interesting…. Uranus first house Scorpio at 6°. Saturn in Leo at 1° in my 10th house. Sun intercepted 3rd house Capricorn 6°. I am a behind the scene person and have yet to find my inkling in the world of “career” but I feel this internal urge to be famous and known for my work! But I feel restricted!! I desire to write specifically a lyricist but haven’t been able to connect the dots …. Am I onto something?

  3. Hi,
    I have beginning and ending planets. Thank you for your response to my comment on your kite pattern article. I read your article with the guidance in your answer there.
    I feel like a very experienced and mature baby in some subjects and a newborn baby in some subjects. Mostly my intuition helps me in life to stay on the right path. In my dreams, I sometimes see things that will happen around the world, and sometimes I see powerful effects on my own life. As I fall asleep, I sometimes feel at my level of consciousness that I have passed into another world. Also in daily life, my feelings are so strong that if I feel that it is wrong (a person or a situation), I walk away. Even though I can’t explain it fully at the moment, there are things that prove that I did the right thing later on. I always act within the framework of logic, this logical move is very effective on my intuition. These are perhaps due to the beginning and ending planets..

  4. This is a fascinating topic- thank you for including it in your website offerings. My beginner is Chiron, at 0° aquarius (in the 11th house)- about ready to meet up with Pluto. I am an astrologer, an intuitive and feel a tremendous draw toward working more with Chiron. I suppose that is no surprise- and the readings I have done recently have very strong Chiron themes. Pluto, by the way, is my ending planet at 28° Leo, 6th house. This is very significant in my chart because of a lineup in Scorpio: Venus, Moon and Saturn. I am almost always looking at transitions, my own and for those I am reading. Really excellent food for thought!

    1. BEGINNING CHIRON: The lesson here is to learn to go with one’s intuition and to follow your heart in approaching new situations.

      I always say that Chiron represents all of us “aliens” on the planet – those of us who feel a stranger in a strange land who should have gone to Arcturus, not to this place! With a Beginning Chiron, these people need to learn to be the first ones to stand up and admit their alienness. “Aliens” are aware that we are evolving godlings on this planet, not truly of the earth. Yes, you can feel comfortable on this planet, as I do, but you sense that you are “in the world but not of it.” This can make them feel uncomfortable with being different, with this awareness of who they really are.

      With the Beginning Chiron, I use the analogy of an auditorium filled with people. Then, someone says, “OK, will the real Aliens please stand up.” People will look around at each other, looking to see who will stand up first…it is the Beginning Chiron who needs to be the first to stand up and be counted. They are always alone at first until, finally, others begin to stand up, admitting that they too are the godlings, not earthlings.

      Remember, Chiron represents where we need to give to others what we need for ourselves. I know two friends with a Beginning Chiron in the 4th House. In their own way, they have always felt different and not like their family. One is a man who will take in anyone who needs to feel that they belong. Cousins, nephews and friends have stayed at his house when they were having problems with their families. Another does not take people in but she always makes an effort to make people feel welcome, that they belong, when they come into her home or her office.

  5. This article is so fascinating. Thanks so much for posting it. I have been following you for years and cannot wait for your new book.

    The quote posted above from Joanne Wickenberg (“I never fully know what I am doing but things seem to work out well when I do things spontaneously on gut instinct. If I think too long about something or try to create a sophisticated plan of action, things never work as well.”) really resonates. As an artist with a beginner Venus in 4 Aquarius in the 8th, it expresses exactly my experience with making an art. I never know what the artwork is about until it’s done. I don’t do preliminary drawings or make plans. I just follow my intuition. It’s an accurate and fulfilling experience for me and I couldn’t do it any other way. As a result, my execution of the art can be slow. Sometimes I will let a piece marinate for weeks, but I don’t mind.

    My ender is Mercury (27 Capricorn in 8th). I compulsively investigate everything I’m interested in before moving forward or taking steps (either in writing an article or a piece of fiction or with regard to my health – even when I plan to make a purchase). I can be compulsive, but I do enjoy the forensics.

    I have other beginners: Moon 2 Capricorn in 7th; Uranus 2 Cancer in 12th (conjunct ASC in 2 Cancer). I’ll do some more thinking about them, too.

    Thank you for your generosity and all the great information you pass on to us!

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