The Dysfunctional Saturn and its Impact upon Health

Dysfunctional Saturn aspects in the natal chart frequently contribute to health issues. For example, people with Fibromyalgia often have Saturn inconjunct (150) aspects in their natal chart.

These people have a difficult time assessing their accurate responsibility in most situations. With Fibromyalgia, these people are drawn to crises, care-taking and sacrificing themselves for others. Because they actually resent these crises, their bodies develop an “allergic reaction” to the adrenalin that they produce – hence, the great pain that they experience.

Because many diseases are associated with this dysfunctional pattern with Saturn, it is essential to change the psychological pattern in order to improve the health condition.

The best description of the Dysfunctional Saturn comes from my favorite book by Alan Epstein, The Psychodynamics of Inconjunctions. I love this book so much that I have two copies of it…just in case I cannot find one when I need to refer to it. Often, the psychological issues of this 150 degree aspect represent the psychological struggles about which the individual is most aware. They also represent important talents available to the individual, if they will overcome the dysfunctional side of the planet. Many of these talents are listed in Epstein’s book. This book appeared in AstroAmerica’s Top Ten List.

The Psychological Issues of a Dysfunctional Saturn are:

  1. Problems and lessons come through dealing with the reality of responsibility.
  2. Need to prove self responsible to others, limiting freedom, assuming responsibilities and burdens
  3. May have had to assume responsibilities for parents, foregoing play in order to assume the worry and burden of family survival.
  4. The parents often felt that they themselves were making great sacrifices and handling great responsibilities when they were actually dumping these on the child.
  5. They permit others to unload their burdens on the individual who is not always efficient and effective in these tasks.
  6. Find themselves surrounded with irresponsible or needy people – these inept people give a sense of purpose and connectedness.
  7. Premature, adult-like assumption of duties so that the individual never does learn how to handle responsibilities effectively. The enjoyment of life is very much limited by these chores. Saturn says: Before you can be happy, the people you love must be happy.
  8. Feelings of isolation because of these responsibilities
  9. Forced to wait and be patient; sense of timing is inappropriate
  10. As a child, the individual was either forced to wait or rushed and pressured.
  11. The individual fears a total collapse if they do not do it all.

2 Responses

    1. I do not know anything about your chart but these are some of the signatures. You ca have the signatures WITHOUT FMS. It depends upon the Crises in your life and how you handle them.


      Chanda wrote: I’ve seen plenty of autoimmune diseases and abused/abusive people with difficult Mars. As I worked on some of my own Mars problems, many disappeared from my practice or we began examining other factors when those situations improved. Most of the autoimmune issues I’ve been exposed to involve people in or after the mid-life transits, or major/mundane Saturn and Neptune trends falling heavily in a chart.

      LYNN: I find that Transpluto is active is all auto-immune diseases, a disease whereby the body attacks itself, just like criticism.

      This relatively new term is associated with muscle and joint pain that persists for no discernable reason. Fibro refers to the fibrous connective tissue that cushions the joints; myalgia refers to pain in the muscles.
      I find that these people are addicted to crises, care-taking and stress. The individual generates a crisis, the body pumps out adrenaline and, because they resent the crises they create, they become allergic to their own adrenaline!

      These people are defined into categories – Cardinal types, Virgo types and Libra types.
      Exception: Cardinal types can have low blood pressure and the Crises in their lives helps them stay awake. They need crises to energize them as low blood pressure also lowered the energy level unless pumped by adrenaline.
      Neptune is involved in both cases.
      With Fibro-myalgia, they resent the crises. There is always a dysfunctional Saturn that is frequently part of an INCONJUNCT, faulty wiring about what responsibility really is (Read Alan Epstein on Saturn). Thee can be hard aspects to Neptune – boundary issues.

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