LYNN KOINER MEDICAL SHARING POSTS – These are posts that can be found on my Facebook Lynn Koiner Medical Sharing page. These are my answers to questions about health issues. Some are directed specifically to an individual and some are general.



Heart diseases ensue from afflictions to the Sun, Leo, or the 5th. My experience is that malefics on the cusp of the 5th, or in exact opposition thereto, are the surest signs of heart-trouble. Mars on the 5th generally causes damage from strain; Saturn seems to affect the valves; Uranus brings nervous trouble; and, with Jupiter, sudden dilation, while Neptune probably affects through drugs or smoking.
Fatty degeneration is due to an afflicted Jupiter. Areas that appear to be related to heart-trouble are 7° of the Mutables and about 25° of the Cardinals.


CARDIOLOGIST: A Boston Cardiologist said that plaque in the arteries does not cause heart attacks. It is INFLAMMATION that causes heart attacks – the inflammation causes the arteries to swell and close off.
• My father took Folic acid 1000 mcg for his heart. This helps with homocysteines.
• Have a MTHFR test is inflammation stays high – Cerefolin (prescription) or Neuro-Biologix Neuro-Immune Stabilizer (online) are remedies
• INFLAMMATION is caused by transits of Uranus and Pluto; 150 aspects raise blood pressure
I have observed degenerative heart disease caused my Neptune transits. This shows up in the individual chart. Neptune transits are also an indicator in a child’s chart whose parent is suffering from degenerative heart disease.
The heart has the highest concentration of CoQ10 – this nutrient helps rebuild the heart muscle but it must be at least 100 mgs.
• Hawthorne Berry re-builds heart muscle after congestive heart failure.
• Nattokanise lowers blood pressure and it removes rennin from kidneys, that also lowers BP – best taken with Serraflyzme
• NAC – Gluthathione (but it is destroyed in the stomach), PQQ, C, Cysteine and ALA
ASTROLOGY: Neptune transits can trigger degenerating heart disease. In one’s natal chart, this transit can actually show that someone around you is having this problem.
Saturn-Uranus transits are common for heart attacks. “Taking too much to heart” is a problem.
• Leo-Sun-Fixed Signs.
• Arhythmia – Uranus (My dad has Sun in Sagittarius square Uranus in Pisces)
• Lynn: Neptune rules deterioration of heart muscle

LYMPHATIC CONGESTION & Cardiovascular disease –

I have 5 charts of individuals (all women, if this is significant) who suffer/suffered with heart weakness due to a condition in their lymphatic system — all had a Lymphatic Physiology. The Lymph is ruled by Mutables, Water signs, Moon, Neptune and the 2nd House (function of lymph only)
Dr. Sarah Myhill in England has free publications.

Main symptoms: Chronic Heart Palpitations, Insomnia, Adrenal Burnout, Wired & Tired Nervous Tension.
I am very familiar with these issues – I teach this and I have the symptoms myself since my dad’s passing. With planets in Cardinal signs and the transits there, most of these symptoms are related to elevated Cortisol levels (Adrenals which deplete the thyroid in time). The fix is relatively easy for Cortisol — I take these myself — for elevated Cortisol, my first line of defense is 2 capsules of Lemon Balm and 2 capsules of Holy Basil (also an anti-inflammatory). If this does not completely resolve the symptoms, SERAPHOS is my Big Gun. You get this online, take on an empty stomach (2 caps) but this must be taken in waves — a month on and 2 weeks off. Nurses told me this when I lectured in Chicago. Melatonin with Lemon Balm and Holy Basil at night really helps. Cortisol is often elevated in night (to keep ancient man alert for animals or other attacks).
The Neptune transit is important as it depletes the adrenals, makes one sensitive to allergens, and it lowers potassium/electolytes. See my Neptune transit article is on my website.

Skin issues, especially when indicated by Neptune, indicate BOUNDARY ISSUES in your life. Since people are usually born 1 or 2 minutes earlier than the time on the birth certificate, Saturn should be on the 7th and Retrograde — Saturn R shows where we have a difficult time saying NO! Changing the psychological pattern can be helpful. With Ceres aspecting the Moon, I would advise avoiding dairy and gluten.
According to Edgar Cayce and later researched by Dr. John Pagano, psoriasis is due to leaky gut. This is why a Reader was told to avoid the nightshade family. T Neptune was opposing Venus in Virgo in the Subject’s chart and this would create the problem. I will try to post more information on Psoriasis shortly but Carmen’s advice is what I would say as well.

I have many charts with ALS and Neuropathy. Edgar Cayce had one reading on this topic. This is a cut and Paste of what I have –

CAYCE: Physiologically, it appears that some factor influences the body’s ability to assimilate certain properties through the intestinal tract. NOTE: A malabsorption issue.

In this reading these primary causes are not clarified. Apparently, they have something to do with what Cayce in this instance calls karma. In any event, he pictures the lack of assimilation as creating a deficient of those substances in the bloodstream which will, when they are carried throughout the system, help to replenish and rebuild the nerve muscle forces which are affected. He sees a necessity for constant rebuilding or regenerating of the cells throughout the body.

The nerve cells controlling muscular activity are no exception and he indicates that the lack is so small that it takes a long period of time for disease to manifest.

In the cases multiple sclerosis, the lack was gold. It seems reasonable to assume that here we are also dealing with a lack of gold assimilated in the normal manner through the intestinal tract through those areas that he often pointed out as being primary in these instances – the lacteals.
The primary deficiency apparently causes, then, a gradual deterioration of anterior horn cells, which then results in deficiency in nerve energies that creates the muscular atrophy. Perhaps this lack contributes to the already present inability of the assimilatory system, by hastening the progress of the disease. The readings described it in one place as a lack of stamina in the nerve and muscle forces of the extremities.


The common factor with all degenerative muscle diseases is Saturn afflictions and Virgo.
With Marie-Tooth and other observed degenerative muscle diseases, perfectionism is an ideal.
One astrologer with all of the signatures (Aries-Virgo) except Saturn R said that her dad was irresponsible, no ideal here. I told her that this is what saved her from these diseases.

I DO NOT HAVE THIS CHART ON FILE: ….taking my cure from Cayce, his style and the Fixed T-square with Saturn in the 9th and Transpluto in the 12th, I said (told to a friend of the family)…The astrological insights are very clear but this is purely technical and not helpful to a non-astrologer (I only gave her the astrological factors in initial correspondence). If there is a karmic reason, with Transpluto in the 12th, in the past, he did not accept others for their flaws and imperfections. He now has his own imperfections but I believe that he has come into a family that has an opportunity to show him unconditional love. This is a great opportunity for all involved.
It did not manifest until the school years. The signature is standard with Saturn-Tp and Virgo. The transiting TP is forming a long transit square to Saturn (takes 4 years). The t-square in the chart has Uranus in Aquarius in the 6th House of congenital illnesses. Transiting Saturn has entered the T-Square…and square Hygiea. Chiron crosses Neptune — Chiron ruling illnesses that you have to live with for the rest of your life. Chiron was strong when I developed EBVirus and that virus will always be with me.

Solar Arcs are always involved with major events and illnesses. Here, Solar Arc Pluto in 4th squares ASC.

I use very wide orbs for aspects and this helps with Solar Arc events early in life. I have researched such orbs in my classes in the 1980s and 1990s so I will not budge on this concept.
Just before the age of 3, there was a SA Saturn-TP (and TP-Hygiea); around 8 years, Uranus-Saturn and Jupiter-TP. These can be trigger aspects.

If perfectionism is an ideal, a standard, the child may be bringing over issues from a past life connected with religious intolerance (Saturn in 9th) or physical intolerance. The philosophy of TP (from my TP chapter) is: I am human, therefore, nothing human is alien to me.


There are many types of hearing loss.
The only example that I have is for a Neptunian woman.
Neptune really likes tuning out the world.
She is in denial about the need for a hearing aid.

Water Houses are involved – 12th is preoccupied (strongest), 8th is obsessed and acutely focused, 4th preoccupied with the past.

Right Ear = Saturn; Left ear = Mars
Rulership – Mercury and Gemini

TAURUS – the inability to listen or hear what others are saying
GEISLER: I have long noticed Venus involvement in deafness and Mercury problems. I am interested in the Saturn/Mars comments though, and shall watch that one for more information.

Have a couple cases of severe childhood ear infections–both with angular and/or stressed Venus positions–and one of deafness caused by injury (angular Venus) and some adult ear problems (angular Venus/Neptune). My grandson had to have those ear drainage things implanted as a very young child (too many infections) and he has a Venus/Mercury conjunction squared by both Saturn and Mars (t-square).

I think the current tendency of young people to listen unceasingly to music is both a way of ”not hearing what others are saying” as well as a warning that it could take a physical turn into deafness later in life. And of course, music is Venus.

I have a chart of a woman who had vicious childhood ear problems (angular Venus again) but doesn’t have a hearing problem at the moment.

LYNN: Overall, Ear problems start with the LYMPH so there is a connection with the Mutable Signs, Water signs. Moon and Neptune and the 2nd House rules the FUNCTION of the lymph.

Edgar Cayce often related ear infections with anemia. Interestingly, a student who complained of Anemia also has ear infections.


I have been reading Suzanne Somers latest book and I love her “scoop.” This my spin
• For those with low energy and little or no Fire in their charts (Frontal Lobe of the Brain), Wild Green Oat Extract is recommended. I just ordered DOPA-MIND from Life Extension
• For age spots as we get older, Hawthorne and Bilberry are recommended
• Niacinamide (not Niacin) is recommended for Osteoporosis
• is a cream for skin cancer (very expensive)
• HAIR LOSS — I take thyroid and bio-identical hormones and Nature’s Bounty Hair-Nails-Skin formula (3 pills twice a day) from Costco
• Suzanne recommends a type of Vitamin E called E Tocotrienols


First, with the Taurus-Scorpio Axis, he will develop thyroid issues at some point in his life. His current behavior may be HYPER-thyroid. He is too young to be OCD – he can acquire this in a couple of years due to Stellium, Sun-Neptune and a planet in the 8th House. T Uranus has been crossing his 12th House Mars – anger and frustration that he does not know how to handle. Did something happen with the father at 1.5 year that is triggering anger — in a 2-3 year old, this can cause problems coping with what he cannot articulate.
I feel that it is trauma in the home that a small, sensitive child cannot express. He could develop OCD — these people need something to obsess on besides themselves. Doing things outside of themselves is a good preventative. One therapy had her OCD patient bow to the Sun every morning and evening. In cultures where they have a bowing ritual, there is no OCD. Actually, most of my friends are OCD — when we are interested in the same things, they are SO INTERESTING. We can obsess on astrology, medical subjects and even Harry Potter. It is not the end of the world.
PCOS – PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome

I have done extensive research on PCOS, as collected by some of my students. I have a large file but I cannot include it all here. In the section that I post, it talked about Transpluto (see my website articles) and it opposes your Aquarius planets and squares Pluto, which forms a T-Square. This is an issue on PCOS.

1. With the first profiles, weight was an issue but it seemed not to always be the issue. I am observing that the weight is the cause of the PCOS and not the reverse.
• Cornell states that Jupiter and Gemini/Sagittarius rule fat; Gemini-Sagittarius rule the distribution of fats while Jupiter rules fat/cholesterol in general
• The endocrine organ theory suggests that fat cells themselves produce substances that may be harmful in excess.
• Fats act through hormones and they also emit hormones
• The excess weight/fat disrupts insulin, estrogen and progesterone – and this generates the cycle that leads to PCOS
2. With the first profiles, there were strong afflictions from Neptune/Moon-Mars and the signs of Gemini-Sagittarius seem pronounced in many of the charts that I have collected – distribution of fats and disturbances to the system of hormones.
• These first profiles were of women who are classified as Obese
• Read Weight Loss and the Transformational Process on my website
3. When Neptune is strong, the individual more easily absorbs emotional trauma where it is stored in some part of the body. If unexpressed, this easily translates into a future health issue.
• When Pluto is strong, the individual can resist such absorption but, once absorbed, it is emotionally intense and, therefore, more problematic in terms of the health.
4. The strong influence of Neptune in any chart indicates of mother/parent who does not want the child to grow up and grow away. The individual’s efforts, especially with Mars-Neptune, are easily sabotaged by either the neediness of a parent, the victim persona of the sacrificing parent, or simply a parent who is always talking the individual out of doing anything that would make them more independent.
5. Neptune is highly empathetic and Neptune with a weak Saturn (afflicted, Retrograde, early degrees) makes it almost impossible for the individual to establish boundaries for the mother/parent.
• Excess weight is ALWAYS a means of establishing a boundary, protection and insulation
• Obese individuals always have a fear of life and a fear of intimacy
. Transpluto is often strong, absorbing criticism, little blows and put-downs in extreme cases. In milder cases, there is a strong urge for care-taking. In extreme cases, the criticisms of a mother keep the girl from every growing up into womanhood.
• Psychologically, a mother must allow her daughter to beat her at one thing, in order that she becomes a woman
• The Transplutonian (and Plutonian) mother can never allow the daughter to be better than her at anything. Constant recriminations become self-recriminations and the daughter never grows up

7. The Stages of Transpluto are three:
• Exposure to critical, perfectionist demands and recriminations. However, this is not always abusive since the Perfectionist Parent, according to Dr. Hugh Mesildine, is the most common pathogenic parental attitude – it is actually a natural parenting tool when used appropriately.
• Distancing one’s self for self-sufficiency. At this stage, one must remove one’s self from critical, perfectionist people. One distances so that people cannot get so close that they can criticize, try to change or tell you what to do!
• The final stage, if achieved, is wholeness and integration – being your true, authentic self without any fear or recrimination
8. In the initial profiles, there was a Sabotaging Effect so the daughter stayed a little girl in the mother’s eyes. This even precludes having children, since being a mother would mean growing up. One subject, in her 30s, is still a virgin. Having a relationship with a man would mean growing up – but, due to the parental relationships, the girl is often afraid of intimacy.
9. In several charts, Transpluto is aspected in a way that the daughter is always acting like a GOOD GIRL – a good girl is always a girl and she cannot grow up. She is most prone to care-taking and “mothering” the mother.
10. There are other cases when Cardinal Signs are prominent, with Aries-Cancer-Libra-Capricorn ruling the endocrine system and the hormones of the body. Initially, I observed that the Cardinal signs ruled the Adrenal/Thyroid as these hormones are impacted by stress and the struggle to mediate crises in the life. Subsequently, I find that Cardinals rule the endocrine system in general.
• One subject had Moon-Saturn in Cancer as the Apex of the Cardinal T-Square. The Moon in Cancer is always close to the mother, even telepathically.
• I have always said that God has blessed the mother with a Moon in Cancer child, as that child will always take care of mom
• In this chart, mother and daughter are very close — the daughter has always acted like a mother, possibly in mediating all of the crises in the life.
• Neptune is very strong so that boundary issues are always going to be problematic
11. The Lymphatic System is always involved with the growth of cysts and this organ is ruled by Mutable Signs, Water Signs, the Moon and Neptune.
• While the lymphatic system can become stagnant through inactivity, it is psychologically congests through FEAR
12. Several mothers with daughters with PCOS felt that there had been some molestation of the daughter but there was no direct proof.
13. PCOS is psychologically related to Mother Issues. It is Endometriosis that is related to Father Issues, with some trauma occurring between 11-15 years of age. This can simply be the father abandoning the family for another woman.

Testimonials from women who have cured themselves of this disease are the most important because it is a firsthand experience, not theoretical by alternative doctors.
One woman wrote to say that she had a total remission of her PCOS through diet only. Finally, she achieved normal periods and her hair grew back. This is what she did:
• Eliminate fats EXCEPT Omega-3, ORGANIC (only) Canola Oil and Flax Seed Oil
• Eliminate bad carbohydrates, then maintain a low carbohydrate/low fat diet
• Eliminate sugar, especially high fructose corn syrup (bad cards)
• Do eat lots of fiber rich food
• NOTE: Subject says she is NOT on a low fat diet but only good fats.
• Pregnenolone is the grandmother hormone and known to eliminate cysts and fibroids – this is important as friends and I have eliminated all breast cysts and fibrous issues – 30 mgs is good, although I took 100 mgs.
There is a lot more but this is the basics.

BI-POLAR (Kanye West chart discussed)

In Bi-Polar, there is a poor sense of self (Sun-Neptune) and the early life was like a roller coaster ride – the childhood trauma periods mostly fall around 3 years of age, a very vulnerable time for bi-polar. In the aspect grid, you can see the “degrees of separation” strong for 10-13 years of age (traumatic period in the life)

I have examined charts for bi-polar. These individuals grow up at a time when the family was in crisis. These individuals seem to have a poor sense of self and cannot detach from the crisis. Hence, they find themselves patterning emotionally with the family’s emotional roller coaster. Things can improve in the family but the emotional patterning continues.
Lorraine feels that it relates to cycles of crisis in the family that may have run every 72+ days.
Even in an Cayce reading for a bi-polar, Cayce advised that they get the person out of the terrible family.
Mutable T-Square with Neptune definitely shows much instability in the childhood — grandiosity substitute for poor sense of self (father issue). In this regard, the age of 3 is significant.
Jun 8 1977 – No Time
Atlanta GA


The BILE is ruled by Saturn-Mars-Mercury and Leo-Scorpio.
The gall bladder is ruled by Saturn. Specifically, Mars-Capricorn have a strong connection with the gall bladder.
The Billious Signs are the FIRE Signs, Aries-Leo-Sagittarius. These are always strong will gall bladder issues, possibly by the way that they express anger.
Diseases of the gall bladder are triggered by afflictions to and from Mars
In many charts with gall bladder issues, the individual has planets in the 8th House – for some reason, this is when they do not have strong Fire signs in the chart.


Member wrote: I’ve seen plenty of autoimmune diseases and abused/abusive people with difficult Mars. “As I worked on some of my own Mars problems, many disappeared from my practice or we began examining other factors when those situations improved.”
Having other types of strength to rely on is very important, challenges can always be expected.
Most of the autoimmune issues I’ve been exposed to involve people in or after the mid-life transits, or major/mundane Saturn and Neptune trends falling heavily in a chart.
LYNN: I find that Transpluto is active is all auto-immune diseases, a disease whereby the body attacks itself, just like criticism.

1 – Allergic and chemically sensitive people are hypersensitive individuals who react strongly to emotional conditions, as well as external substances.
a. Look to Moon, Neptune and Water Signs
LYNN: Yes, these factors are involved with allergies but not necessarily with auto-immune. HOWEVER, Cancer and Virgo are the Food signs and positions here can indicate a need to make dietary changes.
2 – Anger and hostility are held back; problems adapting to new circumstances

INFLAMMATION: This is triggered by Uranus and Uranus transits. Next, Pluto transits
Use anti-inflammatory supplements and diet (no sugar)

This can easily trigger auto-immune responses. This is Neptune and Virgo. Neptune is boundary issues.

This is always afflictions to and from planets in the Cardinal signs.

Garden of Life Minami Platinum Omega-3 has a high concentration not just a lot of oil.
Kirkland (Costco) and Sundown rated lowest.


• Saturn afflictions – mostly square to Sun or 150 from Saturn to other planets
• Saturn early degrees
• Virgo
• Mars/Saturn-Pluto
• Anger and Control issues


1. Not supported by males/authority
2. There is a drive to work very hard
3. Nurturing goes to others and not self
4. Anger Issues but not always obvious to others – manifesting as frustration
5. Control Issues – Control may be relinquished to males or an authority figure. A feeling of subservience in the relationships.

SUPPLEMENT SCOOP: When I went to the Integrated Health Clinic in Ellicott City MD, we talked a lot about supplements. I told the PA that Ubiquinol CoQ10 is a waste of money. I always had this low in blood tests — until I switched to plain old Kirkland 300 mg CoQ10 – the it was above normal.
He told me about another supplement that helps the body produce its on CoQ10, increases bone density and helps regular hormones. It is a compound of Vitamin E. ATTENTION anyone interested in Parkinson’s Disease — research showed that Vitamin E was very helpful but not D-Alpha (muscles out the other types of E). This might be a good supplement for PD.
Designs for Health Annatto-GG – Groundbreaking Geranylgeraniol Supplement for Healthy Aging + Cellular Energy Support (60 Softgels) – it is called Annatto GG if you google this.

CASTOR OIL Someone posted this on the Edgar Cayce page. I do not know if this works by Castor Oil will clear out the bowels.
I drank a tablespoon of castor oil last night because I didn’t have enough to make a pack. I felt very good within 20 minutes and today I do not have allergies. I was wondering if Cayce thought it is ok to take internally and if it has the same effect.

BACK PROBLEMS: Leo is highly prone to back problems, although sometimes this can be the adrenals throbbing. Pop a couple raw adrenal extract and the back improves in 30 minutes — but only if it is the adrenals.
MENSTRUAL CRAMPS: Years ago, Adele Davis wrote that cramps come from low blood calcium that starts a week before the period starts. I took a good supplement at the time and, in 3 months, never a cramps, even after I stopped taking the supplement. Actually, you do not need to take the good quality calcium all month but 1 week before the period starts. Wild Yam and Chaste Tree (often sold in combination) are the best for PMS moods.

CHOLESTEROL — Molly Gauthier Robert Carl Jansky wrote in Astrology, Nutrition, and Health that Jupiter is the result of Venus processes. Jupiter rules lipids like cholesterol, as well as serum lipids like LDL, triglycerides etc. Venus rules blood glucose. And this is borne out by the science. Dietary fat does not raise serum cholesterol. Eating cholesterol-rich foods does not raise serum cholesterol. A high carbohydrate diet does raise serum cholesterol. Because high glucose causes inflammation and damages the delicate vascular endothelium.
The liver then releases cholesterol to mitigate the damage. Blaming cholesterol for heart disease is like blaming the fire department for the fire… but it is standard practice these days.

FROM CONSUMERLAB.COM – A study of 11,672 patients tested for CoVd19 at Cleveland Clinic locations and in Florida during March and April 2020 found that those taking Melatonin were less likely to test positive.
This does not presume that taking Melatonin will present CV19. A clinical study is now underway with health care workers in Spain.

ANNA: Here’s a Google uncorrected translation of the Spanish article describing the melatonin trial, drug to be used as a preventative against Covid-19, with 450 healthcare persons.

Quote: Spanish researchers evaluate the preventive action of melatonin against the spread of Covid-19

Coronavirus, covid-19. – BILL OXFORD / GETTY – FILE

The Hospital Universitario La Paz (Madrid) has launched a clinical trial, together with seven other Spanish hospitals, to evaluate the efficacy and safety of the drug melatonin 2mg prolonged release in the prophylaxis of SARS-CoV-2 infection in personnel. sanitary at risk.

The study, which has the collaboration of the Spanish pharmaceutical company Exeltis, is multicenter, randomized and controlled with placebo, which will have the participation of a total of 450 health professionals, and whose objective will be to check whether the preventive use of this medicine It could avoid contagion among personnel with a high risk of infection.

“Melatonin has the advantage of being a commercialized drug, with a good safety profile and an affordable price, and therefore a good candidate to study to prevent SARS-CoV-2 infection,” says Dr. Alberto M. Borobia , coordinator of the study, of the Clinical Pharmacology Service and of the Central Unit of Clinical Research and Clinical Trials of the La Paz University Hospital, who sees it necessary to search for prevention strategies for SARS-CoV-2 infection that allow reducing its transmission, “especially in healthcare and healthcare personnel, who present a high risk of contagion.

Melatonin is a natural hormone produced by the pineal gland. Physiologically, melatonin secretion increases shortly after dark, peaks between two and four in the morning, and decreases during the second half of the night. Melatonin is associated with the control of circadian rhythms and adaptation to the light-dark cycle. It is also associated with a hypnotic effect and an increased propensity to sleep. Therefore, the drug containing melatonin 2mg prolonged release is indicated for the treatment of primary insomnia.

But in addition to the above, this hormone also has properties as a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory activity, and has shown both protective effects against viral infections in animals, and positive effects in clinical conditions with similar pathophysiology as SARS27. This, together with its low price and good safety profile, makes melatonin a good candidate to test its use in Covid-19.

The design and development of the study is led by the Central Unit for Clinical Research and Clinical Trials (UCICEC) and the Clinical Pharmacology Service of the La Paz University Hospital, together with the Pediatric Intensive Care Service and the Infectious Diseases Section of the Internal Medicine Service. from the same hospital. María Teresa García, from the Research Institute 12 de Octubre, in charge of developing the CRD and the randomization system, and Fernando Torcelly, who has produced the electronic journal used by the subjects, have also collaborated in this project.

The Central Unit for Clinical Research and Clinical Trials of Hospital La Paz is one of the research support platforms of the La Paz Research Institute (IdiPAZ). The UCICEC was created with the help obtained from the initiative of the Ministries of Health and Consumption and of Science and Innovation to establish research support structures, and is currently integrated into the Spanish Clinical Research Network (SCReN).

RESEARCH QUESTION ON LYME DISEASE: In most of the charts that I have for Lyme Disease, there are Transit and/or progressed aspects involving Venus.

If any of you have had Lyme Disease, were there any relationship issues going on at the time of Onset?
I do not need the onset or your birth data — just if there were relationship issues occurring before and during the onset.

IF YOU SUSPECT THAT YOU HAVE LYME DISEASE: Not all tests are accurate. This is the best one…
• LTT MELIS test (Lymphocyte Transformation Test (Memory Lymphocyte Immunostimulation Assay). This is a very promising test which has been tested clinically showing specificity of 96.7%. Importantly after these Lyme patients had been treated, 90.7% showed negative or greatly reduced lymphocyte reactivity and, more importantly, this negative or reduced reactivity correlated well with clinical improvement. It looks like this will be the most helpful test for diagnosing Lyme and monitoring response to treatment. Indeed this test, called Elispot-LTT has received FDA and CDC approval. Further information about the technique used in this test can be found at Elispot
This test (the LTT MELIS test) is available from Infectolabto diagnose and monitor the following infections:
• Borreiia Burgdorferi
• Chlamydia pneumoniae
• Chlamydia trachomatis
• Ehrlicha/Anaplasma
• Yersinia species
• Epstein Barr Viruss (EBV)
• Cytomegalo Virus (CMV)
The test requires special blood tubes which are easily posted, with results back 5 days after they have been received by the lab.

MEDICAL INFORMATION NEEDED: A friend wrote about a relative who said that, after a scan, it was discovered that she has a lot of calcium build-up in her Heart.
Does anyone know something that would help. I mentioned ANNATTO-GG 150 as this helps the body make its own CoQ10 (most is stored in the heart), helps plaque build-up in the arteries — but this is all that I know.
Vitamin D, K 2 takes calcium where it shouldn’t be and directs it to the bones. I hear the herb gravel root does similarly for the joints and the kidney stones, dissolves away Ca deposits.
CALCIUM: We have been discussing calcium in my current medical astrology class. One person mentioned Colloidal Calcium as being highly refined.
The Edgar Cayce formula is no longer available – I do have some at home.
I listened to a YouTube by ConsumerLab and made the suggesetion never to take calcium with magnesium as they compete for absorption — so it is strange that both are often sold as a single supplement.
The body cannot absorb more the 500 mgs at a time — smaller doses taken with meals throughout the day are best.
NEVER take more than 1000 mgs of calcium as a supplement as this can lead to kidney stones and heart disease. Food sources are better to increase calcium intake.
Calcium Citrate is better absorbed, especially with vitamin D.
Do not take with Thyroid medication (of course, you cannot consume anything for 2 hours when you take thyroid medication.
Any other suggestions would be helpful. I know that Cayce liked chewing on bones. I love the soft spines of over-cooked chicken
My doctor likes Annatto-GG 150 for increasing calcium absorption and helping the body generate its own Omega 3
Molly Gauthier A little note on calcium and bone health – Most docs will tell you that you need to take vitamin D to properly absorb calcium. But most docs don’t even know you also need vitamin K2. (MK-7 form is the best.) Vitamin D facilitates calcium absorption from the gut to the bloodstream. Vitamin K2 activates calcium deposition in the bones. Taking vitamin D without also taking K2 can lead to soft tissue calcification. Thorne has a supplement called 3-K complete that I like.

Henbit grows everywhere here — now I know it has a use. Ground ivy grows everywhere but I pull it up before it flowers. An herbalist told me that it was a blood purifier but it is bitter and a nice herbal tea would do the same (alkalize the body)

These three common mints are abundant in yards, gardens, fallow fields, and disturbed soil all across the US. All being of similar size and overall shape, with almost identical little purple irregular flowers, they are often confused with each other. To help you get to know their unique features, I’…

Differential Morphology of Purple Deadnettle, Henbit, & Ground Ivy
These three common mints are abundant in yards, gardens, fallow fields, and disturbed soil all across the US. All being of similar size and overall shape, with almost identical little purple irregular flowers, they are often confused with each other.

GENERAL SEASONAL ALLERGIES: Stinging Nettles is an excellent anti-histamine but I can no longer grow it here as children can touch it. It REALLY STINGS! This is great info (especially a testimonial) about Red Clover. I had heard that it was an anti-cancer herb as well.
Personally, I found the best results from taking the Tincture of Stinging Nettles – daily for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, my allergies were gone. Then, I would take periodically. I now use capsules which are easier. You do NOT take these every day forever or you will have a reaction. This is a strong herb and I recommend the tea (with a little lemon and Stevia) for children.

In Course III of my medical curriculum of The International Academy of Astrology, I devote one class to this disorder. I classify ADHD as ADD Type 1, of which there are six types in all. Course III is devoted to issues connected with the Frontal Lobe of the Brain (Element of Fire and Neurotransmitter Dopamine) and the Pre-Frontal Cortex (ruled by Saturn as this part of the brain does not mature until the first Saturn Return). I cannot discuss all 6 types of ADD in this article but I can discuss the main astrological signatures.
ADD/ADHD was first described in medical literature as early as 1902. Today it affects 6% of the population. People with ADD are not hyperactive but people with ADHD are hyperactive. ADD is more prominent with females; ADHD is prominent with males.
From the Healthy Place medical channel, they state that “both acronyms ADD and ADHD, attention deficit disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, refer to a hereditary biochemical disorder that impedes a person’s ability to perform to his or her full potential. The symptoms show up in childhood and often carry on into adolescence and adulthood, causing problems in virtually all areas of life.
Generally, this is a condition that is characterized by a short attention span, hyperactivity and poor concentration. While of normal or above average intelligence, there is impairment in perception, language, memory and motor skills. There is increased impulsivity and decreased emotional liability.
This disorder creates serious social problems:
· They more frequently drop out of school
· They often become addicted to drugs, alcohol or cigarettes
· 43% of untreated ADHD boys will be arrested for a felony by age 16
· 75% have motor vehicular episodes – speeding tickets, accidents and DUIs
· Parents of ADD/ADHD children divorce 3 times more often than the general population
· Poor parenting can often be an issue or, at least, make the condition worse
The harder these people try to focus, to concentrate and pay attention the worse the condition becomes for them. Brain-imaging studies show that when people with ADD/ADHD try to concentrate the part of the brain involved with concentration and follow-through actually shuts down, just when the need it to turn on. That is, the current research with ADD shows that there is an under-stimulation of the PreFrontal Cortex when concentration occurs.
Like arthritis (which has 13 different types and causes), I feel that ADD has different astrological signatures. In this article, I can only discuss Type 1 (ADHD) and Type 2 (ADD)
Type 1. Classic ADD (ADHD) — inattentive, distractible, disorganized, hyperactive, restless, and impulsive. More often in males. As colicky children, over-active children, the parents have a difficult time bonding with these children (Libra – Oxytocin deficiency). Low self-esteem because they feel different and they do not fit in.
SIGNATURES: This can possibly be connected with a weak Saturn and some out of boundsplanets, such as Moon, Mercury, Mars Jupiter or Uranus.
· They respond to a high protein diet, low carbohydrates and physical activity, such as sports
· Low levels of Dopamine – they respond is a diet high in L-Tyrosine, the amino acid building block for Dopamine.
· High concentrations of a Dopamine stimulant is found in very dark chocolate. I recommend the 85% and only the Lindt and Endangered Species brands. Many American chocolates are shown to have high amounts of cadmium. See
· Too much Dopamine causes the individual to become over-focused and stuck in negative patterns as with Type 3
· Grape Seed extract and Pycnogenol increase blood flow and act as super anti-oxidants
· Gluten blocks nutritional absorption and GMOs create inflammation
Type 2. Inattentive ADD — inattentive and easily distracted, but not hyperactive; sluggish, slow moving, low motivation, and often described as space cadets, daydreamers, couch potatoes. More often in females. This type is very responsive to treatment.
SIGNATURES: This can be associated with Neptune and Planets in the Cadent Houses. I have Mercury in the 12th 45 degrees from Neptune and I tend to tune out a lot and I have difficulty concentrating, if something is not mentally stimulating.
With a weak Saturn, there was poor structuring at home. I developed a pattern of tuning out of my mother’s anger and rages. My father did the same.
Mars-Neptune causes the sluggishness when a parent continually sabotaged the individual’s energy, initiative and desire to accomplish.
When reading about this Type, I connected it with Taurus/Libra. These can be lazy signs. Procrastination, timing/being on time and tuning out are often problems.
The Dietary Protocol for Type 1 should be followed here. I would add that they need an interest that fires them up mentally – astrology did this for me!
IMPORTANT BREAKTHROUGH: In the newsletter (subscription only but a great investment), a study in Finland used the basis of the probiotic recommendation to prevent childhood eczema (and food allergies) to research the risk of neuropsychiatric disorders. In the study, 10 billion cells of Lactobacillus were given daily to pregnant women for 4 weeks prior to delivery date. Then, the probiotic was given to the infant for 6 months (and the mother if breast feeding).
In a follow up after 13 years, NO CHILD ON PROBIOTICS developed ADHD or Asperger Syndrome. In the placebo group, 17% developed these conditions!

· This individual has the signatures of ADD with Saturn at 0º and Retrograde. Beginning Planets or planet in the early degrees represent an energy that the individual must teach his or her self or through a mentor. How to use a planet was not taught by the parents.
The Pre-Frontal Cortex, ruled by Saturn, is the vital region of the brain regulates thought in terms of both short-term and long-term decision making. It allows humans to plan ahead and create strategies, and also to adjust actions or reactions in changing situations. Additionally, the PFC helps to focus thoughts, which enables people to pay attention, learn, and concentrate on goals. This area is also the part of the brain that allows humans to consider several different yet related lines of thinking when learning or evaluating complex concepts or tasks.
· Planets in early degrees of a sign are always more difficult to regulate and they can be developmentally challenged. Most people learn the lessons of their Beginning Planets and they come to function in a highly individualistic way. With Saturn at 0° and Retrograde (inconjunct the Moon and Ascendant), there is a highly dysfunctional relationship with the father. The only lesson that the father taught was how to be a failure in life.
· In the above chart, the Moon and Uranus are Out Of Bounds, beyond 23°26’ North or South Declination. When Saturn is weak or “dysfunctional,” there is a diminished capacity to regular these planets. When a planet is Out Of Bounds, it has gone beyond the limit and boundary of the Su, the central focus of our solar system. Great athletes can have Mars OOB so it is not always negative.
· A Saturn dysfunction is associated with the Pre-Frontal Cortex and our ability to regulate our thoughts and actions. The 150 degree aspect can be difficult to regulate. While it can bestow important talents, it can also have difficulty expressing the positive side of Saturn.
· The difficult planets in the 5th House suppress Fire, the element ruling the Frontal Lobe. The Fire suppressing Houses are the 2nd, 4th and 5th Houses. Suppressing Fire can possibly suppress Dopamine, the neurotransmitter for the Frontal Lobe.
· Afflictions between Houses 3-6-12 are associated with learning disabilities. Years ago, a teacher in an elementary school collected the birth certificates of the students in the school with ADD. She found the 3-6-12 correlation with ADD. The 9th House was not involved. With a Retrograde planet here, the individual can be dyslexic.
· In this chart, there is a Cardinal T-square with planets all in early degrees. Cardinal signs are associated with adrenal dysfunction, due to a life fraught with crises. With strong Cardinals, there is a protocol for calming the Adrenaline Gland which I have described on my website
· Planets in Cancer and Virgo, afflictions to the Moon and afflictions involving Ceres indicate food intolerances that are always involved with ADD/ADHD. I know this individual had a very poor diet with lots of sugar. Food intolerances are not food allergies, as allergies would trigger an anaphylactic reaction. Food Intolerances trigger a high inflammation level that agitates the body functions.
The influence of Saturn has also been observed by Gayle Geffner in her publication, ASTROLOGICAL MARKERS FOR ADD & ADHD. Our research was conducted independently. One possible connection with Saturn is poor discipline and structuring so that the child cannot focus – but this is not the only cause.
Parental abuse, being struck in the head, has been linked to criminal behavior and ADHD.

TYPE 1 – ADHD or Attention Deficit-Hyper Activity:
This is a chart for a young boy whose behavior changed overnight after receiving his childhood disease inoculation. The Mercury-based injection pushed his body over the edge. These inoculations have often been suspected in some cases of ADHD and this is definitely one of those causes. Today, the inoculations cover over 80 different health issues and this can over-whelm a child’s body. Many parents are now opting to give the inoculations later in the child’s age and over a longer period of time.
The powerful astrological aspects occurring at that time he developed ADHD were:
· Transiting Neptune square Mars
· Solar Arc Neptune square Mars
· Transiting Uranus square Moon
· Neptune aspects always engender hyper-sensitivity to drugs and chemicals in general.
His grandmother had him tested for food intolerances. He only ate organic foods. His ADHD had to be controlled with medication. Without it, he could not control himself and he was miserable. Around the age of 10, his involvement in sports helped with his concentration.
Transiting Saturn in Libra-Scorpio trined his Air sign planets and then his Water sign planets. He also transferred from a noisy public school to a very quiet Catholic School, helping his concentration. His self-esteem improved, going from a “bad boy” in public school to the teachers’ pet in Catholic school.
His Jupiter in Cancer is Out Of Bounds. Jupiter rules our sense of moderation and proportion. With a Beginning Moon, he is learning the manifest emotions and impulse control in this lifetime.
I know there were initial bonding issues with the parents. They just did not know how to take care of a baby. He was nutritionally deprived until the grandparents stepped in and took over. His mother is involved with his sports, where he excels and he has become a Little League champion. The Moon is afflicted with Saturn and square Ceres (the lack of nurturing from the mother) and Uranus.
Gayle Geffner says that such children do extremely well in sports and that a career working with small children is best suited to their “attention” issues – small children have a very short attention span in general. I have observed them as doing well in sales. Another child scored high skilled as an airplane pilot.

Pregnant women need to be especially careful because eating fish that contain even low levels of mercury can increase the risk for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in offspring. This can be confusing for mothers to be because there are also several other types of fish during pregnancy may protect against the disorder.
A cohort study of almost 400 children showed that the risk for inattention and impulsivity at the age of 8 years was significantly associated with maternal mercury levels and as the mercury levels increased, so did risk.
The study was conducted between 1993 and 1998. 788 infants from Massachusetts were enrolled in the study which was designed to assess a possible link between exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and neurodevelopment.
Soon after birth, hair samples were collected from the mothers and analyzed for mercury levels. The mothers also filled out a questionnaire regarding fish consumption during pregnancy.
At 8-year follow-up, 421 of these children were assessed for possible ADHD behaviors and the results showed that not only was mercury exposure associated with inattention and impulsivity/hyperactivity, but the risk for these behaviors increased with maternal hair mercury levels. The threshold for first association with ADHD symptoms appeared to be at least 1 μg/g or more of mercury. In addition, these associations were more notable in boys than girls.
NOTE: From this research, it is recommended that pregnant women take only high-quality Omega-3 supplements, fish from which all toxins have been removed. In the subject above, the mother eats LOTS of fish!
· Head injury, especially with abused children who were struck in the head. The pre-frontal cortex does not develop until the 1st Saturn Return. This included BIRTH TRAUMA in which there was an injury to the head or deprivation of oxygen.
· Toxic Exposure – during the gestation period, the mother may have used drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and these put a child at risk for ADD and learning disabilities.
· Type 1 and 2 can be connected with thyroid problems (Mars-Saturn-Taurus)
· Hormonal influences at puberty can trigger ADD. I found that Wild Yam/Chaste Tree herbal combinations really affected my moods in a positive way. Brain activity is low when estrogen is low
· Poor Diet – a diet of high simple carbohyrates (sugar and starches) can make a child appear ADHD. These types do better on a high protein diet. A lack of protein causes a tremendous problem with focus throughout the day.
· Lack of Exercise – exercise stimulates the blood flow to the brain. A child with a sedentary life style is more prone to exhibit ADD symptoms. This includes watching a lot of TV and video games. Vinpocetine helps stimulate circulation in the brain. Head-neck exercises help flush out toxins.
· No-Brainer activites (like television) decreases a child’s ability to focus. Research has shown that the BASIL GANGLIA (where dopamine is produced) were much more active when the video games were being played than at rest. These games released dopamine.
· Physical and Emotional Neglect causes a lack of nurturing for the brain. Stress hormones can poison a child’s brain. Neptune (ambivalence) and Pluto (neglect) are associated with these issues.
· POOR PARENTING – a lack of structuring makes it difficult for a child to focus.
· Physical, Emotional and Sexual Abuse: This is similar to PTSD and PTSD is often associated with Adrenaline Dominance. NOTE: I cannot pick up sexual abuse in the chart. I do know that Mars-Saturn in Fixed signs can be a signature of abuse.
· Severe Allergies to environmental toxin or foods (Cancer-Virgo-Ceres = Food Allergies); Neptune undermines the immune system with environmental toxins
· Many ADD children are overly active in the womb – later they manifest as colicky, fussy eaters, difficulty being comforted, and their sensitivity to sound causes sleeping disorders.
· Dietary Oxalate: Some research is finding that children’s brains can be adversely affected by quantity of oxalate in a diet. Chocolate has a lot of Oxalate Acid.
· As far as my research (Gayle Geffner), it is purely karma in nature with a few suggestions as to how to cope. Saturn/Saturn Rx is a major contributor to ADD/ADHD karmically so this is okay w/me. I refer to Asteroid 944 Hidalgo as much as Saturn but since you are medical I think this is great.
· I also found houses 3,6 and 12 important.
· I don’t know if you want to add that according to the CDC 11% of children from ages 4 to 17 have been diagnosed with either ADD or ADHD. It is quite high.
The research in Finland showed that adding Probiotics to the diet eliminated any ADHD-ADD-Asperbergers-Autism.
More recent observations have found that such people lack a good bacteria called L.Reutori, especially in cases of Autism. My theory on Twins, where one is normal and other has autism is that the larger Twin is greedy and absorbs the good bacteria.
L. Reutori probably should be purchased refrigerated. It is an anti-inflammatory bacteria. High inflammation levels (C-Reactive Protein test and MTHFR test). This probiotic plus an absorbable B supplement such as Neuro-Biologix NEURO-IMMUNE STABLIZER (rub in twice daily) can help with this.
Certain health issues are shown to have excessively high inflammation levels due to an inability to metabolize B vitamins.
Recently, my doctor told me that babies delivered by C-Section have a high incidence of immune deficiency disorders, such as asthma, allergies, depression and some congenital disorders. They have discovered that, as the baby is coated with the mother’s good bacteria in the birth canal, they baby becomes protected and this boosts the baby’s immune system. Some hospitals are now applying good bacteria to the baby’s body after the C-Section. There are probiotic that impact moods such as L. Helveticus and B. Longum. These do take a long time to work.


• Chanda wrote: I’ve seen plenty of autoimmune diseases and abused/abusive people with difficult Mars.
As I worked on some of my own Mars problems, many disappeared from my practice or we began examining other factors when those situations improved.
• Having other types of strength to rely on is very important, challenges can always be expected.
• Most of the autoimmune issues I’ve been exposed to involve people in or after the mid-life transits, or major/mundane Saturn and Neptune trends falling heavily in a chart.
• LYNN: I find that Transpluto is active is all auto-immune diseases, a disease whereby the body attacks itself, just like criticism.

• FMS:
• This relatively new term is associated with muscle and joint pain that persists for no discernable reason. Fibro refers to the fibrous connective tissue that cushions the joints; myalgia refers to pain in the muscles.
• I find that these people are addicted to crises, care-taking and stress. The individual generates a crisis, the body pumps out adrenaline and, because they resent the crises they create, they become allergic to their own adrenaline!

• These people are defined into categories – Cardinal types, Virgo types and Libra types.
Exception: Cardinal types can have low blood pressure and the Crises in their lives helps them stay awake. They need crises to energize them as low blood pressure also lowered the energy level unless pumped by adrenaline. Neptune is involved in both cases.
With Fibro-myalgia, they resent the crises.
• There is always a dysfunctional Saturn that is frequently part of an INCONJUNCT, faulty wiring about what responsibility really is (Read Alan Epstein on Saturn).
This part — Dysfunction Saturn — is on my website. Also read ADRENALINE DOMINANCE as this is the course of Cortisol issues.

I do have some research on Autism. The research I have on Aspergers is more about the medical issues connected with a pre-natal condition.


· Mars Afflicted and often in Cancer or Scorpio
· Moon Afflicted, digestive and food intolerances – do use Quincunx aspects
· Most had planets Out of Bounds, especially Moon-Mars-Ceres and sometimes Venus-Jupiter-Mercury
· OOB occurs with Gemini-Cancer planets or Sagittarius-Capricorn
· Sometimes planets would progress towards OOB
· The 150° aspect – inconjunct – is a faulty wiring aspect. In itself, it does not cause autism but, if the issues of the planets involved are not resolved, it does affect health
· As with all of these mental and development issues, a dysfunctional Saturn is indicated
· Planets in early degrees (0-5 and sometimes 6 degrees) have a difficult time learning how these planets function. Sometimes, it is can indicate a Soul that has not incarnated on Earth in a very long time, possibly since Atlantis.
· The sign of Scorpio shows up in many cases – which may indicate some toxicity
· There is often a Taurus/Scorpio axis and, as discussed in Course I, this generates a high degree of sensitivity to subtle vibrations in the environment (of course, they often go into creative, artistic and healing careers)

NOTE: Not connected with Autism but planets in the 1st House indicate issues connected with the gestation period and planets in the 6th House denote congenital weaknesses. Look to the emphasis upon the Lymphatic System – also head-neck exercises

GABA FOR STRESS: I take a rub-on cream called CALMING CREAM by Neuro Biologix
The substance gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is a neurotransmitter, a chemical used by the human nervous system to send messages and modulate its own function. GABA acts in an inhibitory manner, tending to cause nerves to “calm down.” Drugs in the benzodiazepine-receptor-agonist (BzRA) family (a family that includes true benzodiazepines such as valium, as well as related drugs such as Ambien or Lunesta) exert their effect by facilitating the ability of GABA to bind to receptor sites in the brain. This in turn leads to relaxation, relief from anxiety, induction of sleep, and suppression of seizure-activity.
Unfortunately, when GABA is taken orally, GABA levels in the brain do not increase, presumably because the substance itself cannot pass the blood-brain barrier and enter the central nervous system.1 For this reason, oral GABA supplements cannot replicate the effect of tranquilizing drugs, even though they work through a GABA-related mechanism.
GABA supplements can affect the peripheral nervous system, however, as well as any other part of the body not protected by the blood brain barrier.
Some evidence suggests that orally ingested GABA might cause physiological changes that lead to benefit for hypertension.

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